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Yes, I Would Love A “Fantasy” Final Fantasy Game Again

Just a quick post, stemming from a comment at the Paris Fan Festival from the director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida:

“I’d like to see a Final Fantasy that is straightforward fantasy, one that doesn’t have much machinery, and with no mecha in it.”

Given how so many RPGs in general as of late are focused a little too much on the technology side of things, take the last few single-player Final Fantasy experiences for example, I am more than okay with this. It’s not to say that I don’t want to see a more tech-based Final Fantasy, but I think it’d be nice to go back to the classic setting that the series was first known for.

My first ever Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy IV (or Final Fantasy II as it was known at the time in North America) and the game is definitely far more set in a fantasy world with fantasy elements. Sure there are airships, a spacecraft that gets you to the Moon and a hovercraft, but in this game, you are a knight who goes from town to town, castle to castle with a bard, several mages, a dragoon and other non-technology required classes. It was an incredible sight to me as a kid, I was seeing things I’d never heard of, nor seen before. I can’t imagine what my reaction would’ve been if my first FF game was the newest one in Final Fantasy XV and the first thing I do, is push a freaking car that ran out of gas.

Again, not to say I don’t want to ever see games like FFXV ever again, I think it’s just time that a lot of developers go back to that absolute fantasy era. Most RPGs that claim to be in a fantasy era are either taking from modern day technology or future technology, or they’re taking from our own past history and adapting that into a fantasy RPG. I don’t want stuff I know about or see on a daily basis, I want the awe and suspense of seeing things that don’t exist today, nor have ever existed.

I want to see floating cities in the sky, I want to see magical spells that defy all scientific knowledge. I would love to sit down and play a game where everything I know is thrown right out the window and everything I see challenges my brain not only to freak out about how awesome these things are, but make sense of it all.

After all, is it really a “fantasy” if I’ve seen everything and understand it?

5 Things: JRPGs I’d Love To See Remastered

This is 5 Things, a series of articles where I take a topic and take the five biggest options from that very topic. This could range from “Songs That Weird Me Out” to “Video Games I’ll Never Tired Of Playing Over Again”, that kind of stuff.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, just haven’t gotten the time to write it until recently (and also I forgot this saved article was even here, it got buried in my other drafts), so here we are. Obviously with Final Fantasy VII getting the full remake treatment and the same now being said for Secret of Mana, I’d love to point out other JRPGs that I’d love to see get the same treatment.

So without further to do, here’s five JRPGs (in no particular order) that I’d love to see get a modern remake:

First one that jumped out in my mind. I’m just going to say it right now for all the Chrono fans out there…I don’t want Trigger to have an HD remake. It’s perfect as is, let’s leave that game as one of the few we don’t overhaul.

As for Cross, it’s one of my personal favourite JRPGs of all-time and one that is under-appreciated and underrated, so what better game to give the HD remake treatment so new players can get their hands on this classic. It’s a game that I will forever love, but man oh man does it look rough as shit nowadays, though let’s be honest, EVERY game on the original PlayStation looks horrific nowadays, just ask the Nintendo 64 nostalgic.

Look, I’ll be honest…I just really want to see Kid looking gorgeous in 3D. She deserves it.

An SNES Classic (no, not the mini-console), Super Mario RPG was the game that opened the door to already established franchises going the RPG route. A game that to this day I cannot believe has been re-released on handhelds and a game that to this day I still can’t believe was so damn good, proving that back in the day, Squaresoft actually knew how to make really good JRPGs.

Now in the case of Super Mario RPG, I’m not necessarily saying it needs a complete overhaul. I don’t think the game would work with a change of viewpoint, instead I’d just prefer the graphics to be smoother, sleeker, like a fresh coat of paint. If we could have Super Mario RPG looking like what Mario games look like now on the WiiU and the Switch, I’d be down for that!

I need more Peach slapping the shit out of stuff in my life.

For the sole reason that I have never played this game and I have heard so goddamn much about how good this game is, the best in the series according to so many fans of the illustrious series. I’ve played the third game and finished the fourth and fifth, but I think they’re fine as is. I would love to see this legendary game not only get re-released, but get brought into the modern age with a nice little graphics overhaul and some voice acting along with it.

It’s a shame though, because it seems like the Suikoden series has completely died off, as the last game in the series was Tierkreis for the DS in 2009 and the last main game in the series was back in 2006. Hell, Japan hasn’t gotten a new game in the series since 2012. I need some Suikoden back in my life, man!

Besides, what other games out there give you 108 party members?!

Another legendary PlayStation JRPG and another one that I never finished and could use an excuse to actually complete it. Dragoon was a game that I remember being told so many times during the PS2 era about how I missed a gem in that series, especially after playing so many other PS original JRPGs before it. So I found a copy for a decent price finally and popped it in. Except I maybe played 5-10 hours of it and something came out brand new and completely diverted my attention away, cannot remember for the life of me what the game was.

