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Yes, I Would Love A “Fantasy” Final Fantasy Game Again

A comment made from FFXIV director/producer Naoki Yoshida certainly caught my attention in the idea of a Final Fantasy game that breaks away from what we’ve seen since the 3D era.

5 Things: JRPGs I’d Love To See Remastered

Final Fantasy VII and Secret of Mana are getting the HD remake treatment, what else is out there deserving of it?

Breathing Space – October 20th, 2017

A new place for me to talk about a myriad of random topics. Topics today include Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XII, the Fall Anime season and Richard Spencer. Yep, I’ve got range.

[VIDEO] Final Fantasy XV Is Trash!!!

***FULL SPOILERS FOR FINAL FANTASY XV*** You’ve been warned…

Final Fantasy XV – First Impressions

So I’m now 15 hours into the game, been playing at a slow and steady pace so far. Because I’m about this far, I figured I’d give my first impressions on the game as it stands after 15 hours of gameplay. The Story I’m only at Chapter 3, I haven’t gotten through much of the […]

Top 10 Sexiest Final Fantasy Girls

So in response to Maxim’s own shitty list (here), I’m naturally making my own list, one that is accurate, involves more than just two games (for 80% of their list) and actually is a decent representation of the ten girls in the history of Final Fantasy that fans of the series can actually agree with. […]

Maxim’s ‘Top 10 Sexiest Final Fantasy Ladies’ List

So Maxim, likely due to Final Fantasy XV’s release, put out an article ranking the 10 sexiest girls in Final Fantasy… And what a joke it was! (you can view it here) For those who don’t want to bother with the list, here’s the actual list they gave: Aranea Highwind (FFXV) Iris (FFXV) Cindy (FFXV) […]