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[VIDEO] Red Rover Podcast – Episode 1

My New Year’s Resolution for 2018 is to produce content on YouTube again. Given my current situation, I’ve been needing to find different ways to do just that, as I don’t have the time to edit videos for multiple hours, nor do I have a living space where I want to have a webcam focused on me, as the background isn’t my own.

So I’m coming up with ideas and this is the first one to come through. Welcome to the Red Rover Podcast, a podcast from a Destiny community that talks about a variety of topics. I’m liking our first episode, because it comes off a lot like our party chat’s when we’re playing online on PS4. It feels natural, I really like how it doesn’t sound like it’s over-produced, or like we’re sticking to a script.

So if you’re interested, check out the show below!

In Retrospect, Perhaps Destiny 2 Should’ve Been An Expansion

About 150 hours into Destiny 2, I have made the conscious decision to put it down and await the first expansion for the game (Curse of Osiris on December 5th)  and honestly, I think that’s okay. Unlike a good chunk of Destiny 2 players, I’m not upset over the idea of putting the game down temporarily, I’m not mad that I’m not devoting all of my gaming time to a single game. It has its advantages, y’know. I’ve gotten to play games that have been sitting on my shelf for ages, hell I’m rediscovering Final Fantasy XII and loving it more than I did when I first played it at age 18. I’m more than okay with not playing Destiny 2 for a little while and I think others need to be as well.

But aside from that, now that I’ve stepped away from the game temporarily and I’ve had the chance to look back at my time with the 150 hours I’ve played of the game so far, I’ve come to a concept that maybe could’ve quelled some of the unrest within the Destiny community:

Maybe, just maybe Destiny 2 would’ve been better off as the next expansion for Destiny.

Now yes, I know this means that this would’ve had to change years of planning and development for Bungie and obviously we cannot correct time in this way. But taking a hypothetical look at things, it really seems to me that Destiny 2 isn’t necessarily a bad game, it just suffers from not being enough in comparison to the game players left to play this new entry in the series. When you take Destiny and Destiny 2, there’s just no comparison, there is already so much more established in the original Destiny that there was no conceivable way that Destiny 2 could have had the same amount of content. Obviously once all the expansions are out, then we’ll be tied, or maybe Destiny 2 will have even more content, who knows. But as of right now, there’s no question that Destiny 2 not only did not but it could not reach the expectations people had for it.

This is why I believe that Destiny 2 should have been an expansion, this game just didn’t offer enough to justify an entire new game, especially one that would erase years and for many, thousands of hours of play. I think that Bungie should have seen what they had and understood that it just wasn’t going to be enough. But like I said, we can’t change years of planning and development, so everything I say from here on out will be purely hypothetical.

So let’s say Bungie halfway into development of Destiny 2, they realized this just wasn’t working out as they hoped and decide to use this as the next expansion of Destiny and start anew on a much bigger game that would become the true Destiny 2. Because let’s be honest, to justify making us spend a whole new set of $60+ on a new game in the series, Destiny 2 needed at least another 25% worth of extra content and even then, I think that would just be barely passable at that point. So Destiny 2 is now back to the drawing board and what’s being finished is now Destiny: The Red Legion, the next expansion pack.

Imagine the start of the game once again, flying back to the Tower after the Red Legion’s attack. You arrive on the scene, and as you are about to get your gear and get moving, your ship is shot down and disappears, all of your gear being lost. You grab a pistol on the ground and now the first mission starts once again.

A major thing I would’ve changed in this game, is remove all the D1 exotics that were brought back to Destiny 2 from the loot table, until the end of the story and you arrive on the “new” Tower for the first time. You go through the entire story using all new gear, learning about all the new weapons and armor, finding new ones that you really like. You defeat the final boss in Ghaul and you arrive at the Tower. You get word from Amanda Holliday that they managed to recover something while they were setting up the new home for the Vanguard, bringing you down to the hangar where you find the wreckage of your ship that had crashed during the first mission. And after your biggest triumph, you’re given the ultimate gift: all your gear back.

By this point, you’ve been forced to try out the majority of the new gear, legendary and exotic. You are now getting set for the new raid with a new outlook on the game and perhaps a new loadout, instead of the same few loadouts you always had up until this point. The problem I’ve always found with Destiny’s expansions, is that you don’t spend a lot of time with the newer gear, because you read them all and only think a couple are actually good, but never really give the others a shot. At least here, you would’ve been forced to at least give some of these weapons a shot.

