It’s That First Snowfall…


So you know what that means…DUMBASS DRIVERS!!! …Yeah!

Every year it’s the same thing, the first snowfall of the winter season arrives (and it was rather late this year, almost didn’t have one till 2016, not that I was complaining one bit) and everyone devolves into utter chaos on the roads. Accidents as far as the eye can see, traffic jams longer than Toronto sports championship droughts, just pure madness whenever you’re trying to go.

It baffles me how every year it’s the same thing. The majority of drivers every new winter season have experienced this before, did we all forget what it’s like driving with snow, ice and/or slush on the roads? You can’t tell me that it’s all new drivers or new residents who came from a country where snow was nothing more than a tale passed from generation to generation.

It’s not hard to drive on winter roads, even without winter tires and such. You don’t go really fast, you don’t go really slow. You don’t accelerate hard, you don’t break hard. It’s really not that hard to slowly reach the speed limit and leave enough space to come to a comfortable and complete stop. But no, we gotta speed cause we didn’t give ourselves enough time to get to whatever we need to get to on time. We gotta go slower than molasses because we’re afraid the slightest bit of speed will sudden send our car into outer space and die. We gotta tailgate people because fuck space!

All you dipshit drivers out there, you’re dumb as fuck. Get off the roads, I’d like to live through another winter, thank you very much.

Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister (1945-2015)


Fucking shit, couldn’t end the year without one more super depressing death, could we?

Lemmy, widely known as the singer/bassist of the band Motorhead passed away tonight at the age of 70, a long life all things considered, especially with the amount of alcohol and drugs he’s consumed over his entire lifetime.

I’m not the biggest Motorhead fan in the world, but goddamn did I love the music when I did listen to it and you have to give the man props for what he’s done for the music industry, regardless of how very few people actually talk about it. As a singer, he showed the entire world that you don’t need a great voice to be successful, just leave it all out there for the crowd to hear and enjoy. The lyrics he would write as well perfectly encapsulates his character and matches his voice as well. Of course, the sound from his Rickenbacker bass just adds onto it, showing bass players all around the world that sometimes, bass guitar can be lead guitar as well. The crazy loud, distorted sound of his bass in a song like Ace of Spades just resonates with me, it’s badass on a level that very few times can be replicated and may never be replicated again.

A sad end to the year, may this rock god rest in peace.

Things I Tried Out This Year (Online Buys)

This year is the first year I really delved into trying out various online stores and subscription boxes. So with the year just about over, I thought I’d go through all the things I tried out and give you my two cents on each them. The stuff I’m talking about range from things like clothes, food and a ton of nerdy merchandise.

So let’s hop to it!



AliExpress – While not a specific kind of store, I tried this online shopping center on a whim. This year I’ve been looking for a ton of anime figures and this site had some I was looking for on the cheap, so I gave it a shot and it went well. Then as I hit the end of summer, I decided to try some of the clothing you can buy as well. Granted, a lot of what I got was cheap and you get what you pay for, but I’ve had a number of items come in that I got way cheaper than I ever should’ve gotten them for and they were great quality and fit perfectly. It may take a little trial and error to get good at figuring out what to buy and who to buy from and what size you are on that particular site, but once you’ve got it all figured out, it’s definitely worth going after. Just expect everything to take over a month to ship to you.

Happy Socks – The end of this year I was looking to get out of the plain old white/gray socks that I’ve been wearing forever, so I went looking for a site that could offer me what I was looking for. Happy Socks was my first choice and it was a passable choice at best. The socks were a little thinner than I was expecting and I tried out their underwear as well and I honestly didn’t like the pair I got, it doesn’t feel as comfortable as the price tag should’ve had it at. I feel I was better off paying $15 for a 5-pack than almost the same price for a single pair.

Insert Coin – Arguably the best video game related gear you can buy, granted it’s pricey but that’s what you pay for. The store’s products are clothes mostly designed to be nerdy references that the average person wouldn’t recognize right away, some stuff looks like clothes you’d find it an Abercrombie & Fitch store, it just happens to have a Destiny reference to it. Again, they’re pricey but if you’re looking for one or two really good items, this is the place to go.

MeUndies – When they advertise the world’s most comfortable underwear, they ain’t lying. Everything I’ve purchase from them has been of the best quality and they are every bit as comfortable as they advertise. They have tons of different types on underwear, along with a pretty decent size range and a ton of designs to choose from. The only gripes I have with them is that they don’t restock older designs, I missed the boat on a couple good ones. Also, a lot of their newest designs (they come out with a new one every month and maybe add a new base colour every couple months) are just awful, other than this month’s design, I haven’t like one since May or June (there’s a Route 66 pair of underwear, it looks absolutely retarded). But with what they still offer that doesn’t look like someone threw a dart at the wall and that was the current month’s design, their stuff is worth every penny you pay for it, they are indeed comfortable as fuck.


