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Anime Spotlight: Bubuki Buranki


In all of us there are shows, games, bands, anything in entertainment media that we look at as being far under-appreciated. Those shows that no one watched, games that no one played, bands that no one listened to. We all have those and it drives us crazy, so it drove me crazy throughout the 2016 Winter Anime season when a show like Bubuki Buranki (or BBK/BRNK) not only got little attention, but any attention it got tended to be negative. And that would always bug the hell out of me, because it was one of my favourite shows of that season.


For starters, the fact that an anime that was centered around mechs (although the majority of the show doesn’t feature mech fights) and still got my attention, that’s a big one. When it comes to anime, anything mech-related tends to fall flat with me, I don’t commonly get into shows like that, in fact I can only name three shows of that ilk I’ve ever watched in full and enjoyed: Gundam Seed, Schwarzesmarken and of course, Bubuki Buranki. I tend to find mech anime a little too serious and in some cases, a little too dark, Schwarzesmarken coming very close to being a little too much in both those directions, but managed to keep me interested by its strong story. But in Bubuki Buranki’s case, it’s not serious, it’s not dark, it’s just fun and entertaining and quite over the top.

The art style the show carries also adds onto my enjoyment of the anime. Bubuki Buranki’s animation reminds me like if Japan decided to take what we saw in Rooster Teeth’s animation RWBY and apply that to your basic mech anime. Everything looked so beautiful, the characters all looked extremely unique, beyond just this is the girl with red hair, this is the girl with blue hair. Every character had a unique look, whether it was their hairstyle and colours, their outfits, their weapons, their attitudes, each character felt different and unique. And we’re just talking the five main characters, we’re not even getting into my favourite character of the show yet.


Pushing Hiiragi to the side (because he was a piece of shit), the main cast are all fantastic characters, in particular though the girls really stood out while #1 MC in Azuma as the only boy left of the main five, he was an okay character at best. I found him to be a little too much in the direction of the boy that never gives up but then sometimes wants to give up and then suddenly doesn’t want to give up anymore. The girls on the other hand, we’re beyond feisty, had a giant fire under them. All three of them had beyond vengeance coursing through their veins, they were all intense, yet could be adorable. They were all beautiful young girls, but you did not piss them off, especially Kogane-chan. Kinoa is such an amazingly strong female character, overcoming some really shady shit with one of the villains in Souya. And then there’s Shizuru (pictured above), who when she’s fighting seriously is one of the most badass anime girls I’ve seen in a while, she’s absolutely incredible.

But I wouldn’t be doing myself right if I didn’t talk about a specific lady when mentioning fantastic female characters…


Reoko Banryuu. Never has there been a villainous woman that I have been so attached to. Since the very beginning when she first appeared on screen, I was mesmerized by this woman. The pure evil this girl had and yet looked just so damn beautiful, terrifying but beautiful. And then once she started fighting the main characters, her true insanity came out and that’s where I was hooked on her, to the point that she may just be my favourite villain in anime right now. The sight of her bleeding profusely from her head and yet that laughter and sickening smile on her face as she continued to just destroy her enemies with incredible ease. For the entirety of the anime, you got the sense that she was without doubt the most powerful person on the planet and even with the five main characters working together, she was a challenge on her own! We’re not even counting the other four main villains attached to her, Reoko on her own is still extremely dangerous.

But not everything in this show is absolutely terrifying, so let’s finish up this week’s spotlight with a few quick notes about the show, the things I couldn’t fit in without making this post go on forever.


It’s so weird how the show has such a terrifying villain in Reoko and some pretty horrifying backstories, like Kinoa’s and especially Kogane’s and then the show flips to being very silly and cheesy and downright fun. I’ve always appreciated anime for doing that, not keeping you depressed the entire show and bringing some light to it. Though I cannot forgive the show for having Hiiragi as such an unlikable main character, one of my most hated characters from this year. Ever further, the last few episodes of the show were such a whirlwind, throwing in new sets of five-character groups from other countries to be other Bubuki users, they really could’ve done themselves a favour by maybe only introducing one group, rather than shoving two in so quickly. Lastly, speaking of the end, the idea of the MC’s (Azuma’s) sister being involved with another Buranki team was silly to me, Japan seems to love siblings a little too much in anime and I think the eventual conflict we’ll see in Season 2 may not be all that interesting, despite the family backstory.