I think it’s obvious that Destiny 2 suffers because when people play a game for as long as many played the original Destiny for, it cannot create the same positive reaction as Destiny 1 did at first. Destiny was a new project, it was a breath of fresh air, something we (mostly) hadn’t seen before. You’ll obviously stick around with something new, it’s harder to justify spending so much time with something you’ve done before, especially if you’ve done everything there is to do. Grinding in Destiny 2 just isn’t as easy to accept, regardless of thinks like weapons not having unique rolls, leveling up guns and armor and stuff like that. I don’t enjoy the grind of Destiny 2 because the game is bad, but because I’ve done it already before.

Personally, I think until Bungie had a large new world to go through, Destiny 2 should’ve never existed. Blowing up the Tower isn’t enough to justify a whole new game. Games like World of Warcraft don’t have completely brand new games that erase everything, they just keep adding onto the world that we have played in for such a long time. Destiny 2 should have been an addition, an expansion, because there just wasn’t enough change and enough content to give the average member of the community reason to be okay with losing all that time spent in the first game.

Lastly, I’ll go an even more extreme route. If we were truly going to have a Destiny 2, a new game, then when Ghaul kicks our Ghost and Guardian off his ship, presumably to our deaths…we actually die. To justify the loss of all our gear that we accrued over years of the original Destiny, we should’ve started with a brand new Guardian, not our same character (who we still give a new face, hair, even race anyway!) that we ran with for so long.

That way, it justified everything being gone, because we aren’t continuing our journey, we’re starting a new one.

The Ol’ “Complaining About People Complaining” Stigma

I love Destiny 2. A recent check has shown me that since the game’s September 6th release date, I have logged in about 110 hours in the game thus far. Over 100 hours in the first month of the game spent shooting endless aliens, collecting vast amounts of loot and having a blast with friends.

But aside from the various problems I have with the game itself, there’s one particular problem having to do with the game that’s really been driving me crazy as of late: The main sub-reddit for the game, aka r/DestinyTheGame, which has been a source of a lot of anger as of late. It’s not all that surprising, Reddit isn’t exactly known for being the most civil place on Earth, but after a recent post from Bungie’s Community Manager “Deej”, the sub-reddit has become the most toxic I’ve ever seen it.

On a personal note; just the other night, after we caught up in the Crucible, I had dinner with a dude I met as my teammate in a Bungie game eleven years ago. I am a product of the Bungie community. My challenge to every Guardian is to look to the human element in Destiny 2 to fuel your appetite for ultimate re-playability. The ultimate loot is the friendships that can grow out of a game like this. There will be more gear to add to your character (next week, even). The rewards that I’m talking about are the people in the community that thrives in this game. If you let them, they’ll make your hobby as a light-dealing hero on a starside campaign for glory even better.

Thanks to those of you who are helping us to drive that scene.” – Deej, Community Manager

Players lost their shit over this comment, because in their minds it was a member of Bungie telling them “Fuck off with your bitching and whining about the endgame not being that strong, get some friends you losers!”. I’ve read this comment over and over again and while yes, the game’s endgame has not been as strong as we would have hoped, Deej’s comments are clearly not directed at the player base in an angry way, he’s not throwing shade at all. He’s simply saying “You know online games are about more than just the content, right?”, because by the way folks, a shocking revelation in the world of online gaming, you play these games with people. Those people are real too and if you’re nice and cordial to them, you might make friends. And I don’t know if you know about this, but playing with friends? It’s super fun!

I play in a community called Red Rover Inca clan that was formed through a grouping site called the100.io, which allowed people to sign up individually and be placed in groups based on their age, their time zone and whether they’re a hardcore or casual player. I have made a ton of friends through this group, at least 20 I see and talk to on a regular basis, whether in-game or through the community’s Slack chat. And you know what? I am getting less and less inclined to play the game as much as I did especially in the first two weeks. But a month and over 100 hours in, I’m still going back to it. Why? Because it’s a way I can talk with these online friends I’ve made and shooting the shit while grinding, raiding and playing the PvP modes in the game, it makes all these things so much more enjoyable!