AmiAmi – This is where I go for anything anime-related if AliExpress doesn’t have it on the cheap. Their selection is incredible, they even offer pre-owned models that are still in great shape, so if the full price tag is high for you, there’s still options. For stuff coming from Japan, they’re pretty quick and the prices are pretty fair for almost everything.

LootCrate – The original subscription box I tried out, I can’t suggest them enough, the stuff they send out is awesome. While some months were not up my alley as much as others, you definitely get your money’s worth and if you get a box that’s perfectly tailored for you, there’s nothing else like it.

Nerd Block – Like LootCrate, a geeky subscription box that is a good bang for your buck, but this site also offers various other options along with its default box. They have Arcade Block for gamers, Horror Block for…you guessed it. And they also have Jr. Boxes for both boys and girls so what’s in the box is specifically tailored for kids. They’re a really good service, can’t recommend them enough.

ThinkGeek – The stuff is great, don’t get me wrong. But I have a giant gripe with this site now that prevents me from wanting to buy from them again. If you’re in the US then this means nothing to you, but here in Canada, both times I’ve ordered stuff, I’ve gotten a pretty hefty duty fee put on top of them. When you order a shirt and some pillows that total $50 and you pay half that in duty fees, yeah I’m not so keen on buying from them. I bought a $2500 laptop and it came with zero fees, but a couple pillows? Yeah, it makes no sense either to me.


Nature Box – I thought it’d be a great place to try out. Snacks that taste just as good as your average sugary snack, except these ones are 100% vegan and healthy. Well after ordering 2 different sets of stuff, here’s what I can tell you personally. Half of what ordered tasted like shit (and we’re talking fruit and chocolate flavoured stuff) and I had to redo my orders because stuff is constantly out of stock. Are there a couple things I liked? Sure. But when 1 or 2 out of 5 items are the only ones I’d finish the bag off instead of passing them onto someone else (and it’s not like I tried anything I hadn’t ever eaten before), I’m not so set on ordering from them again.

Project Candy Box – A decent candy subscription box that mixes in candy/chocolate that you’ve never heard of before and stuff you may have once had but can’t find anymore. The one boy I ordered was pretty good, albeit getting a pack of Smarties in there was not that thrilling. It’s a decent service that I can guarantee you’ll get some good stuff in there, just nothing that’ll blow your socks off.

Taste Japan! – My favourite food box this year and yes it’s exactly because it’s all crazy Japanese candies. Essentially everything in the box I got was delicious and there was a great variety, hell there was even this really good orange drink that came in the box. It’s a bit pricey admittedly, but considering the really good choices they make to put in this box, it’s worth looking into.

Universal Yums – The concept is fantastic, but the contents can be hit and miss if you’re a little picky, which I am. This box doesn’t try to get the most delicious things from various countries (each month is a specific country’s snacks), rather a couple good ones and then some weird, outlandish ones. That’s all and good, but if I’m throwing some good money at these things, I want at least 75% of it to be delicious, not half and then the other half doesn’t necessarily taste like shit (except those spicy shrimp chips I got in the Japan box), but taste funny/weird.


So that’s what I tried out this year, if any of these seems right up your alley, give it a shot. Worst case scenario, it’s a one-time buy. If the option exists too, try the cheapest version (for subscription boxes) or start off with the cheaper items to test out the store’s quality and shipping system. Don’t go for the big ticket right away if you can help it.

Top 10 Anime Girls I’d Marry

A couple weeks ago I had the difficult decision to pick the Top 10 girls in all of anime that I’d list for a one-night stand. That was all fun and games, but now it’s time to get serious! These ten have to be more than a pretty face and body, they have to also have the personality that would work with me and the feeling that I’d want more than to just hang out with them. Also it helps that they aren’t likely to kill me or hurt me pretty badly…

As usual this is my own list taking into account my own preferences, so my list will be way different than yours. And there’s always characters I’ve never heard of or haven’t watched so I don’t know them inside and out. And because some characters may have difficulty applying to real life (cause, y’know…it’s anime), there’ll be a couple characters I adjust slightly to work with this situation.

Anyways, let’s get to it!



My first anime crush, Cagalli has been etched into my psyche for a long time now. The downside to that is there’s been plenty of time to take her further and further down the totem pole. However she’s still leaps and bounds more interesting than the majority of anime girls out there, she’s a tough girl with a tiny bit of a laid back personality when she’s not fighting for her life. She of course gets extra points being a tomboy, something that always works well with me. Man…I still can remember that sequence in Gundam Seed with her and Athrun on that deserted island as if I watched it yesterday.


Lynette’s an absolute freaking sweetheart, she’s awesome. She’s also got that shy side of her as well that’s really cute. A huge plus for me is she’s a pretty good cook (I’m god awful in the kitchen right now), so it would certainly be nice to have someone directing me rather than leaving me to burn the house down. I suppose her being in an alternate WWII-era anime requires some change to bring her into the present day, but given her look and attitude, I don’t see that being an issue.