The aesthetic of the game alone would look fantastic with modern-day graphics, holy shit the architecture alone would look incredible on the PlayStation 4. And I mean come on, don’t tell me you wouldn’t love to see that armor in crazy-detailed textures!

They look as sharp as Cloud’s hair…

I know it sounds like the Pokémon series will be finally getting made for the Switch, which is long overdue for console Pokémon games to make a return. But come on, you tell me that Switch sales would go out of this fucking world if they not only re-released the original 150(+1) Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow game on Switch, but completely overhauled it so that it looked like a completely brand new game.

For the younger audience, the original Pokémon game is a thing of legend. Sure, it got re-released on GameBoy Advance, but that was still 13 years ago! Both old and new fans would love nothing more than to kick the shit out of Douche’s—oh wait, I mean Gary’s pathetic lineup of Pokémon in high-definition. Just being able to see all the original towns and roads in remastered HD glory would be unbelievable and something any Pokémon fan would be foaming at the mouth to see and play.

And at last you’ll be able to see if Mew was actually hiding underneath that fucking pickup truck all along!

So that’s it for this edition of 5 Things, I hope you enjoyed it. As always, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and of course bring up JRPGs you want to see get the HD remake treatment as well.

Breathing Space – October 20th, 2017

So this is a little something I’m gonna start doing in the future on here, though I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with it. I’m unsure whether I want this to be in writing, or to do as audio/video content, it’s something I’ll figure out at some point. For now obviously this’ll just be in writing for you lovely folks to read.

This is my “Breathing Space”, a piece I’ll throw out there at times where I just want to talk about random things, subjects that I don’t feel need their own article or times when I’ve got so many little things to talk about, I just want to throw them altogether onto one big page. This will be a place where I talk pretty freely, I’m not trying to “play a character” or “make a point” necessarily, I’m just talking into the void essentially.

So, here we go!

150 Hours In A Month? Time For A Break…

As I said in my Destiny 2 preparation article just before it’s console release (you can view it here), I was preparing for the remainder of the year to be 100% devoted to a single game, that being of course the aforementioned Destiny 2. Well It’s about six weeks or so in and I think it’s about time I took a break from the game.

If you’ve kept up at all with the game and its community, it’s pure fucking chaos out there. Everyone is moaning and groaning and making over-the-top demands that need to be implemented into the game immediately. I could spend 10,000 words going over all the things that people want fixed, all the issues that the game has, but I honestly don’t care enough to do so, as my number of fucks towards the game right now have been reduced to zero. I don’t necessarily hate the game, nor care about it, but I’ve gotten to a point where I think I’m just tired out from the series itself.

If I was to estimate, I put somewhere around the 1200-1300 hour mark into the original Destiny. I’ve already played 150 hours in just over a month. Do the math, folks. In six weeks, I’ve put in 10% of the hours I put into Destiny already into Destiny 2. I also have to note to myself that I’ve already played over 1000 hours of this kind of game, as Destiny 2 isn’t too much different from its predecessor. I’m not convinced that I’m tired of Destiny 2 because it’s a bad game, despite the obvious issues it does indeed have. I have it in the back of my mind that it could just be I’ve worn myself out from that style of game.

For example, I struggle playing open world games nowadays. Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Just Cause, games like those, I struggle to keep myself interested in playing them and especially finishing them. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a great example, as I love this freaking game and I still can’t get myself to play all the way through it and I attribute it to being a style of game I played way too much in the past. It’s why I’m positive that my love for JRPGs dwindled in between Persona 4 and Persona 5, because as many PlayStation 2 gamers will remember, that console had so many good JRPGs (and a lot of bad ones too) that you just couldn’t play/finish them all. During my Xbox 360 tenure, I couldn’t get into a single JRPG to the point of finishing them, not Lost Odyssey, not Star Ocean: The Last Hope, not Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, not a one. So I think Destiny 2 is falling victim to the same thing, except the lone reason I’m growing tired of the same formula, it’s not a myriad of games, it’s just its original.

At this point, I’ve decided to take a break from the game I love, at least with the PvE content and playing the odd night on the PvP format, as I can just shoot the shit with my clanmates. But I think after playing the same kind of game for about 1500 hours, as you would with anything you love, you kind of grow tired with it.

Rediscovering A Potential Lost Love

In this time that I’m breaking away from Destiny 2, I’ve got the opportunity in front of me to try something else to keep my attention. I have three major options, the recently put up for free on PlayStation Plus, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 Remix. I played a tiny bit of Metal Gear, liked it, but after reading an article about the new XII/Tactics related content in Final Fantasy XIV, which includes a raid with bosses/espers from Final Fantasy XII, I suddenly got intrigued and switched games to Final Fantasy.

I remember playing FFXII on the PlayStation 2 when I was younger. I played about 80 hours of it and yet I didn’t actually finish the game. I recall that I divvied away from the main story and started going ham on all the sidequests and hunts instead and not just for a little amount of time. Nope! I probably spent 20 to 30 hours away from the story. Now it’s not the first time I’ve done that in a Final Fantasy game (see Blitzball in Final Fantasy X), but in this case, it got to the point that the only hunt I had left was the infamous multi-hour final hunt and even as a strapping young teenager, I was like “FUCK THAT!” and went back to the story. The problem: I completely forgot the story. Who was the real villain? Why was I fighting? I mean sure, I understood that I was the good guys trying to defeat evil, but I completely forgot the who, the where and the why. And thus I put it down and didn’t play it again.