But the sub-reddit decided to take it as a shot against them, citing that Bungie could care less about the player base and just want their money in the next expansion, which by the way all these people complaining, they will return and spend that money they claim Bungie is going after them for. I’m sorry, you don’t get to hold a position like this and then not put your foot down, if you really think you’ve been burned as badly as you claim, why are you coming back? And if you are, you have an addiction problem, no buts about it. Well, either that or you’re just whining and complaining because “Bungie isn’t your snack dad handing you out little treats whenever you cry.”, which has become my favourite line to come out of the Destiny community since Day 1.

I get it, there are those who are so hardcore that Destiny 2 is their one and only game. Fine. You’re missing out on so fucking much, but fine. If that’s the case though, shouldn’t you be the ones who are smart enough to A, understand that there will be lull points in the game and B, YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE THE ONES MAKING THE GOOD SUGGESTIONS AND NOT CRYING ALL THE TIME!!! You are the 1%, you should be the ones posting every day about all the things that could make the game better down the road, big and small. You should be the ones keeping the casual fans and those who are losing interest from leaving, giving them cool stories to think they might experience one day, hints and tips to make their playing experience better and better and just overall keeping the game you claim to love so much on a positive standpoint.

But if you’re instead just going to bitch and moan, whine and complain, then I’m sorry but I have zero sympathy for you. I’m sitting here with a newly downloaded free copy of Metal Gear Solid V (PS Plus is amazing this month) and there’s unopened copies of Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Heart 1.5/2.5 on my shelf, just begging to be played. I have options and I’m okay with taking a break from a game I love a lot, so that when I come back, it’s fresh to me again and there might even be new content that I didn’t know was coming.

This whole article in the end stems from posts like mine and people just responding with “Oh, now you’re complaining about people complaining, way to help the situation, asshole!”. Y’know, the responses you get from people who don’t have logical answers to anything, they just want to be heard in any shape or form. So I’ll bite, yes I’m in a way complaining about people who complain. But am I questioning those who have legitimate criticism about the game? No. Am I questioning those who offer new and fresh ideas for the game? No. I am questioning those who are offering zero criticism and zero ideas, the ones who are writing “BUNGIE, THE ENDGAME SUCKS, FIX IT!!!” or “FUCK THIS GAME, I PLAYED FOR 100+ HOURS AND I’M BORED!!!”, those kinds of posts. You are offering nothing, you’re screaming insignificant drivel and expecting a response from God, essentially.

So I’ll go with the ol’ line I love pulling on unsuspecting babied adults. You’re not special and you’re not ever going to be catered to by anyone other than your parents, get a fucking grip. Beyond that, for fuck’s sake, find something else to play for a while, it’s clear that if you’re this pissed off about how a game is going for you, that it’s time to take a break. If you spent all your available funds on the game, there’s plenty of free games on PS4 for you to play. Better yet, here’s a fantastic idea, download an emulator for the older consoles and go play some classic games, relive that nostalgia or if you’re a younger gamer, find out what the fuss was all about with the ol’ Nintendo and SEGA classics.

Bloody hell, this entire world has turned what used to be civil discussions and debates into playground whining sessions. No wonder we’re so fucked.

Well, Here Goes The Last 4 Months…

I’m a massive Destiny player. I’ve put at least a thousand hours into that game, quite possibly two thousand. I don’t think there’s been a game that I’ve played that much, that consistently. It’s large in part due to the great community I’m a part of, chalk full of fantastic people to hang out with, raid with, shoot the breeze, all that fun stuff.

So starting Wednesday, it’s back to the grind as the sequel to the original game will be online and I’ll be raring to go!

This is where things will get difficult, I know myself very well and I know that I’ll be clamoring to keep playing while I’m at work, not wanting to go to bed when I should just so I can get a couple more hours in, all that jazz. But what will make this a little tougher is keeping up with things here. Thankfully, for the final 3-4 weeks of anime, I’ll have at most 3 hours of content a week to watch, but obviously when the fall season starts there will be a flood of shows to watch.

So I have a tough decision to make in the coming weeks, whether to do my usual thing of a weekly anime run featuring 10+ shows at the start, or if I’m going to take a select few shows and give them a full review every week. I know for sure that two shows will immediately fall into that category, Shokugeki no Souma Season 3 and Himouto Umaru-Chan R. If I decide to go that route, I’ll probably take on at most 5 shows that I’m really digging and I’ll either do them in one big weekly run like I normally do, or I’ll post each review seperately as I finish the episode and add a little more length to it.