Right off the bat, yes I know she’s a tiny alien inside an AI unit designed exactly like her in human size. So let’s just assume the AI unit is the actual human body for this. Nagisa is a crazy mixture all over, she can be that adorable girl, but she’s also so unpredictable and a little crazy, which can be fun (when she’s not holding a Memory Erasure Apparatus, I mean…hammer…) as well. Not to mention the blue hair/green eyes combination looks fantastic on her. One of my favourite girls from this year’s worth of anime.


I seem to like a lot of girls in sci-fi kind of anime, the third character of the first four so far that has something to do with outer space. I’m not even convinced I’d need to take away Marika’s space pirate work, she doesn’t seem to let it change her to the point of the stereotypical rum-drinking, cursing, violent pirate. Instead she’s an absolute sweetheart, very fun loving and let’s be honest here, she’s gorgeous. I don’t think even in full pirate getup and holding a gun right to my head, I still wouldn’t think in the back of my head “Damn she’s pretty…”.


Granted, this character is inside a video game, so we can safely assume the role of the character’s self in the real world, Shizuka Hanekura. Specifically in Log Horizon, Akatsuki is easily the cutest assassin I’ve ever seen in any form of media. She has to be when one of the side characters tries to dress her up in pretty clothes and hugs the shit out of her every time she comes across her. Personality-wise, I really don’t pay much attention to her “my lord” portion, other than the fact you know she’s loyal to you once you’ve earned her respect. Otherwise, she is clearly very shy and reserved, looking even more adorable when doing so. I just hope Akatsuki is the only part of Shizuka that’s swung a sharp object.


Looking at the rest of this list, I can safely say we’re away from all the outer space ladies, but something will remain consistent for almost the entire Top 5: tomboys. Makoto is the tomboyish character in Idolmaster that wants to be a girly pop idol like everyone else, but her tomboyish figure for the most part prevents that, everyone prefers to dress her more like a guy. Honestly, I could go either way, she looks really good in her more masculine clothes such as the tanktop and shorts she’s wearing in the picture above. But I’d have zero issues with her in a cute top, skirt and thigh high socks if that’s what she wants to do. She’s pretty enough that she can pull off both sides.


It’s crazy that in an anime/visual novel where there’s so many to choose from, especially ones designed to be perfect (Nerine, Lisianthus, Kareha, etc.), Asa’s the one I’d pick by not just a small margin, but by a landslide. This green-haired sporty tomboy is fucking awesome, she really gives off that best friend in the entire world attitude. But she also backs up her awesome personality with pure beauty, past the joking and stuff she is an absolutely beautiful girl and is very adorable when you get close enough to her to unlock that part of her personality. Though the denim shorts cut into bikini bottoms still baffles me. Tomboy, I guess.


Rikka’s probably the closest character in terms of her overall looks and personality to my actual real-life girlfriend and before you even think it, no, my girlfriend is 27 like me. Minus the acting like she’s still an anime heroine, Rikka is easily the cutest of all the girls on this list in terms of personality. She’s very over-exaggerating with her emotions, whether she shows that by her facial expressions, or waving her hands about (my girlfriend does this a lot when she speaks). She’s totally adorable, you just want to give her the biggest hug ever. I imagine once she’s grown up a little more, probably after high school, she’s the perfect mixture of a young adult who still has a little bit of their inner child out there.


I said so many good things about Charlotte in my Top 10 Infinite Stratos Girls list, but she just misses the #1 spot. But it’s no easy feat to get #2 and Charlotte works hard to do that. She’s one of very few blonde-haired characters that’s really gotten my attention, it helps that she dressed like a guy for half the first season and has a curious mixture of a tomboy, but seems to lean to a more girly side once her real gender is discovered. And then there’s that French accent of her, which is sexy as fuck. She really gives off that sweet girl feeling, the kind of girl you’d want to take out to a nice dinner to, not just a movie or something trivial like that. You think she’s worth the effort, as certainly do I.


But if Charlotte, the girl I’ve been talking endlessly about these past couple weeks isn’t #1, who is? Well…


I don’t even want to remove her cat ears and tail, fuck it, have nekojin exist in our world for this, it only adds to how beautiful this woman is. The first time I saw Kuon in Episode 1 of Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen, I thought she was really cute, but wasn’t sure how I’d feel about her personality. Generally speaking, characters that look like how she does can often be a little hyper, or too overly cute. But by the end of Episode 1 after watching how this woman acts, the only thought coming to my head was “Holy shit, if this girl was real…”, though of course I am in a great 8-year relationship, I’m not the kind of terrible guy who’d drop a girl just because he came across a prettier one who’s into him. Putting all that aside though, there’s no denying the perfection that is Kuon. She’s one of the prettiest girls in any fictional media I’ve ever come across and may just have the best personality out of all of them. She’s sweet, she’s loving, she’s caring, she’s funny, she’s adorable and she has no problem getting serious when she has to. She’s the total package and easily the #1 candidate for an anime marriage if one could ever exist.