So if you’ve never watched the show, I strongly suggest you give it a shot. And if you didn’t like it in the early going, give it another episode or two. I really loved it and I think it’s far better than the 6.5 rating that MAL gives it.

Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand? #2

It’s week #2 of the new weekly article on Tuesdays, Waifu, Friend With Benefits or One-Night Stand!

For those new to the article, this is not a post that talks about the “fuckability” of three randomly selected female characters from various anime and video games. I’m already attracted to them, it’s to be implied that I would share a bed with them already. What this article is meant to do, is go through their personalities, interests, anything pertinent to answering the question if they’re a one-time only, a friend that I might accept the occasional booty call from, or someone I would absolutely spend the rest of my life with.

So without further to do, let’s meet this week’s contestants!


This blonde-haired beauty from Infinite Stratos has been a mainstay on the top of the list when it comes to my favourite anime girls. Charlotte is just one of those girls that no matter how much anime I soak in and furthermore how many more female characters I take a liking to, no one can seem to take this girl off the top.

Starting out, Charlotte wasn’t even Charlotte, she was disguised as Charles Dunois, the second boy to be able to pilot as IS unit, essentially what would happen if you took a Gundam, made it human-sized and then removed the parts that cover up the chest and butt, for obvious reasons! But anyone who’s watched anime for more than five minutes could tell right from the very start (especially with the knowledge that Infinite Stratos is a harem anime) that Charles was not packing anything, at least not in the lower regions. So not long after, when “Charles” and Ichika are rooming together at the academy’s dorm, being the only two guys, he walks in on Charles in the shower and as it turned out, Charles was indeed packing…some pretty large breasts that somehow could be wrapped up to hide her true gender. But y’know…anime logic.

Deception aside, Charlotte makes no buts about it, she’s an absolute sweetheart. Even when disguised as a boy, she was an absolute wonder to be around. She comes from a wealthy family, though being born a baby from her father’s mistress, rather his wife. Not knowing her father, she lived with her mother until her sudden passing and was then adopted by her father. Being from France and from a wealthy family, she’s stereotyped as the elegant girl of the group, but doesn’t fall into the posh, holier-than-thou attitude that Cecilia does. Instead, Charlotte puts aside the negative connotations that comes with being from a rich family, in fact her father’s company being a top producer of IS units. She rarely gets angry, she’s not overly pushy and she doesn’t exert the common tsundere trope in anime girls.

However that doesn’t mean she’s free from anime tropes, she still falls into the trap of wanting to be with the MC, however will still call him a pervert if something happens out of her control (like having her breasts grabbed accidentally while going down a couples waterslide with Ichika). Though there have been times, especially while they were still rooming together where she even flat-out admits that she’d gladly partake in such actions if he at least talked to her about it first. It’s clear that her heart is open to romance and she’s not shy about it, she’d just rather it be on her terms.

Romantic preferences aside, Charlotte has essentially two sides to her in the show. She’s the elegant sweetheart of the group outside of battle, but when the IS unit gets put on, she’s a confident and strong young woman. She has zero issue protecting her friends, she’s not a damsel. In fact, she’s the one who really teaches Ichika how to pilot his IS in the beginning when the other girls are more concerned about spending time with him and trying to get into his pants than actually teaching him something.

So with me finished just going crazy on all the things I like about Charlotte, if you’ve kept up with my content, this decision will come as no surprise:

♥♥♥ #1 WAIFU ♥♥♥

Though Charlotte gets special treatment because she is my #1 choice for a wife within all fictional girls. If I only get to pick one fictional girl to make into a real person, it’s Charlotte without question. I’ve said it before, I’m not sure if someone will ever capture my heart as much as she has, she just the perfect girl for me. To quickly get her looks out of the way, she’s built so perfectly, she’s a smaller girl, doesn’t have massive breasts, an adorable hair style and dresses very cute. Hell, even when she was disguised as a guy, I thought she was attractive as all hell!