Either way, it’s going to be a trying first month as I attempt to balance my work here along with Destiny 2, which I know will be difficult to pry myself off of. I remember playing the original game and for the first year I just wouldn’t stop. So we’ll see what happens.

Side note, I apologize for not posting as many news/random posts like I usually do, there just honestly hasn’t been anything gaming or anime related where I’ve been struck to write about it. In all honestly, the only stories I’ve wanted to write about have been political and things of that nature and I’m trying my ass off to not post those kinds of articles here. So sorry guys I’m not posting nearly as much as I normally do, it’s just been a “boring” couple of weeks lately in terms of interesting news. Either that or I’m blind and have missed a bunch of gems, which I will admit is VERY possible.

But yeah, expect me to be gushing about Destiny 2 for a little while. Bear with me, hahaha!

Character Spotlight: Cayde-6


I’m a huge Destiny player. So in honour of the new Rise of Iron expansion that just came out on Tuesday, I thought it’d be a great idea to gush about my favourite character in the series thus far, Cayde-6.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Cayde-6 is an Exo, a race of humanoid machines. He’s also the Hunter Vanguard, aka the leader of all Hunters in the game and the person you go to for quests and gear after completing them. But what makes this robotic being so goddamn special? Two words:

Nathan fucking Fillion.

Okay okay okay, that was three words, I know, but come on! It’s Nathan Fillion! How is that not awesome?! It’s like having Nolan North or Peter Dinklage as your Ghost, or as my personal favourites, Shohreh Aghdashloo (Shala’Raan in Mass Effect) as Lakshmi-2 and Crispin Freeman (Alucard in Hellsing) as the Awoken Male. They’re awesome voices and they’re a part of a badass MMO shooter! How could you not be ecstatic about that?!


Unfortunately in the early stages of Destiny, Cayde-6 and the majority of characters that aren’t you don’t really get any screen time. They all have lines of dialogue but they’re more limited to just background chatter. Unless you’re Peter Dinklage as your Ghost getting the majority of screen time, or the odd scene with The Speaker (played by Bill Nighy), pretty much all the minor characters that you see at the Tower, they don’t say much.

It wasn’t until The Taken King expansion that we really saw the true colours of these characters, in particular Cayde-6. I don’t know if these lines were recorded before the game came out, but if they weren’t, it feels like Nathan Fillion walked into that sound booth with a chip on his shoulder and intended to blow his sections out of the water. Every single scene, every single line of dialogue is spoken with full-on Nathan Fillion sarcasm and that smug attitude he’s known so well for in Firefly and Castle. There’s a certain line that he’ll echo over the Tower PA that really gets the gist of the Cayde-6 character:

“Hello, this is Cayde-6 of the Vanguard. I realize that this is an abuse of the Tower PA, but whoever took my Sparrow (vehicle), I will find you. And you’ll wear a sign that says you stole…n-never mind. It’s right here. Sorry.”


I could go on and on about how much I love Cayde-6, but I’ll limit myself to this final bit. Cayde-6 is a fantastic example of what happens when you take a side character and pair him with a voice so perfect for his character that it turns the character from a side character, to a marquee character in the minds of the players. Nathan Fillion absolutely crushes the rest of the voice cast, in particular during The Taken King when he has the screen time to do so. The majority of Destiny players will agree that there is no better character in the entire game that Cayde-6 and it’s not even a close game between him and whatever character is in second place below him.

Game Spotlight: Destiny


It took me until now to realize I haven’t done a Game Spotlight on the game that I’ve easily sunk the most time into ever. Minecraft is following behind it, but that’s also because I used that game as a chat tool too, Destiny on the other hand I’ve PLAYED for a ton of time. Checking the Destiny app, I’ve played a total of 615 hours on the PS4 which adding another estimated 300 hours from Xbox 360 when the first game came out brings the total to somewhere around 900 hours. That’s crazy for me, considering how easily I get bored of playing a game for more than 50 hours, very few games ever make that 100 hour mark. But Destiny is one of those games that keep me going.