Hope you enjoyed the list, once again I had a blast/hard time making this one up. If you’ve got your own opinions, especially involving characters I didn’t even mention, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below!

Anime Spotlight: Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet


I knew I would like this series the moment I saw the cover photo on Crunchyroll. What I didn’t expect was how incredible the world is and just how all kinds of fucked up the series gets towards the end.

I’ve seen art of Amy here and there along my internet journey, so when she popped up on the cover of Gargantia when I was flipping through Crunchyroll’s entire library, I had to turn it on and see what I’d be getting into. Admittedly it starts out way off from what it turns out to be, you’re in the depths of space with Ledo and his Gundam-like AI battle armor Chamber fighting these crazy giant alien…things called the Hideauze. During the battle, Ledo fails to catch up with his retreating unit and falls into a warphole as the ships are warping out of that area of space.


When Ledo awakens he finds himself on a water world where few ships are the only things left that humans have as living space. Entire communities are a number of ships merged together. After a rough introduction, he begins to work with the people on the ship, most specifically Amy, the first person he comes into contact with. He also touches her butt at one point, which she mentions the first time she’s asked about him. He slowly learns English, while Chamber is translating what he doesn’t know. During this time, Chamber comes to the conclusion that this water planet is actually Earth many, many years after a doomsday event that caused the human race to flee the planet when an Ice Age was loaming and the potential of the entire planet being flooded was far too high to ignore.

As time goes on, they fight pirates and cause massive disturbance between Ledo and the people of the ship as they are a peaceful people and he just kills without thought, like a brainwashed soldier would, the killswitch is on. It becomes really interesting though when you get to the second half of the series.

I will attempt to be as vague as possible talking about the second half of the series. Essentially there are two major pieces of the story that get really crazy towards the end. The first features the return of a familiar face to Ledo and while on the surface it seems like something went horribly wrong, you come to find that horribly wrong is nowhere near just how bad things got. The second is far more fucked up. Again, without spoiling anything, you learn what the origins of the Hideauze are and it ties up a lot of loose ends left in the show, however what the answer to those questions were is a lot more horrifying and just downright disturbing when you realize what had been going on all along. What you see from the Hideauze in Episode 1 is nowhere remotely close to what you see from them by the end of Gargantia.


The characters of the series aren’t as memorable as other series, but they do balance everything out. Amy is the standalone in the series, but others have their moments. Ridget is the calm, cool and collected authority figure on the ship, the one who plays the serious role of the show. Pinion is the dumbass, greedy, sarcastic guy who constantly gets himself and the cast into trouble with various people. And Bellows is a semi-badass tomboy who ends up being the one that isn’t Ledo who acts as the protective one of the show. There are other characters, but none of them really offer much other than being on the side.

The most peculiar thing that I noticed about the show is that not every character is designed to be the archetypical perfectly slim girl with perfect tits and perfect ass. The swimsuit episode of the show is one of the most memorable moments for me not because it’s seeing girls like Amy and the rest in bikinis, it’s because they design them all to look like normal women in it. You look at all the characters, all of them aren’t twigs, they have a little fat to them, more curves. Even Amy (right), who as the female lead is usually designed to be perfect, looks like she has a little extra to her waist and hips and there’s not a damn thing wrong with it, she’s still absolutely gorgeous. Ridget (while her swimwear is quite revealing) is designed like an average middle-aged woman, she carries a bit of extra weight with her, but she’s very elegant, beautiful. Bellows is harder to tell, but I think she’s got a little extra fat as well, but given how in shape she has to be for what she does, she’s still pretty slim. It’s also arguable she’s designed to be the sexy one of the series, so there’s that. But they all aren’t perfect like anime girls generally are and they even talk about dropping a couple pounds during the series, which while it’s not necessary for them to do that, they’re all very beautiful, it’s a common thing/issue girls will talk to each other about. It comes off very realistic.

Gargantia has ended up being one of my favourite overall shows, not just the one I enjoy watching the most over and over, which is slightly different to me. It’s a show that has a very beautifully designed universe and characters, while some of them could’ve had a little more personality. The story itself is full of interesting situations and the reveals near the end are “Holy Shit!” worthy moments for me. Seriously, the Hideauze reveal made me go “Oh fuck…” when I watched it.

If you’re into sci-fi, this is a must watch in my opinion. If you’re on the fence about it, if you’re into crazy mech battles, you won’t get a huge amount of it. A lot of the series is Ledo adapting to an essentially tech-less world, it’s very much like the industrial revolution on ships with salvaged tech like diving mechs from Earth before the flood. The story is fantastic and well worth your time. Check it out!

Merry Christmas!


It’s 7am here in Canada and there isn’t a touch of snow on the ground, hell it’s only tried to snow once really and that shit lasted as long as my patience when listening to a Donald Trump speech.

