This week on the podcast, I get into full rant mode as I talk about the US government and Republicans once again labeling video games as the guilty party for recent mass shootings, as well as the controversy between Colin Moriarty/Chris Ray Gun and PAX West.

Please be seated, take out your sacred dakimakuras, mouse pads, figurines and all that sweet waifu goodness and join us at the Church of Weeb, the anime podcast where I review each quarter of the current anime season, with the shows I’ve been enjoying.

This week on the podcast, I talk about what ended up being my best convention experience of all-time at ConBravo 2019 and the really cool reasons why. Also, we talk about the original DOOM needing a Bethesda login, EA making more money off Ultimate Team than FIFA itself, the Fire Emblem devs having no idea why they’re popular in the West and a quick update on the KyoAni incident.