So now here I am trying it out again. I’ve gotta say, while I’m nowhere close to being knee-deep in the game again, as I’m currently just starting the Nalbina Prison section of the game when you’re first introduced to Ba’Gamnan and the first Judge, who I cannot remember what his name is, as they haven’t mentioned it yet. I wanna say Gabranth, but I’m probably wrong. Anyways, I like the game so far and I remember why I initially liked it, the game’s charming as fuck. Yes, I am 100% referring to “British Han Solo” in Balthier and “Sexy Chewbacca” in Fran. As an added bonus, there’s a 2x and 4x speed mechanic to speed the game up, which holy fuck I wish all games did this so grinding sections didn’t take so bloody long! We all would’ve killed for that growing up playing Pokemon Red/Blue!

But yeah, as of about 10 hours of gameplay, I’m okay with the game so far and I’m happy I’m rekindling my love for the series with this semi-bastard child of the series, because it’s the lone 3D game in the series I haven’t finished. And I’m DEFINITELY rekindling my love for Fran. I forgot how awesome (and gorgeous) she is.

Apparently I’m The Only One Enjoying This Anime Season

I have a number of friends who also watch anime and have their own tastes and favourites. However it’s appeared in my circles of friends that I might just be the only one who’s legitimately enjoying the variety of shows we’ve gotten thus far in the fall season. Now at the time I’m writing this, I’ve only watched two weeks of shows, I haven’t started any third episodes yet. But after the trial period essentially, I’ve got over 10 shows still going and I’ve got a conundrum in picking a Top 5 between these shows, as there are more than five that have really stood out. BlendS, Garo: Vanishing Point, Dies Irae, Konohana, Kino no Tabi, Food Wars is back in full swing, there’s a shoujo show in Code: Realize that hasn’t sucked yet, hell I’m even loving the over-the-top and downright sexually offensive Imouto show.

But amongst my peers, it’s either a lot of meh, or a lot of “I hate this” when it comes to the list of shows we’re watching this season. Which is truly shocking to me, because never before have I enjoyed to a high extent, such a variety of shows. Fuck, I’m watching shoujo AND horror anime, two kinds of anime that I generally can’t get into. The only thing left is for a shounen show to grab me, but unfortunately Black Clover was a pile of shit. It’s just really weird to me this season, usually with my friends there’s a couple runaway shows they’re keeping up with (usually serious shows I don’t like), but this season it’s nothing at all.

Ah well, I’ll enjoy sexy cooking and sister complexes on my own then.

So Speech Is On The Level Of Extreme Weather Now?!

This is a quick one and I really mean quick. So..ahem!

I do not care what Richard Spencer stands for and how “dangerous” his views are, it was not necessary to call a state of emergency in the state of Florida just because he was going to speak at a University of Florida campus. Grow up, folks.

Figured I’d end it with a bang! So thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this changeup I’ve thrown here and please, let me know what you think about it and what I could do to make it better, I’m all ears.

And don’t forget, I’ve got an e-mail handy now for any questions you might have, so hit me up at askradical@gmail.com!

Final Fantasy XV – First Impressions


So I’m now 15 hours into the game, been playing at a slow and steady pace so far. Because I’m about this far, I figured I’d give my first impressions on the game as it stands after 15 hours of gameplay.

The Story

I’m only at Chapter 3, I haven’t gotten through much of the story as of yet. But given what I’ve played through so far, there’s not really anything that’s happened that’s turned me off of it. Granted as of right now, it’s a very basic evil invades your land, kills people, now go fight them kind of story, but in the little bits of story I’ve played so far, it’s progressed very naturally and hasn’t felt like elements and plot twists have been thrown in for the sake of throwing them in.

The World

While I haven’t reached a major city yet, the open world so far between Chapters 1 and 3 that I’ve seen has been nothing short of absolutely breathtaking. The idea of the initial areas being more open land with a few outposts here and there, like you’re travelling in those desolate areas between major cities. There’s enough variety so far as well, a desert, a beach, a forest, a crazy meteor-destroyed land that actually may just be one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen in terms of world design. There’s a lot to love here and I can’t wait to get into the big city landscapes.

The Design

I’ve already talked about the world design, so let’s talk about the other pretty things in the game. The character designs are top-notch, which is a shame because at times it feels like the lip-syncing is not that up to par. But every character looks fantastic, their clothes are well-detailed, especially when in the elements, seeing their clothes get drenched from the rain really brings the realism to the whole package. Another little thing I like is when you use magic spells, the land will frost up a bit, or the foliage will char and burn when a Fire or Thunder spell is cast. It’s to be expected that a Final Fantasy game is downright gorgeous, but hey, that won’t stop me from gushing about it!