But you know what else it is right now? CHRISTMAS! So I thought I’d give a quick thought about Christmas as a whole and how it’s treated today, at least where I am in the world.

Now if you’re familiar with me you’ll know this already, but to those who don’t, I am an atheist. So when it comes to celebrating Christmas, I ignore any and all religious value to the holiday and granted I more or less am ignorant of what they even are now, I don’t make much effort to learn and/or retain the knowledge of what the average Christian family believes Christmas is all about. To me, the holiday is just a time for family to get together, share a delicious home-cooked meal together, exchange gifts and spend time with each other that they would normally never put the effort into doing on any other day.

Yet for some real assholes out there, they feel it’s their right and their “duty” to try and stop those from celebrating Christmas because they’re not celebrating the same religious values that these jackasses celebrate. And because these people are so braindead, they fail to see that every year more and more people who celebrate Christmas don’t really mix religion into it. It’s the same thing when people were trying to get schools to stop calling it Halloween and instead Black & Orange Day (because that’s the most important part of Halloween, not the free candy and costumes, no…), because it’s “sacrilegious” to their own religion. So let me make this simple for those people: Fuck you and your abuse of freedom of religion. You have the freedom to practice your own religious values, but make no mistake, you are NOT free to force people to stop celebrating theirs. By all means you can say Christianity shouldn’t exist, but in return I will use my freedom to call you out on it and insult the fuck out of you.

Now granted, as an atheist I’d honestly prefer religion not existing, but really is it any of my business what people practice? Of course not! So I swallow the bitter pill and let people do what they want, why can’t these idiotic people do the same? Ignoring things is not that hard. At the end of the day, as long as people don’t shove it in your face (having Christmas decorations in their yard is NOT shoving it in your face) who gives a fuck? If a store chain wants to celebrate Christmas and put up banners, that’s their right to do and that shouldn’t be bothering you. If a banner that says Merry Christmas bothers you, grow the fuck up and stop being a whiny child about everything you don’t like, don’t lie and say you’re offended by it, you’re really not, I’m not falling for it, you just don’t like it and that doesn’t sound as good as you’re offended by it. So keep your fucking mouth shut and deal with it, because I’m an atheist I have to put up with everyone’s religious shit, so if I can tolerate ALL OF IT, you can tolerate whatever isn’t yours.

But anyways now that I’m done ranting, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and to those who don’t celebrate Christmas and do something else instead, enjoy whatever holiday you’re celebrating with your family and have yourself a wonderful remainder of 2015!

It’ll Probably Be A Little Slow The Next Few Weeks

So ’tis the holidays, thus generally speaking most companies try to shut their fucking mouths for a little while and not dig their holes any deeper. Because of that, you’ll likely see less and less articles daily till probably around mid-January when things start to move again. The weekly articles on Wed/Fri/Sun will still be going on, but there will probably be only 1 or 2 extra articles each week, nothing daily.

I could try to bullshit a daily article, but that’s not how I like to write. I don’t want anything I write to look like I’m disinterested or disingenuous. Anything that gets posted on my page is me being 110% actively engaged in the topic, as you can probably guess by how much cursing I do in a lot of my posts. But basically, I only want to post things that I’m fully onboard with myself, it makes zero sense for me as a reader to read something that looks like the author was just trying to hit a quota, so why would I do that as the writer?

So don’t worry if I vanish for a couple days (which because of the weeklies, it’d only be Monday/Tuesday), I’m still here and ready for the next piece of idiotic or awesome news to hit.

So enjoy your time during the holidays, thanks for reading my stuff this year! While the viewership isn’t anything to talk highly about, it’s been making progress faster than I anticipated, I figured I’d have 10 views a month still, but that is not the case. The first month of November totalled 131 views, this month we’ve doubled it (sitting at 268 as I’m writing this) and we’ve still got a week to go. That’s awesome guys, thank you so much for reading and a double thank you for following the page.

Cheers, happy holidays and enjoy the new year!

This Week in Sexy Games: Final Fantasy X/X-2


If there’s anything I find Square Enix JRPGs have tried to stay away from, it’s being overly sexual, a staple in Japanese content. While games would often take on themes of romance, for a while Square wasn’t exactly offering a swimsuit portion of the game in everything they’d do.

Final Fantasy X and especially X-2 are one of the few Final Fantasy games that I can remember being a little more sexual than Square games normally are and perhaps the point where they started doing it a little more often.

It could simply be because FFX was the first major release they had on the PlayStation 2, where the graphics were starting to really show the future (and weren’t all jaggedy-edged). After all, how sexy can you really make 16-bit and the spiky, triangular graphics from the PS1 era, granted by Final Fantasy IX, it was starting to look a little better, but nothing compared to the next game.

