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10 Hours In, Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Everything I Hoped It Would Be

It may only be 10 hours, but given how long this game took to come out, I would’ve taken 10 seconds. Now? It was worth the wait.

Will We Ever See A Kingdom Hearts III?

So this is the current slate of Kingdom Hearts games coming out that actually have official release dates: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue – Jan 24, 2017 Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Remix – Mar 28, 2017 Keep in mind that the last major Kingdom Hearts game was Kingdom Hearts II and that […]

Game Spotlight: Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

It’s crazy to me to think that I scoffed at the idea of this game when I was first made aware of it. I was 14 when the game came out, though I didn’t know about it for another year or so and never played it until I was 16, as I was still running […]