In terms of her personality, I can’t see many flaws with her. She’s not crazy, angry, selfish, snobby, anything that would completely turn me off of her. Instead, she’s calm, kind, caring, fun-loving and she has a bit of a romantic side to her, so long as you don’t grab her breasts on a waterslide or pull down her panties when she falls over while getting dressed and you trip over yourself trying to stop her from screaming in a dorm full of girls. She’s shown me over the course of the anime’s two seasons that she’s not just a friend, she’s your best friend. And one as beautiful as her, I would never ignore if such a person existed.


From a show that I’m still very salty about not getting the kind of attention it deserved, Kinoa from Bubuki Buranki is a very interesting personality to go through. There’s a lot of good to go through, but at the same time there’s a lot of issues the girl has had and gone through that’ll make this whole process a lot tougher than some of the other girls out there.

Right off the bat, Kinoa has a real temper. She’s very snappy at times, especially with Hiiragi, though I can accept her getting pissed off at him constantly, he’s a giant douche. Regardless, she does have a temper that often flares up and she’s quite cynical and pushy.

However we have to take into account the mental trauma the girl has gone through before the anime even begins. Aside from the whole world being in chaos under Reoko’s rule and possibly her parents being killed (can’t remember if hers were killed like others were, can’t find the answer online either), she was taken advantage of by the much older Souya when she was younger and obviously more naïve and trusting. While we’re left to assume it wasn’t a rape-level situation, we are told to assume that the two of them at one point had a sexual relationship and that once Souya had his fun, he left her high and dry, sending her into the vengeful badass bitch she is as the series starts.

So it’s really hard to fault her for some of the more negative personality traits she has. The question I’m left with is if I should take everything as is, or judge her more based on what she’d be like without all that trauma. So when I cast aside all that for the time being, what I see in Kinoa is a cool, fun-loving tomboyish girl who has a sweet side to her once you get close enough to her. We see flashes of that sweet side in the flashbacks of her, she doesn’t really ever bring it out in the present time though.

Taking her full personality into the fray though, it’s a little different. With her vengeful status, she’s a lot more on the take no prisoners, hot-headed side of things personality-wise. She does carry that confidence and swagger about her with her fighting ability and is a very strong young woman.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we are taking the character in full, so because of the added effects of her mental trauma, the decision is as follows:


I imagine behind all the problems she has because of the entire situation going on and especially Souya’s “game” he played with her, Kinoa would probably be a super cool person to be around and may have even crossed into Waifu territory, as I really do like her. But with the temper she has and the other issues, it’s too difficult to go that far down the road with her. Granted, I can easily see her being much more approachable down the line once you’ve gotten her comfortable around you and trusting you unlike the 99.9% of people she comes into contact with. She’s a drop dead gorgeous girl who deserves better than what she was given.


Specifically using the Harvest Moon 64 version of Karen, she’s quite the interesting character throughout the entire series. A wine connoisseur, a brash and rebellious girl, there’s a lot to talk about with her.

Right off the bat, she has massive walls when it comes to be social with people. Anyone meeting her for the first time will not get much out of her, she’s very cold and distant at first. When you add massive family troubles into the mix, you get a girl who at first glance while is attractive as all hell, in terms of her personality she isn’t attractive at all. She’s a vineyard’s owner’s daughter who wants to leave the countryside to go to the big city, but her father’s having none of it, being the typical asshole father you see in fictional works. Because of all this, she’s become very apathetic to everything else around her, you the main character as well. She only has one real known friend in the game in Ann, who granted is as bold as Karen can be.

It’s once you get through those barriers of hers and see the real side of Karen that she really gets fleshed out and brought into the forefront. When her normal self, she’s an absolute treat to be around, she’s very cool, funny, has a bit of a sweet side that she still tries to hide a bit and then of course she keeps that rebellious fun-loving spirit going at all times. If you took this girl out of the 1999 released game and put her in today’s society, she’d pretty much be a punk rock rebellious kind of girl, I think. Hell, it’s very possible she’d lean as far as being a lesbian or bisexual, possibly giving Ann something to think about.

The only weird thing about her and I won’t put too much stock into this, is once you marry her, her attitude kind of changes a bit too much when she starts calling you “Honey” and other sweet names. I don’t think she’d actually go that route at any point, so I attribute to that more to bad writing from the game developers. Regardless, she’s still a good wife in the game, a lot more like your best friend than anything else.