It doesn’t take very long for FFX to show a little sexy side of itself. You could say the female fans at Zanarkand fall into this category, but really Rikku in her full-body outfit while she’s showing no skin, it’s designed to look otherwise. Once the real journey starts in Besaid, you’re introduced to two more girls. Lulu, who looks like her tits are going to pop out any second, even having some jiggle physics when victory posing after a battle. And Yuna, who while is seemingly designed to be very innocent and such, you constantly get her standing in the right spot for a little sideboob. So right off the bat, you have three female leads, all of them in their own unique way (except Lulu, who just bashes you over the head with her cleavage) being sexualized a little bit. We also can’t forget the unforgettable strip scene Rikku (see the cover photo) where she takes off that outfit and half the screen is taken by her ass in those green shorts. Then in terms of side characters we have Dona, who forgot to finish the entire length of her skirt and cover up that thong she’s wearing. Then there’s also Yunalesca and the leader of the Crusaders, Lucil (Elma also sort of falls into this category as well). Apparently for an entire world that is seemingly based upon a religion, they sure aren’t very conservative. Hell, Rikku’s an Al-Bhed who are the closest thing to atheists in Spira and they seem to wear more fabric and show less cleavage and ass than most of the religious. It’s a weird world, Spira…

And then there’s Final Fantasy X-2

I always say it to people. FFX-2 was nothing more than a Final Fantasy themed Charlie’s Angels game. It was a game in that universe that was far more like a sexy Japanese game than a traditional JRPG. And it wasn’t a bad game still, but it was very obvious that the game was built as fan service for all those in Japan who bought FFX, I’m not 100% sure X-2 was ever intended to be released outside of Japan, but the sales were too high to ignore everywhere else.

The game’s main gimmick was the Dressphere system, where the three girls (Yuna, Rikku, Paine) adopted the job system except it was interchangeable in-battle…and a lot of them were very sexualized. Some of the notable ones are Thief, Lady Luck, Berserker and of course, Songstress. It was basically playing dress-up, except it wasn’t girls putting pretty dresses on the characters, it was more being done by men.

The initial character designs were also very sexually designed. Paine‘s outfit looks like a pair of scissors sliced half the fabric out. Rikku (who I loved her FFX outfit) traded in her top and shorts for a bikini and a mini-skirt. And Yuna of all people in this universe went from the long dress to fucking hot pants! That’s quite the change! Although out of the two them, I welcomed Yuna’s change a lot more, not because her ass was out in full view now, but because her personality changed quite a bit along with it, she was enjoying life a lot more now, she had a bit of an edge as well. It was far more enjoyable than the innocent sheep she was for the majority of FFX. And then of course you have to bring Leblanc into the conversation, just to let the original outfits’ sexiness sink in.

There are two final nails in the coffin for FFX-2 being clearly made as a fan service game. There’s the scene/minigame where Yuna massages Leblanc, but that’s nothing compared to the hot springs. Yup, if you take a certain path on Mt. Gagazet, you fall down into a hot spring, scaring Leblanc’s cronies out. But instead of giving chase, YRP decide to take a break and go for “just a little dip“. And because apparently women do this (I have no research into this, for obvious reasons), Rikku spends some time comparing bust sizes with Yuna and Paine as well, because why not?

Did any of this bother/offend me? A tiny bit really, mostly because they made Rikku look rather slutty looking in X-2, though that was more my feelings back then, I’ve made semi-peace with that. I now really just dislike the bikini outfit. But in terms of the game itself, X-2 like I said was still really fun to play and X is one of my favourite JRPGs of all-time. And as if I haven’t said it enough, I’ve never really been bothered a lot by sexualized material, it’s only if it’s there for the sake of making the girls look hot and having zero character/personality. In this case, it doesn’t fall into that territory, as cheesy as FFX-2 is.

And I’d be hypocritical if I said otherwise, when Rikku’s butt in those green shorts is a gaming memory permanently burned into my brain.

I thought I was done for back there.

Radical Dreamers: Walking on Walls


Yes it’s a play on the Chrono series. But the Radical Dreamers segment here on the blog page is dedicated to some of the weird, cool and downright fucked up dreams I encounter and can recall long enough to have it in written form. My imagination is pretty crazy when I’m awake, so when you mix that with the unpredictability, instability and downright “where are you pulling this shit from?!” type of moments, you get some pretty off-the-wall dreams. Speaking of walls…

This week: I had my Inception moment.

The majority of my dreams take place in skewed versions of places I know of and/or have stepped foot in. This time, it was completely unknown. I believe that a lot of what our minds pull out for dreams in terms of places, people and the like, are images that we have seen that we do not make a conscious mental note of, but instead are placed deep inside our minds. I can recall having a dream with the central character being a girl I’d never met before, but I remember her in her exact form (the clothes she wore, her hairstyle, everything was exact) that she was in from a Facebook picture where she was standing next to a friend of mine. It’s very strange, yet really cool when that happens.

