Second week, five shows got cut. What survived and what impressed this week?

The website for the series is active again. I will take any excuse to shout atop the rafters about bringing back Suikoden, old or new.

Good news and bad news! The good news? I’m gonna be posting more content! The bad news? Well you’ve gotta deal with more of me, of course!

The clock is about to strike midnight on Sunday…and I managed to finish everything I wanted to try out! So here’s my opinions from Week # 1 of the fall anime season!

It’s not often that a moment in an anime results in me needing to talk about the content. But Goblin Slayer has become quite the controversy and for good reason. Let’s talk about why that is.

I’m honestly not going to have time in the next little while to record a video for the anime awards like I normally do, as I’m in the midst of adjusting to a new work schedule and I’m trying my ass off to get myself a living space of my own so I can have […]

Because of Thanksgiving here in Canada, my time this weekend has lessened, so the weekly anime post will be a tiny bit late.