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Soldier 76 Is Gay. Why Now?

Soldier 76 is now revealed to be a gay man and the media is rejoicing. But the timing is making me a little suspicious…

[NSFW] Fantasies Changing With The Times

For many as we get older, a lot of things expand in our minds. But we’re going to have fun and talk about the sexy side of our minds expanding and opening up to more options.

[NSFW] Artist Spotlight: Mazjojo/Zamius

It’s very rare for me to follow anime artists and know them by their artist name. For being the ones who opened me up to a whole new world of my sexuality, Mazjojo and Zamius deserve the spotlight for being such fantastic artists.

The Curious Case of My Bisexuality

For someone at any age, a sudden influx of new thoughts is never easy to take in. So I thought I’d offer a helping hand by talking about my own personal struggles accepting a new part of myself, which compared to most is probably even more unique…

Saturday Morning Rant: Who Cares About Your Sexuality?!

First off, let me say that I have absolutely no problem with anyone’s sexual preference. Whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, whatever sexual preference you may have, I am more than okay with it. It is your own personal preference, it is none of my business to tell you otherwise, make a fuss about it […]