This time however, the place was very unfamiliar, starting off in a dust-stormed area, unable to see beyond what’s directly in front of you. I hid inside an abandoned van with another guy who I do not know, awaiting either the storm to die or for my inevitable demise, whichever came quickest. The storm was the first to go and when we thought we were in the middle of nowhere, we realized we were in the middle of a bustling city. It gave off a Asian look to me, very much like a Hong Kong perhaps another 25-50 years in the future, the buildings while some were older, gave off a new technological feeling to them and my suspicions were only confirmed later on.

In the distance, someone I recognized was there, a teammate from my recreational co-ed soccer league, though he intended to go in a different direction so we parted ways. I find every dream there has to be at least one person, place or object you recognize, enough to make you believe what you’re in could be real. Anyways, walking down these streets, I happened to come across a giant white setup, it looked like an artistic piece, until I saw the multi-coloured footprints all over this gigantic wall piece, as if it were a trail. Then I noticed a button near my feet, so I pressed it. The noise was very low, reminding me of the sounds coming from an engine from a sci-fi vehicle. Without thinking much about it, I raised my right foot and it almost felt magnetized to the wall.

And without warning, I was drawn to the wall and I was walking on it, gravity failing to pull me down. Normally in dreams you can look back and point out the fallacies it contained, but despite the technology not existing, at least to the point where it’s just sitting out in the middle of a city street for the public to use like a fair ride, it felt 100% genuine, 100% real. I could feel the magical science going on underneath the once wall, now floor pulling my feet down on it, but not enough to render me immobile. I began to take steps along this wall, looking like a rock climber’s paradise except fuck actually doing work, I’m walking up this bitch! It was an exhilarating feeling, I rarely feel the kind of childish joy and awe in dreams like this, but I truly did feel like a kid going down a slide for the first time, just wanting to experience this moment of fun and joy over and over again.

But as dreams are, as I turned around to start walking down the wall to experience looking down at the concrete sidewalk below, it had already turned into a carpeted floor and the wall had teleported into what looked like an old-school arcade, because that’s how fast this shit happens! Once again, the images of familiar things creep up, games I can remember, Street Fighter, Daytona USA, pinball machines, keeping me in the “somehow this is real” realm of possibility. It wasn’t long till another familiar face appeared, another friend from my recreational co-ed sports, this time it was from my floor hockey team.

He told me we planned to break into a local radio station just to play our music in there. Why we would assume a radio station from an futuristic city would be carrying 90s punk music was beyond me, but I don’t get to make a lot of choices in dreams, so I went along with it. We arrived at the building and were about to break in when I realized I had no pants! My clothes had disappeared in the crazy teleportation process from the arcade to the radio station, another staple of dreams, being in your underwear or as Flanders would say, in “nothing at all”. I looked down, seeing the pair of boxer-briefs I’d worn the night before rather than what I went to sleep in, causing my self-awareness to return and my suspension of disbelief now broken, thus the dream slowly withered away and I woke up to my alarm.

Normally the dreams I can recall are usually nightmares, but once in a while I recall dreams of a very positive nature. It’s no surprise to me that this one remains fresh in my mind the morning after, I can still remember the exhilarating feeling of defying gravity, walking on that wall like I’m Criss Angel without the magic trick. It’s definitely one of the cooler dreams I can remember and only pisses me off when I think “Why the fuck can’t all my dreams be like this?!”

Cause I guess my brain likes to make up for all the horror movies and games I don’t consume. Fuck you, brain.

Top 10 Infinite Stratos Girls

Last week, I couldn’t decide which girl from this series to put as my #1 girl from an anime I’d sleep with, so I put the entire female cast as #1. This week however, I have the impossible task of picking 10 of them and ranking them. This is gonna be painful…

So to make it fair for every character on the show, the rules will be far simpler than the usual fodder. There are three things they’re being judged on: One, their overall looks, of course. Two, how they look in alternate clothing compared to their default uniform (but to make it fair, I’m not counting their “Ichika servant” costumes from the second season, ex: Cecilia’s bunny hostess outfit). And three, the combination of their voice and personality. This way, I’m not biased based on what someone did during the series (ex: Charlotte in the shower, Laura being naked in Ichika’s bed, etc.), I’m judging them solely on what I see looks and personality-wise.

So without further to do, let’s hop to it!


We start off with the teacher at the IS Academy that we see and isn’t related to Ichika. Maya is pretty average at best, I suppose what’s meant to bring guys towards her are breasts, she has possibly the largest set of the series, which is still a tame size for anime. She is very sweet though, one of the few characters in the series who isn’t either crazy or super serious. But because of that she falls into the background compared to a lot of the other girls, so that puts her into the #10 spot.


I’m convinced Tabane would be further on this list if she wasn’t batshit fucking stone cold crazy. While I love her English voice, I am well aware that it would get old really fast. She’s good in spurts, but having her around for an extended period of time would probably drive me insane. Regardless though, she’s a very attractive woman and the mysterious factor with her does apply on top of that. I just wouldn’t invite her directly to my house, she’d destroy the yard with that giant carrot thing she crashes down in.


