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Summer Is A Great Excuse To Not Wear Pants

As the summer months roll in and the temperatures stay consistently hotter and hotter, one has to try and keep cool. Some are lucky enough to have really good air conditioning and can afford to abuse the hell out of it so they stay cool all summer long. Some are lucky and have a pool they can just hop into whenever they want to and quickly keep cool even on the hottest of days.

But in my case, I don’t currently have either of those things to help me stay cool, I’m at the mercy of the air coming into the house and the ceiling fan’s ability to at least blow a little bit of air that feels cool around me. So naturally you have to turn to ulterior methods to stay cool and thus came a tactic I’ve been wanting to try out for quite some time now.

I wrote an article back in November about how I was dying to just walk around the house without pants on, but I lived with a few friends so it wasn’t exactly the right place to be doing that. Now in my current spot, I’ve got most of the important stuff in my bedroom, so I can at least keep the bedroom door shut and do whatever I please. So that’s what I’m doing now, on most days, not even necessarily because it’s super hot out, pants are nowhere to be seen, I’m either in boxer-briefs or just briefs, whichever I feel like wearing at the time.

And I gotta tell ya, it really is such a liberating feeling to just walk around without pants on, it really is. It makes me giddy when I know my next place I’m hoping to move to before year’s end will be a basement apartment where I have a lot more freedom to move around like this. Because seriously, as silly as it might sound, I feel like I’m enjoying everything I do more, while I’m doing it without pants on. I’m serious, I feel better when it’s just a shirt and underwear on. It’s hard to explain, but perhaps my best guess would be that it’s a comfort thing, that choosing to take my pants off and staying like that brings a sense of confidence to myself. I’m not the best looking guy, but I know I don’t look terrible either. Couple that with my hopes to start really exercising at home once I have the space to do so again and believe me, there will definitely be some improvements to this pantsless person.

I think there’s multiple reasons as to why people end up deciding to go the pantsless route when they’re at home, some are even more comfortable doing it around friends and family, rather than just while they’re alone or with just their significant other who’s already used to seeing them without clothes on, let alone in their underwear. And I honestly believe that the biggest reason is simply because it’s comfortable, there are so many kinds of clothing that we wear that while it looks good when we’re out in public, it’s not the most comfortable thing to sit around in all day. For example, it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, if I come in the house with jeans on, the first thing I’m doing is changing into my running shorts because they’re far more comfortable than jeans could ever be.

As I mentioned earlier, confidence ends up being a big factor in those who choose to go this route as well. Just walking around in your underwear, it brings a sense of self-worth, you get the thought in your head that you must look attractive while walking around in your bare essentials and thus you generate a little more happiness and confidence in yourself. I’m not kidding you when I tell you that the first time I walked around my room in my underwear, I smiled. I honestly felt better about myself almost immediately after taking my pants off, because in my head I thought that because I felt comfortable with doing this, regardless of whether or not anyone would see me like this, the fact I was doing it, it let me know that I’m not an ugly piece of garbage, in my head I felt like a million bucks, like I could take on the world.

With no pants on.

So if you’re living in a place where you could get away with doing so, try it out, take those bothersome pants, shorts, skirts off and let your legs breathe for the first time in a while. It’s a liberating feeling that can give you the confidence you need to take that next step in improving yourself, because if you can be comfortable seeing yourself half-naked the majority of time at home, that comfort will extend out in your daily life when you’re covered up, because you won’t be afraid or nervous about what other people think of you. If you love your own body, that aura will pass onto others.

For me, that change in my confidence didn’t start recently when I began to walk around without pants on, that started when I made the choice to start wearing briefs again. It had a similar feeling to it, as I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t hate how I looked and that slowly translated into me liking how I looked more and more and starting to pay more attention to how I look, like how my hair is, what clothes I wear and it translated into my confidence going through the roof. Now I’m more open to things, I don’t worry so much about how I look, how I’m posed, how my personality comes off, all of those things.

Sometimes you don’t need a major overhaul to change everything. Sometimes it’s something small that kickstarts everything into gear. For me, a shorter pair of underwear did it and now I’ve added onto that up-trend in my confidence by now choosing not to wear pants when I can do that.

The next step’s a bit dodgy though. Gonna need a house to myself and blinds on the windows if I’m going to suddenly start walking around the house butt naked…

Why Wear Pants? An Age Old Question


I’m currently living in a house with two roommates. We’re all friends from high school and it’s been a blast and a real learning experience for me, as it was my first time living away from my parents. Now the plan for me is that by the spring, I’ll be in my own apartment with my girlfriend of nine years (this Saturday!) and I am so excited for this.

There is however something small that I’m also looking forward to when I move into my own apartment. It doesn’t seem like much, but to me this one little thing is something I’ve been kind of eager to be able to do.

What is that one thing, you may ask? Being able to walk around my home without pants on.

from Heavy Rain
from Heavy Rain

It’s not something I’ve really put too much thought into however until the past couple years. Since moving out, not having parents to judge every single purchase I make, I was able to try a lot of new things without anyone questioning me. Relating to the topic though, it was really my re-discovery of briefs and how fucking comfortable they are, that really kickstarted this innate desire to kick the habit of wearing pants…literally…like kicking my pants off the second I walk in the door.