The Combat

I’m still not 100% sold on the system yet, a major reason being that I haven’t really had a unique battle yet and I’ve got a lot of skills left to unlock, so I’m not experiencing the game’s combat system at full capacity. I’m getting better and better as time goes on, being faster with warp strikes, getting myself into position for blindside attacks, all that jazz. However it’s very weird not having someone who can cast Cure spells during battle, your main source of healing is either warping to safety where HP heals faster or by the use of items. Also, in the early going here, it’s been way too easy for me and the party to get overwhelmed, especially when the Magitek forces come out, which I’ll get to later.

The Music

As of right now, the music is for the most part decent. It’s certainly not bad, but when you don’t really notice it some of the time, it’s hard to say whether that’s a good or a bad thing. Not to mention with the addition of various soundtracks in the Final Fantasy library added to your car’s playlist, it’s hard to really get a good sense of the new game’s music when you want to go on a nostalgia trip with the older music.

The Sidequests

There is a ton to do outside of the game’s story, to the point that I’m pretty sure I’ve spent far more time sidequesting than working on the actual story. How do I know this? Because the current story quest is Level 10…and I’m Level 22. There’s a lot to do, sidequests, hunts, finding food ingredients, treasures, fishing, there’s so much to do that you don’t really need to grind, you’ll do it naturally if you do all the sidequests. The one thing I have an issue with is the game opening up sidequests in areas you don’t have access to. I don’t know why they don’t unlock the quest until after you’ve done a main story quest that opens up the area where the sidequest lies. It’s weird getting a Level 26 quest when you’re only Level 15 and it’s in an area you can’t reach yet.

The Voice Acting

As of this moment, I have nothing bad to say about this game’s voice acting. The four main guys are gelling very well together, which is a relief as I was worried an all-male cast would drone on, but no these four mesh together so well, a collection of unique personalities. The addition of different accents too are fantastic, notables being Cindy (aka Cidney, I don’t care what the game says her name is, it’s Cidney to me!) with her southern belle accent, Sania with her Louisiana accent and Dino with his New York/Italian accent. It’s fantastic to have that kind of diversity in a game’s voice acting when we’re so used to just plain old American voices or if you’re lucky, an English accent.

The Little Negatives

  • Thankfully there’s fast travel, but it takes way too long to get to certain places by car in the game, especially when I haven’t even unlocked a good chunk of the map yet.
  • I do not like how you’re fighting other enemies and the game will just drop Magitek soldiers on top of you, it becomes really unfair and overwhelming at times.
  • I feel like there’s too much of an emphasis on either eating or having Ignis cook for you to increase your party members stats, whether it’s HP, attack power, resistances, experience bonus and more, especially when the best food is either really expensive or takes a lot of hard to find ingredients. I spend way too much time with low-stat bonus food in my stomach, my usual are the french fries just for the larger HP bonus.
  • The sudden cutscene at the end of Chapter 1 really comes out of nowhere and without any dialogue it carries zero weight when in actuality, it should mean a lot more.
  • I know they’re powerful spells, but to only craft as many as three casts per spell max is a little ridiculous.

So with all that being said, at this point in time I’ve gotta tell ya, it’s breaks my heart to say that after 15 long years of waiting for a good Final Fantasy game, I just don’t know if–

Ah, I’m just kidding, this game as of 15 hours in is fantastic and a huge relief for me given how sour I’ve been towards the series all the way from FFX to now. There’s a few rough patches in the game and I’m still not 100% sold on the combat, but this game is leaps and bounds better than FFXII and all three FFXIII games, it’s not even close. While I don’t feel the series has gone back to what made it great in the first place, it’s at least finally taking some steps to become a better game again.

First Impressions Rating: 8.5/10

Top 10 Sexiest Final Fantasy Girls

So in response to Maxim’s own shitty list (here), I’m naturally making my own list, one that is accurate, involves more than just two games (for 80% of their list) and actually is a decent representation of the ten girls in the history of Final Fantasy that fans of the series can actually agree with. The order may not necessarily be correct, since this is still going off my own personal tastes, but I’d like to think the ten I list most people will not take issue with, unlike Maxim’s list.

And also, because I love to go the extra mile, I’ll also sexy up the pictures better than Maxim ever could too!

So without further to do, let’s get to it!


I don’t care what anyone says about Yuffie, I think she’s a great character in the Final Fantasy series, there are just apparently a lot of people back then who didn’t understand Japan’s fascination with small, peppy female characters. Yuffie’s eccentricity aside, she is a gorgeous girl, showing that you don’t need massive boobs to be a real beauty in the Final Fantasy series. Because she makes up for it completely with her butt in those short shorts. All three main outfits of her are really good, the original game, Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, she’s a real cutie in all of them. Also, it’s understated, but girls with short hair are really hot to me.