It wasn’t until I started this list and going back to find pictures of all the characters that I realized I completely forgot about Riko when I was mentioning all the side girls in the Top 10 Anime Girls I’d Sleep With list. Out of all the girls that isn’t designed to stand out, Riko’s easily the prettiest to me. As per usual, the glasses add onto her look, but she’s also shaped very nicely. She also gives off that very shy personality, which I always enjoy as well. If not for all the main characters getting so much more screen time, she’d probably be higher on this list.


I’ve really grown to like Cecilia a lot more than I initially did when I first watched the initial season. She came off very bitchy to me the first time, however after watching through it again, I started to see a little deeper into her character and began to half-ass like her. Then by Season 2, she moved up to “All right, you’re cool.” status. She’s arguably designed to be the sexiest girl in the show and yeah she’s right up there, but with my tastes she’s just not quite there to at least attain top 5 status.


Without a shadow of a doubt, the best of the entire cast of side characters and it’s crazy saying that when the most you see Honne out of that mascot costume is her top half. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when you see her top half in Season 2 and she has a larger than average bust, but regardless she still stands out as a wonderful personality, someone who seems absolutely hilarious and fun to be around. And I can only imagine how she looks with the costume completely off…


I’m going to be completely honest. I absolutely hated Houki in Season 1. Detested her. Completely pissed off that of all the girls, she’s the one that’s designed to be Ichika’s choice. But then Season 2 came around. The red bikini from Episode 1 was a good start, but then she really started opening up a little more, I was feeling a lot less of the bitch side of her coming out and a little more of her insecurities. I think Houki is the kind of girl you really have to work on getting close to before you ever see the softer side of her, she has a very tough exterior shell that is on full display until you can prove to her that you’re all right. And with the body she has, especially given her immense training regiments, she’s always in great shape, it’s hard to ignore her. She’s worth the effort.


There is very little I can say about Infinite Stratos as a whole that pisses me off. The way they pretty much toss Ran aside is one of them. I’m willing to say, I think she’s arguably the cutest girl in the entire series (and I really love Laura) and she’s essentially tossed aside, even though she on two separate occasions displays that she really likes Ichika. She even tells him she can’t wait to get into the IS Academy so she can see him more. It’s kind of frustrating to see that kind of devotion just put on the shelf as if it didn’t matter. I mean as far as we know, her only intention of joining the IS Academy was to be around him more, she says to him that she can’t wait for him to become her upperclassman. Anyways, like I said she’s probably the cutest girl of the series and she has a really great mix of a personality. And seeing how laid back she is in her own home is also a comfortable feeling.


As many times as I think about how I’d have to be her sparring partner if she ever existed and I was dating her, I still keep on believing that Laura’s worth it. Only in anime can a killing machine be this adorable. I knew the second she showed up on screen I was gonna like her and I was more than right. Take away the vengeful, badass trained soldier from Laura and you get one of the cutest girls on the show. And when you’re into smaller girls like I am, she’s a perfect match. The only real things against her being #1 is the eyepatch and the fact she could snap my arm with incredible ease. Scary!


When she’s not being featured in incest-innuendo inducing scenes in the series, Chifuyu is shown off as easily the sexiest woman in the entire series, at least in my opinion. Season 1’s beach episode cemented that fact, I don’t care how good-looking Houki was in Season 2, she still can’t hold a candle to Chifuyu in that black getup, especially that butt shot while she’s giving volleyball signals that I will never make an effort to find out what it meant. If not for her sometimes bitch attitude and the feeling that she’d be very demanding of her partner (I mean just look how Ichika is around her, the things he does for her and he’s her brother), she’s be #1 without question.

But because of that, that means our #1 girl in the Infinite Stratos series is…


The Top 10 list was hard to make, except for the #1 spot, I knew who it was long before. If there’s something in anime that just seems to work for me when it comes to female characters, it’s the ones who disguise themselves as boys. I don’t know how or why, but those are the ones that always end up being the most attractive to me (ex: Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4). Charlotte’s a rare case to where a blonde is at the top of a list in terms of girls, I’m usually not the biggest fan of blondes in anime, compared to the many other colour options I have to choose from. Blondes tend to be designed to be very bitchy or overly-sexualized. Charlotte on the other hand is the opposite, she’s super sweet, comes off very shy at times, but can switch to serious when she needs to. Of course, her French accent just cements how attractive she comes off. You’ll be seeing her again for sure on a Top 10 when I do the Anime Girls I’d Marry list. Will she be #1 there? It’s very possible, but remember, I had Rikku slated #1 for the gaming list and then I changed my mind at the very end. So you never know.

Thanks for reading, as always I enjoyed making this list and if you have your own Top 10, or maybe just a quick switch, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments below!