Obviously the grind is a major part of that, there’s always something to go after. The only point I ever put the game down was actually recently from late February to early April, the newest update making the House of Wolves relevant again bringing me back in and giving me stuff to work towards once again. When you start out in Destiny, there is a plethora of things for you to do, only increasing with the more content that’s been getting added on. You have levels to gain, weapons and armor to find, materials to gather, collectible shaders (skins), ships and so much more, there’s almost always something to do in Destiny. And if not, there’s always the Crucible for some good PvP action.


Speaking of the Crucible, it’s always been a mixed bag for me. I was really bad at it for the longest time, having a really hard time adjusting to the Bungie-style of PvP, as I always have had problems being decent at HALO multiplayer as well, it’s a style of battle I’m not very strong add. I’m not an aggressive player and Bungie multiplayer games usually demand that. But when you play a game for over 500 hours, eventually you’ve gotta learn something. I’ve always been a good shot, it was just a matter of finding the right combination of weapons and skills to suit my style and I’ve recently found it, even having Iron Banner (special week-long PvP event) matches where my K:D ratio was above 10.0! For me that was unheard of, but it was a matter of having great teammates and a setup that just worked perfectly for me. Since then I’ve started really finding my stride, though I still don’t play Crucible a ton, my focus being on the PvE aspects of the game.


And to me that’s where Destiny shines. There’s just so much to do in PvE, especially counting all the expansion packs. Granted at launch, the game could’ve had a little more, but given the amount of grinding you could do, there was enough going on to keep you busy for the time being. The missions in the early going were more just first-person shooter simulator kind of missions, but with the more recent The Taken King expansion really brought Bungie’s best in terms of mission creation, some memorable ones like Lost to Light in there that really prove the game is more than just a shooting simulator.

Of course, you can’t talk about the PvE without the Strikes and Raids in the game. The strikes, minus one or two annoyingly drawn out ones (*cough cough* Omnigul…) are fantastic difficult, but fair missions that are intense and full of waves of enemies you can blow the heads off of. The raids however, are their own beasts, massively difficult multi-hour (except for Crota’s End) missions full of boss fights, puzzles and the requirement of actually having teamwork in a group on an online console video game. Imagine that. Granted, the newest raid, King’s Fall has a problem in my opinion with the Daughters boss fight being more RNG than strategy and makes a lot of raid parties take a lot longer than they should have to for the raid. But the experience large in part is fantastic for me, for one big reason:


The social aspect. If there’s anything I’ve loved about Destiny it’s been having a ton of fun playing the game and having a ton of laughs and great conversations with the various friends I’ve made over the game’s lifespan. Grinding things out, a conversation is fantastic to make it less dull and boring. Raid party, great to have a good time tossing jokes left and right as we struggle to defeat a really tough boss fight. There’s nothing better to me than having a fantastic raid party and we’re laughing our asses off while watching a newbie to the raid learn the jumping puzzles for the first time. It’s always a great experience for everyone, I don’t get the people who have to be super-serious and call everything out, this is so much more fun.

Destiny is a great MMO with some of the best shooting mechanics (didn’t even mention that in all this ’till now) with so much to do and so much to shoot for, both literally and metaphorically. It’s also a great social experience when you find the right people to play with, which is an absolute must for a game you’re sinking hours upon hours into over time.

My only complaint…Eris gave me fucking raisins instead of candy at the Festival of the Lost.

Top 10 Guns in Destiny (Personal Favourites)


One of the first Exotic guns I ever got, I’d heard time and time again how amazing this gun was, so I was waiting very patiently for it to arrive. Thankfully I got it earlier than others and I had an absolute blast using this gun. Easily the best solar primary weapon, the Mythoclast looks great and fires like a goddamn fireball whipping gatling gun. It makes me sad there’s no point in using this amazing weapon anymore.


I love me some scout rifles, so an Exotic scout rifle that increases my speed/agility and fires faster than you can think, sign me the fuck up! While it’s a little excessive in the game’s current meta, the gun itself is a hallmark of the series, one of the better guns in the entire game. The name however, a little shit.


When I heard about this gun, I wanted it ASAP. A heavy machine gun that fires arc damage (something I didn’t have a strong supply of in the heavy weapons department) AND shoots through Knights’ shields?! That’s something I’d been wanting for ages, so when The Dark Below came out, you bet your ass I wanted to get my hands on this lovely piece for a while. It was pretty much my heavy weapon the entire time between then and House of Wolves (minus Gjallarhorn time).