Speaking of a cute short-haired small girl with not-so large breasts, here’s my Final Fantasy waifu, Rikku! On this list however, #9 is as far as she goes, due to the nature of the list. But that doesn’t take away just how hot she is. While I still prefer her FFX outfit the best, it’s granted that her FFX-2 main Thief outfit with the bikini and mini-skirt is definitely the sexy version of her, though I still don’t understand why in the hot springs secret scene, she doesn’t just slide her skirt off and jump in with the bikini she’s already wearing, she puts on an entirely different swimsuit! She’s also very sexy in some of the other Dresspheres throughout the game, including Lady Luck, Warrior and Berserker. See? Sometimes good things do come in smaller packages.


While due to the pre-3D era of games she doesn’t get so much attention, there really is a lot of beauty to behold with Celes from FFVI. Especially when her battle attire, at least from what the majority of art tells us, is essentially a one-piece swimsuit and a cape. And oh boy does it appear like she fills that out. Can you imagine Celes in a present-day remastering of FFVI? She would be absolutely stunning, not to mention there’s also the Opera House to consider as well, when she’s really prettied up for her masterful performance. Hidden potential here with Celes that we may never see.


While I really didn’t get into FFXII that much, there was certainly a beautiful female cast to marvel at throughout the game. Ashe is certainly one of them, already getting an unfair advantage being portrayed as the stunning Princess of Dalmasca and then they give her that tight as hell looking pink mini-skirt that’s just asking every gamer who’s attracted to women immediately start thinking about what a slight tilt of the camera would reveal if it’d let us see. She’s extremely beautiful, probably more stunning than sexy, but with a body like she has, it’s hard not to notice her regardless.


It’s funny, because if you asked me maybe even just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have even considered Lulu one bit. I was completely unattracted to her when I was a teenager playing the game, because to me I thought she looked like she was in her early 30s and to the average teenager, that’s a “gross” age. Now I’m 28 and holy shit has my mind changed since those days. Granted, there’s still a few things I’m not so hot about, particularly her makeup, she looks a little too slutty goth to me. But at this point, when as a teenager her body did nothing for me, fast forward to today and I think she’s one of the sexiest women in the entire series now. Just goes to show you what a few years can do.


If there’s any character that fan art has really done wonders for over the years, it’s FFIV’s Rydia. Now granted when the game got a bit of a remastering, better official art also came out for the older version of Rydia, but it’s really the fan-drawn anime art that has really gotten Rydia over through the years. What helps is how unique she is, at this point the only other girl in the entire franchise I can come up with who also has green hair, is Terra from FFVI. So take that unique look and then add the absolutely perfect body she has as well and you get a legendary sexy girl in the Final Fantasy series.


This is the only real biased pick I have right now on this list and yes, it’s due to me currently playing Final Fantasy XV as I’m writing this. But I don’t really care, you tell me what’s not sexy about Cidney and yes, I’m aware in the game she’s called Cindy, but I don’t care, I like how we initially called her Cidney when we first saw her and it’s just kind of stuck with me. She’s a hot Southern-accented girl with an open jacket and daisy dukes that both reveal her pink swimsuit underneath. I think someone was watching the new Dukes of Hazzard with Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke. She’s got a sexy accent, a sexy outfit, a sexy body, what more do you want. Well…aside from her being real and needing someone to join her in the shower…


Once again, while FFXII to me is so forgettable, when it comes to any female character in the entire series that isn’t forgettable, it’s “Sexy Chewbacca” aka Fran. You wanna talk unique, let’s talk about her being the only dark-skinned playable female character in a major Final Fantasy title (since there’s the other Viera in the Tactics games). I don’t know what it is, but if you give me a female character with dark skin and silver hair, I’m beyond sold, she’s on the list immediately. And if that wasn’t enough, her outfit is basically demanding that you stare at her forever and ever…and ever…and ever…and holy fucking shit, I don’t want to stop staring!!!


This is solely directed at the FFX-2 version. As far as I’m concerned, FFX Yuna doesn’t exist, she’s boring and unattractive. The sequel version however features a Yuna that has broken free of her religious summoner shackles and has become a free-spirited woman. Now that could’ve resulted in many different costume changes, but of all things, she picked a top with a ton of open cleavage and the shortest of short shorts I’ve ever seen in a video game that wasn’t carrying an M-rating! And she’s got the perfect body to boot, along with those sexy boots too! And then if my heart wasn’t fluttering enough, her bikini in the hot springs scene is so perfect. Holy hell, imagining that in FFXV-level graphics…I might faint from the overwhelming shock of how hot she’d look.


While I’d love to give Yuna or Fran the #1 spot, I just can’t in any state of mind not give the spot to the Queen of Final Fantasy, Tifa Lockhart. I don’t even like her that much, but ever since her 1997 appearance, she has become the series’ sex idol through endless pages of fan art (where her boobs also get bigger and bigger every time) and rightly so. There really isn’t a girl in the series that has garnered so much attention from female-attracted gamers and hell even just anime and 3D art lovers alike. Granted there’s Lightning, but she’s a bitch, so no one cares. Tifa on the other hand, is a cool girl and has no problem flaunting herself too, so there’s extra cool points. If there was one thing I’d change about her though, I would’ve just given her short shorts instead of the skirt, because back then with the graphics the game was pumping out, a mini-skirt just looked kinda weird, even in the game’s CG cutscenes. But regardless, there’s no one more known for being one hell of a sexy girl in the Final Fantasy series and the fact that Maxim didn’t even include her on the list is quite frankly one of the biggest blunders on any Top 10 list I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of WatchMojo’s shit!