So with all that being taken into account, where does Karen fall into the fray here?


It was a tough decision, but in the end I decided to take Karen as far as I could go. There’s a few challenges in a potential relationship with someone like Karen, obviously the first month or so around her will be a game of trying to get closer to her without getting so close she backs off. The other wildcard in this that I didn’t talk about much before is her drinking. She’s commonly known as a champion drinker and she also has the wine connoisseur to her name, so the challenge of being a straight-edge companion of hers is definitely a hard one to overcome. But I think in the end it’s worth all the work. I see her as your closest friend in the world and while Charlotte is the sweetheart kind of best friend, Karen’s the free-spirit kind of best friend.

So that’s this week’s editon of Waifu, FWB, or One-Night Stand, hope you enjoyed it! Leave any comments you’ve got below, whether it’s your own choices between the three or maybe I’m missing something that could’ve turned the tide on my decision with any one of these girls.

Character Spotlight: Reoko Banryuu


This bitch be crazy. This bitch be (probably) in her 40s. Yet this bitch be sexy as fuck and a fantastic villain!

Bubuki Buranki last season (Winter 2016) was a consistent absurdity whether it was their characters, weapons, or the many over-the-top battles to be had. But the best absurdity came in the form of Reoko Banryuu, an absolutely stunning young woman (or so we thought in the beginning) and yet one of the most sadistic and downright crazy villains I’ve seen in a while (note: I don’t watch all the crazy gore-filled shows and the more cerebral stuff, so for the content I usually watch, Reoko’s pretty damn crazy!).


What separates her from a lot of other villains for me is something that the entire show has that really won me over. The overall character design on the show was just fantastic, everyone including all the villains look amazing and the facial expressions are as good as any I’ve ever seen. A lot of attention was certainly paid though specifically to Reoko, as she is the Queen when it comes to her facial expressions. For a woman who looks like a stunning 16 year-old high school girl, she at times looks downright frightening, someone you wouldn’t dare go within a mile of when she has that face. You see that sadistic smile and laugh of hers while her eyes are as wide open as they can get, you’re fucking runnin’!

And that’s what makes her automatically so memorable to me, the idea that the show takes someone like Reoko, who in any other anime would be the pretty girl second to the main love interest who’s the MC’s childhood friend. She’d get caught with her pants down (literally) a few times, maybe a bare butt shot in the shower and that’d be all for her. Instead, in Bubuki Buranki that beautiful girl is a stone cold killer who wouldn’t think twice about killing a few children to achieve her goals.


Not to say that Reoko isn’t drop dead gorgeous though. The first time I saw her on-screen, I was absolutely mesmerized by her, which only made the feeling even weirder when I realized just how bat shit crazy she was. At the time it was very strange that she would ally herself with a bunch of villains twice her age, she looked like she was 18 at best and everyone else was in their 30s and up. However towards the end of the series, we learn that because of her connection with the Buranki “Entei” (not the legendary Pokémon) she has become immortal, never aging. So she will forever look this damn beautiful…I’ve got zero problems with that!

Her story on the other hand puts her as a very sympathizable villain. She’s a girl who really had a tough going in her teenage years. Her best friend, Migiwa pretty much abandons her and locks her away “for her own safety”, slowly sending Reoko into this psychotic state that she’s in. You really do feel a sense of “Okay, I get why you’re like this.”, while simultaneously knowing that she’s still an evil woman who shows no mercy to anyone and intends to pretty much destroy the world, though she claims that by destroying every Buranki, she’s actually saving the world. By the end of the series, you’re torn between wanting her to get her comeuppance and getting destroyed herself, or being truly saved.


At the end of the day though, Reoko was certainly my favourite villain of the Winter 2016 anime season and is up there amongst my favourites in all of anime. She’s downright crazy, yet downright gorgeous, she’s evil as fuck, yet seems like a sweetheart at times. It’s hard to really tell if the Reoko we see on screen in the real Reoko or a product of an abandoned woman who slowly descended into madness. Because when we see her as a teenager, she actually seems super sweet and super cool to be around.

Not that I’d be willing to find out now, she’d probably burn me alive.