I think it also helps with me being a lot more comfortable with myself as well. Certainly in the past three years of living on my own, having the opportunity to wear clothes I never would’ve worn before, getting my hair done differently than I have before, little things like that, they’ve opened the door for me to actually care a little more about how I look and actually take a legitimate interest in how I look.

But enough about me (for now), let’s actually sit down and talk about the actual act of not wearing pants, why people do it, why people don’t do it.


Generally speaking, the majority of people who do walk around in their own homes with no pants on, no shirt on, hell maybe no clothes on at all, they don’t exactly advertise it. So it’s really difficult to get an idea of how many people choose to go without pants in the comfort of their own home. But I think it’s fair to say the percentage is low, like I think the maximum is 10% and even then I think I’m being generous. Though I think there’s a difference in the numbers if you ask “Do you walk around your house with no pants on?” and then follow it up with “If you could walk around your house with no pants on, would you?”.

We have to keep in mind that the majority of people don’t live alone, or don’t just live with a significant other who would be more than happy to see their man or woman sans pants. When we’re curious as teenagers in high school, we’re living at home with our parents, not the kind of people who’d be okay with you walking around in your boxers. In college, a lot of us our living with a roommate or several and unless you get some really casual roommates, someone’ll give you a weird look if you’re walking around in your panties. And then fast forward to when we’re all older and have kids, even if they’re too young to really understand anything, I imagine the vast majority of parents feeling like it’s also their responsibility to keep up a great image for their kids and being no pants casual doesn’t fit that role.

So realistically that leaves the majority of your regular, average folks somewhere in your 20s, depending on your college/university life and how soon you want to start a family. That’s the average person’s timeline for no pants. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, some people choose to have children, so that’s one factor scratched off the list. Some live alone, that really scratches a lot of options off the list. There’s the odd case where your roommates (and if things get really crazy, your parents…but I don’t know how I’d feel about that…) are comfortable with whatever, so there’s another scratch off the list. But otherwise, unless you have zero fucks to give and you choose to do it in spite of whatever’s around you, your time to enjoy the most comfortable setup at home is limited.

from Sexfriend (VN)
from Sexfriend (VN)

Now I’ve had one opportunity to actually enjoy the freedom of living without the shackles of pants. There was a weekend where my roommates were gone, so I jumped at the chance. There are hours here and there that I could consistently use, but I’m not a gambler so unless there’s a guarantee, I ain’t trying shit! But being able to actually do this once, I’ve got to tell you…it’s so (as Kou from New Game! says) liberating to just walk around the house, cook food, play video games and do all the things I normally do, just without pants on.

A big part of it really, at least to me, is just the fact that wearing pants, shorts, whatever you wear over top of your underwear, depending on how long your pants are, how tight they are, how thick the fabric is, whatever you’re wearing, it gets in the way, to varying degrees. You’re just not as mobile in baggy pants, jeans, cargo shorts, etc. It’s why yoga pants are so form-fitting, if they were baggy, you’d have a harder time moving around, especially in some of the insane poses you do in yoga. So by not wearing pants, you’re completely cutting out that possibility. Especially the average girl, where there’s not even a little bit of leg being covered, unless you’re wearing boyshorts.

I had two days and I ended up doing one day in briefs, one day in boxer-briefs, only those two because I can’t stand boxers, I find them too long and too loose. I definitely found myself enjoying briefs more because it was less fabric clinging to me, though there might just be a little bias there because I’m currently on a roll with briefs since I started to wear them again. But yeah, that’s generally how I feel about the advantages of no pants. It’s more comfortable, cause there’s less clinging to you and it’s certainly liberating. There’s something just really cool to me about being able to spend time without wearing an article of clothing that unless you’re at a beach, pool or a changeroom, you’d get a weird look from the general public.


On the other hand, of course there are reasons why people would choose not to when they have the opportunity to do so. As I’ve said in previous articles about how we as a general public treat underwear, most of us view the article of clothing as something private, something only yourself and your significant other should see you in. Now yes, if you’re in the privacy of your own home, that should be the case, but there’s other things that people take into mind. Maybe they’ll pass by a window and someone will see, maybe a family member or friend will suddenly open your front door without knocking (because there are people who will do that) and catch you in a moment of liberating freedom. There’s always a chance someone could see, but the likelihood is extremely low.

I think honestly the biggest reason is simply that people are just too uncomfortable with the idea of ever not wearing pants or shorts. It’s so ingrained into our heads from our earliest memories that the only time you should ever just be in your underwear is when you’re in bed, covered by a blanket. There might be moments where it’s okay for people to see you in your underwear, like when you’re changing in a changeroom, but generally speaking the only place you’re taught is 100% okay to have no pants on is in your bed.

© MeUndies.com
© MeUndies.com

It’s such a small thing, but to me, I cannot wait for the chance to get home from a long ass day at work and just kick off my pants and chill on the couch in a t-shirt and whatever underwear I decide to wear at that moment. It’s wonderfully comfortable, it’s so liberating and honestly, I just love the idea of not giving a fuck. Sometimes that’s all it takes.