So that’s the list, everyone! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to put your own lists in the comments below and share the list to anyone and everyone who enjoys the series. Also, send them the Maxim list too, it’s so ridiculous!

Maxim’s ‘Top 10 Sexiest Final Fantasy Ladies’ List


So Maxim, likely due to Final Fantasy XV’s release, put out an article ranking the 10 sexiest girls in Final Fantasy…

And what a joke it was! (you can view it here)

For those who don’t want to bother with the list, here’s the actual list they gave:

  1. Aranea Highwind (FFXV)
  2. Iris (FFXV)
  3. Cindy (FFXV)
  4. Lunafreya (FFXV)
  5. Gentiana (FFXV) — Notice a trend yet?
  6. Ashe (FFXII) — Oh? So you do know of other Final Fantasy games?
  7. Terra (FFVI)
  8. Lightning (FFXIII)
  9. Serah (FFXIII)
  10. Fang (FFXIII) — Notice the other trend too?

So there are two blatantly obvious things here. One, the writer who Maxim put onto this clearly doesn’t play games in the series and if John Sciarrino does, he’s clearly only played the most recent ones and then added Terra to make it seem like he had gamer cred because she’s from an SNES game. The second is that Maxim has clearly made this article solely because of Final Fantasy XV’s launch and are just click-baiting anyone unsuspecting. I didn’t find this on my own by the way, I was sent this.

Now I won’t do my own list right now, that’s something I can do on Sunday when my Top 10s are. But the fact that Tifa of all people isn’t on this list is the biggest fucking joke possible with anything having to do with Final Fantasy. Even though I don’t like her that much, she is THE SEX IDOL of the series! Who gives a fuck that XV has the best graphics, who cares that Lightning is a Louis Vuitton model, Tifa is the original sexy Final Fantasy girl. That’s worth something.

So yeah, it’s sooooooooo shocking that Maxim half-assed an article. So I’ll leave with a rundown of the various little things that annoyed me with the list:

  • 80% of the list is two games.
  • 20% of the list I immediately agree with, being Cindy and Fang, though to be fair, I have not seen Iris before…and wow!
  • If new graphics are the benchmark, how in the blue hell did nothing from FFXIV came into play here?
  • No offense to Terra, but she’s not even the prettiest girl in FFVI.
  • I honestly think Lunafreya and especially Gentiana are nothing to look at, Iris and Cindy are damn attractive and Aranea is pretty good, but Lunafreya and Gentiana are meh at best.
  • Of all the pictures of Serah they could’ve chose from, they picked the dumb looking swimsuit costume, she looks hotter in the Mass Effect N7 crossover.
  • This is the quote on Gentiana: “We like Gentiana for a few reasons: She’s badass enough to look after the future-queen, she’s got two great dogs and, most importantly, she doesn’t seem to age. All signs point to wife-material here.”. Wow, that is fucking retarded.

And lastly, let’s finish with those who were forgotten by Maxim and John Sciarrino’s stupidity and lack of knowledge:












And hell, I’m even gonna reach a little further…




And lastly, cause why the fuck not…


Final Fantasy XV Will Decide The Fate Of The Series


The last time I fully enjoyed a “numbered” Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy X. Let that sink in for a second, the last numbered Final Fantasy game I enjoyed was released 15 years ago. How many series can you think of where something like this happens AND you’ve stuck with the series regardless? I can’t think of any others, that’s for damn sure!

I played a little bit of Final Fantasy XI, but I didn’t know anyone who played it, so it became extremely difficult to keep interested with the game. I was indifferent to Final Fantasy XII, I never really fully enjoyed the game, it was more a game where I played it just because I was already so into the series, I just accepted a mediocre game. I’ve still yet to finish it too, I’m pretty sure when I stopped I was 80-90% the way through, I just turned it on one day and thought “Wait…what am I fighting for? Who am I fighting? Why am I fighting?” and without an answer, that was it, I put it down. I think my thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII have been echoed over and over again as well, I absolutely despise that series of three games (well, XIII-2 was passable) and they nearly killed my love for Final Fantasy completely. Lastly, even though I said I wouldn’t until it was free-to-play, I have played Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I got a copy cheap in a Humble Bundle with a 30-day free trial, so I tried it out and it’s actually pretty fun, but I’m still not paying monthly for it.

All in all, since 2001, minus the odd side game here and there, Final Fantasy has been a thorn in my side, one that I wish every single day would get off its ass and be what it used to be.

Final Fantasy XV in my eyes might just be the last chance the series has to prove to me that it’s still got it.


