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I Cannot Believe A Sports Game Has Been My Big Time Sinker This Year

Yep, a baseball game has been my big hour collector this year. I can’t believe it either.

[PODCAST] Saturday Morning Soapbox # 2

This week on the show we talk about the Thailand cave rescue, my pick for the World Cup Final, whether or not a baseball fan should get reimbursed when hit by a foul ball, a disgusting man who murdered a defenseless dog, how sexual education should be taught, and if all games should be catered to everyone or not.

Saturday Morning Rant: “It’s Early”

“It’s early.” Those words are ringing in my ears over and over again right now. I’m a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan and at the time I’m writing this, their record is 3-12. For a team that us fans anticipated and expected to compete for a playoff spot, this isn’t exactly the start we were […]

Game Spotlight: Super Mega Baseball

If there’s any sport I love to play, it’s baseball. I played it all the way through my childhood, I play it again now in recreational leagues, so out of any sport, this is the one I love the most. And yes that includes being above hockey, which I’m pretty sure is an offense worthy […]

Game Spotlight: MLB Power Pros 2008

Not every game that I spotlight is going to be your classic Game of the Year, a JRPG, a massive open world with an amazing story and all that fantastic jazz. Sometimes a really good game is just that, a really good game. I’m also a big sports guy, baseball and hockey being my two […]

Enough With The “Sanctity of the Game” Bullshit!

I saw the events that lead to the bench-clearing brawl during last night’s Toronto Blue Jays/Texas Rangers game. Now I’m a Blue Jays fan, so I’ll try my best not to be too biased here. Based on what I saw, I saw a team that has no balls and waited until the last possible moment […]