Hey there, folks! I always enjoying chatting with you guys and gals, whether it’s here on the blog page, on Twitter, Youtube, etc. So I figured I’d try something new and start up a Slack chat so we can shoot the breeze in real-time!

***Click here to join!***

If you’re unfamiliar with Slack, it’s basically a live chat space that was initially built for workplaces to use as an easier way to communicate with various people within their company, but people have found uses for the service outside of the workplace. My Destiny clan for example has found itself a home through Slack and it’s always a blast chatting with my fellow clanmates there, whether it’s about Destiny-related content or everything else you could possibly think of.

So on this chat, that’s about the same thing I’d like to do, just have a place to shoot the breeze with all of you, whether it’s about anime, gaming, music, movies, food, anything that piques your interest. I’m always game to chat, no matter what the subject.

So if you’re interested, there’s the link above you can click to join up, the process is easy, doesn’t demand much of you, just registering a standard account like you would for anything else.

See you all there!

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