A powerful shotgun. Regenerating ammo. Yeah, that’s a recipe for a fucking awesome gun. The close-range version of the Ice Breaker, the Invective was a staple in my lineup whenever I wanted to get close and personal in PvE play without having to worry about ammo. Now it’s even more useful for shotgunners in PvP since special ammo is in shorter supply, so it’s even better for those people as well.


If machine guns weren’t so useful in PvP and rocket launchers weren’t so useful in PvE raids, I would be using swords all the time in the heavy slot. Ever since adding them into the Taken King expansion, I’ve used my Sol Edge (don’t really use the Exotic swords much) as much as I possibly can. It’s powerful as hell, can clear out a room single-handedly and I can even still hit people with it when the ammo runs out.


This is the gun that made this shitty Crucible player into a threat. And I’m not even convinced it’s because the gun is OP, I legitimately think the gun is good enough to stand on its own but what it also did was force me to change my play to accommodate the changes, as I’m usually a scout rifle player. The gun melts people if they can’t finish you off quick and when the vendor version of it was this good, some of the rolls I’ve seen people get with this gun are just not fair (for everyone else).


The legend. The icon. The tried and true. The Gjallarhorn. The weapon that I came to call the “Get out of jail free card”, it’s a rocket launcher that essentially cleans out everything it falls into and if it survives, the rockets that shoot out after impact will certainly finish them off. It tracks its enemies, breaks into extra rockets after impact and they also track their targets. That’s a pure beast right there!


Another long-time staple in my collection, this Vault of Glass hand cannon was in my possession all the way until Taken King made it obsolete. A bitch of a hand cannon for PvE enemies, it fires like a dream and deals damage to arguably the most important enemies in the game that needs those shields taken down (except for Vex Minotaurs, the bitches). This gun is the reason I hate that Bungie doesn’t want to make anymore elemental primaries.


My favourite gun of the new expansion, the No Time To Explain is a pulse rifle that I can use in any PvE activity without worrying about ammo. People would argue Bad Juju, but I love this gun’s firing rate and accuracy so much that I put it way ahead of Bad Juju. I also love the sound and look of the gun, while Juju looks like Hive poop. NTTE is not poop, it’s THE SHIT!!!


This was the easiest #1 I’ve had to pick so far. How can I not pick the gun that essentially made so many parts of the games so much easier. I solo’d impossible Nightfalls because of this weapon. A regenerating sniper rifle, this gun allows you to be far enough away for enemies to not shoot you, but you can blast their heads off and never run out of ammo. How can you not have this gun at the top of the list? Everything about it is amazing. It’s a damn shame Bungie will never bring it back (they haven’t said it flat out, but you know they won’t) because of what it is, an unfair gun in PvE.

So what are your favourite guns in Destiny? We probably share a similar list, but for the guns you like that aren’t on the list, be sure to put your top 10 in the comments below!

Quickie: Destiny Sparrow Racing


How many major AAA games do you know of that will consistently make changes/additions to their game based on what the fans suggest and ask for?

I recall months ago people talking on the Destiny subreddit and other places about how cool it would be to have Sparrow racing in the game. After all, we spend a ton of time on our Sparrows during our many patrols going from place to place, but that’s really all it’s for, just traveling. Why not have another use for them?

So Bungie decided to implement (for free) a multi-week event featuring just that, the Sparrow Racing League or SRL.

Yet people are still complaining about it.

There’s only two maps, one on Venus, one on Mars. And that is a little odd, you almost figure there should have been 4 maps for each major planet we visit (I doubt Oryx would let us use his Dreadnaught) to the point Earth and the Moon would also have a track. My only complaint, this was a great opportunity for us to see what the city below the Tower looks like.

The physics are a little wonky. Well Sparrow physics have always been a little odd. The only issue I’m really having is once in a while my Sparrow will randomly dead-stop, not hitting anything or letting go of the L2. And I tested that on two controllers, both times it’s happened.

You certainly can’t complain about the rewards, legendary marks are becoming farm-able with this mode. Also you can complete Crucible bounties and even the Jolly Holiday bounty where you get renown while having The Last Word equipped. I needed a glitch like this, as I’m terrible at Crucible.

Honestly, if anything bothers people about the SRL content, just remember one thing: we didn’t have to pay a dime for it!

And that’s pretty damn sweet. We got something we asked for and it wasn’t taking another $10-20 out of our pockets.