After a stretch of games where I was uninterested in the worlds, Final Fantasy XV at the very least at first glance more than intrigues me. It’s like the game is in the present day but it’s a Final Fantasy version of real life, monsters and boys with weird haircuts a’plenty! The idea of walking around in a world that looks so much like the present day, driving around in a badass car and then in the meantime stopping to fight giant monsters like I’m Nightcrawler with a sword? I’m in!

The battle system also has my full attention. I remember seeing the first official trailer for the game at E3, I believe in 2013? Regardless, seeing the battle system, looking like what would happen if you took the Kingdom Hearts battle system and made it even crazier with teleports and shit, I was beyond amazed and wanting to see more. After XII and XIII’s terribly boring battle systems, I wanted one of two systems in the next non-online Final Fantasy game. I wanted either Square Enix to revert back to the good ol’ days of the ATB system a la Final Fantasy X, or hell, let’s go back to Final Fantasy VI’s system, it’s still perfect today! The other system was what we look to be getting with the new game, a Kingdom Hearts-like battle system. I felt that XII and XIII’s battles were more like you were watching a game, rather than playing it and I was sick and tired of that. When games like Mass Effect can be these crazy deep RPGs and yet still have a very rewarding and engaging combat system, Final Fantasy has been struggling to have any semblance of fun in them.

But I did play the first demo of Final Fantasy XV and experienced the battle system. It’ll take some getting used to, but after that demo, I saw promise. Which is more than I can say about the last 15 years of Final Fantasy games.


The one thing that does worry me is the main characters in the game. The main four are all male and the demo while short and light on actual story content, none of the four guys really grabbed me. In fact, the one character who had my full attention was Cidney (pictured above) and no, it’s not because of her outfit, so shut the fuck up, feminists. Cidney actually had a personality different than what I’m used to seeing in JRPGs, a more Southern-like personality. While the guys have the usual “I’m tough”, “I’m smart”, “I’m funny” and “I’m bored” cliche personalities, Cidney isn’t a cliched character. So my worry lies in the four men I’ll be spending the majority of my time with, worried that I will get tired of them before the game reaches its end. Because regardless how good a story is, how fun a game is, it’s really hard to keep playing something when you’re not attached to any of the main cast.

I also don’t feel like I can trust Square Enix when it comes to writing a story in a Final Fantasy game, after all it’s been 15 years since the last game that I felt had a good story. When games like Persona 3 & 4, Trails of Cold Steel, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are RPGs with fantastic stories, Final Fantasy just isn’t anywhere near the quality that the best in the genre are at, and Final Fantasy is supposed to be the series at the top, yet as far as I’m concerned, they’re not even Top 5 today.


So when November 29th rolls around, I have it pre-ordered, I will be playing it regardless of what people say, though from what I’ve heard by early reviewers, it hasn’t been bad. But this game my just decide whether I continue to play games in the series after this, at least in terms of the main franchise, games like World of Final Fantasy can still work with me, but if Final Fantasy XV is terrible to me, the chances of me playing Final Fantasy XVI will be next to none. I’ve been burned enough times, that my love of the series is now in question and if Square Enix decides to fuck with me one more time, that might just be it. I’m not the archetypical hardcore fan, I won’t stay through thick and thin, I’m not above outright leaving a series alone.

So Square Enix, the ball’s in your court now. Let’s see what you got!

Character Spotlight: Yuna


In the world of Final Fantasy, Rikku is my bae, my pride and joy, my waifu. But if I had the piece of mind to bother and then the ability to get a mistress, Yuna’s right there as well. If you read my first few Top 10s, you saw that Rikku was the top Final Fantasy girl on the list of video game waifus at #4, while because of Rikku, Yuna had to be relegated to #1 on the video game girl “sleep with” list, simply because I can only be faithful to one girl per universe. So unfortunately, there can only be one waifu, but it’s not to say Yuna isn’t an awesome girl with a ton of upside.


I was never truly a fan of Final Fantasy X’s version of Yuna, aka “Boring Yuna”. And that’s not just because of Rikku owning that #1 spot with me, Yuna just wasn’t all that enjoyable throughout the game. Was she pretty? Yes. Could she be adorable too like Rikku? At times, yes. The problem though was that she hit two major snags with me.

One, being the super religious, following every word she’s told by the Teachings and what the Maesters say, all that nonsense. As an atheist, even at the age I played the game the first time, I had trouble attaching myself to someone who was so brainwashed and following by the letter what the Teachings said, including what would have eventually been sacrificing herself for really no good reason in the end. I don’t have a problem with religion so to speak, but I do take issue with those who are all the way in with it, because those are the ones you cannot reason with and those are the ones who you should be the most worried about.

The second thing was honestly like the name “Boring Yuna” represents, she was boring as hell in the first game. She had little to no personality for the majority of the game, she was a soft-spoken, pretty girl, that’s all she had going for her. She had zero intensity, zero quirkiness, nothing of note to grab my attention. Hell, I’m not sure I can recall a point in the first game where I can say she truly changed her personality to something more interesting to me, it may have been the sequel when she first displayed this.


From the very moment Yuna was not singing in the intro of Final Fantasy X-2, I could see the change in her. She had a bit of spunk to her, she wasn’t doing things because she was told to or because some ancient texts said she should, she was doing things because she wanted to. She had independence. That alone was more than enough for me, but there was still more to her in this game. She had a sense of humour now, her smile didn’t come off somber to me anymore and she seemed genuinely happy at times, rather then putting on happy face for everyone at the worst times. For the first time to me, Yuna was genuinely interesting to me.

Most importantly though, she had a “Fuck you!” side too, as she would on several occasions display towards Shuyin, in particular when she screams “I’M NOT LENNE!!!” at him while guns drawn and pointed at the jackass. Her independence was shining through, she wasn’t taking shit from anybody anymore, yet she could balance that calm, happy side of her and the quirky, bouncy side she’d gained through her adventures with Rikku and Paine. She was multi-layered now, instead of the boring religious pretty girl in FFX.


Now admittedly, another major part of why I started liking Yuna a little more was indeed her change in attire. Now she didn’t have to wear super tight hot pants or a top with the chest completely opened up, that wasn’t necessary. But what the new outfit represented was her pushing away from her past life where she was that cute, perfect girl that everyone looked up to. No longer was she that boring girl, she had something unique going on, she was taking freedom of her own body and putting it out there however she saw fit. It just happened to show her boobs and butt off a lot more than I think 99.9% of us were expecting when we heard a sequel to the original game was coming out. And I suppose the hot spring scene helped a bit too, though I’ll never understand how Rikku changed out of a bikini and into a one-piece, I’m still confused from that.


Yuna is a memorable character and an important one in the Final Fantasy universe. Because she’s the only character I can think of in the history of that series that went through an actual character change over the course of the storyline. Characters may change hairstyles and outfits, maybe even colour schemes, but Yuna is the only character I can think of whose personality actually changes. I love her FFX-2 version leaps and bounds above her FFX version and I think she’s a fantastic female character in video gaming because of that.

Seriously though, it’s not because of the hot pants!!!

Game Spotlight: Final Fantasy IV


We got the best Final Fantasy out of the way a few weeks ago, so now that it’s safe for the other children to come out, let’s talk about one of the games in the series that’s still Top 5 for me, but nowhere near as amazing as VI or X.

Final Fantasy IV holds a special place in my heart as it’s the first game in the illustrious series that I ever played. At that time of course it was still labeled as Final Fantasy II in North America as we were jipped the actual second and third games for a long period of time and Squaresoft at the time thought that they ought to make it more complicated for us too. Not that I had a clue back then.


I look at Final Fantasy IV as the best example of the classic Final Fantasy formula, it’s a fantasy world, there’s no real huge gimmicks in either its world or the gameplay, such as the Esper system in VI, Materia in VII, Sphere Grid in X, things like that. The fourth installment of the series is simply a classic JRPG at its finest, it’s just a great story with interesting characters in a world where you just go out and grind away at until you get to the end.

The story’s pretty basic as well. You’re a Dark Knight at the start of the game, simply a loyal soldier for your King, but you are beginning to question the decisions that your King is making. You’re getting more violent in your attacks on other towns, you’re stealing and pillaging rather than maintaining order, something isn’t right. So when you travel to a town and unknowingly release a collection of Bombs (the monster not literal bombs) on them, that’s when you really start to realize something far worse is going on behind the scenes and your real journey begins as you try and right the wrongs you’ve done.


The cast of characters aren’t crazy unique personality wise, so much as they are in terms of their looks and abilities. Unlike past and later Final Fantasy games, these characters are lone wielders of certain abilities. You only have one summoner in Rydia, one dragoon in Kain, one monk in Yang and others as such. The only multiples are black and white mages, but at no point do you ever have more than one of them at the same time. The party constantly changes over the course of the game, there’s over ten different party members, but throughout the story you have only five at a time through various plot points that cause many of them to disappear or just be out of action for a little while. It’s very interesting how the game manages to keep the game so well held together while maintaining all these different characters coming and going.

The story itself isn’t overly spectacular, but there are moments where things get very good. Edward’s story arc is a very sad one, the twins Palom and Porom have one of the most memorable scenes in a Final Fantasy game of all time and of course the first real moments of terror from the main villain Golbez is a fantastic moment for a villain in a JRPG. But in terms of a story, it’s not remotely the best one in Final Fantasy history.


There are a few things I can nitpick about the game. As with some Final Fantasy games, the end just suddenly comes out of nowhere and doesn’t quite resolve the conflict the way we all wanted to see. I also did not like how your mages either did little damage with rods and staffs, or virtually no damage with bows cause they’d never fucking hit for me! And lastly…fuck that demon wall boss. Hated him when I was a kid, I could never beat it, so I never actually finished the game until I replayed it later on in my teenage years.

But the game is still solid and like I said, it’s a classic edition of the series. For those looking for a gimmick-less JRPG from the past, this is the marquee one to play, without a doubt!

…But seriously, fuck you, Demon Wall.