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Dear Kotaku, We Don’t Need Blatant LGBTQ Representation In Movies

I cannot resist taking shots at Kotaku whenever they publish a bad article.

This edition of “Kotaku Says Something Stupid” comes to you courtesy of James Whitbrook, who apparently is looking to collect some points within the LGBTQ community, as he decided it’d be a great idea to publish an article about the recent blockbuster film Thor: Ragnarok and how apparently the character of Valkyrie, who yes is bisexual in the comics, was essentially not bisexual enough in the film to satisfy the demands of the LGBTQ community.

The main paragraph of the article pretty much sums up the petty bullshit James will be going through as the article drones on:

Thor: Ragnarok is a great movie—but one area where it falters is with Valkyrie. Not because of characterization, because she’s just as great, kickass, and engaging as the rest of the cast. But Ragnarok’s Valkyrie was meant to be bisexual, and the erasure of that identity in the film is profoundly disappointing.

Yep, basically he doesn’t care that the character of Valkyrie was a badass and super entertaining, it’s all a moot point because the film didn’t go out of its way to put the glowing neon sign above her head saying she’s bisexual.

You can read the full article here, and while I’d love to go piece by piece of this trash, there really isn’t much that I need to explain to you, is there? I mean I go into the whole “Tessa Thompson tried to get a small moment in the film where a woman walks out of her bedroom, but it was cut” thing, or how “offended” James was that the scene was cut because it was considered “too distracting”, but it really comes down to one simple fact:


It goes to show you that we have way too many people both in the LGBTQ community and SJWs “fighting” for the LGBTQ community both trying to make a big deal out of their community not being represented, when in actuality what they’re claiming to want would only damage the community itself. I mean for fuck’s sake, in the past couple of years I’ve made the transition from a heterosexual male to a bisexual male, so believe me when I tell you that just because I now have an interest in sexual intercourse with another male, it hasn’t affected the way I talk, act, or anything that is visually noticeable.

Valkyrie is bisexual, those who know the lore already know this fact. Sure, do the casual viewers? No. But do they need to? Does Valkyrie being bisexual add anything to the plot? No. Does it affect any of the characters in the film? No, as she doesn’t go around dry-humping every guy in the film and it’s not like Valkyrie takes a break from the fight to go scissor Hela before the big final battle either. James is honestly just looking for a reason to spew his idiotic demands on behalf of a community that largely isn’t asking for his help on. I’ve seen numerous posts on Twitter, hell even comments on Kotaku under the article from people in the LGBTQ community that are basically saying “I don’t care about this, it’s not something we’re worried about, stop fighting for us when we’re not asking you to do so.”.

Folks, I’ll say it once again, who you want to fuck has zero impact on your personality. So in Valkyrie’s case, she’s perfectly representing the LGBTQ community in Thor: Ragnarok. Why? Because she’s just another woman. She’s strong, emotional, has her reasons for why she’s where she’s at in the film when we first meet her. She’s a real person. She’s not some over-the-top character who flirts with every hot guy or girl on screen, she’s a normal woman who happens to bat on both sides of the plate.

Being bisexual isn’t special, James. It’s normal, it doesn’t need to be made obvious. Stop being an idiot.

I Need To Stop Reading Cecilia D’Anastasio’s Articles…

We all have those people that we cannot stand. People who whenever they speak, we start to cringe, our skin starts to crawl and we just get mad. We know that we’re not supposed to take them seriously, but we can’t help ourselves, it’s just someone that we cannot comprehend how they exist to be.

Well as of late, that person has been frequent writer on Kotaku, Cecilia D’Anastasio. This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten upset at an article she’s written, nor is it even close to the first time I’ve come across an article on Kotaku that really shows just how far journalism has fallen from the ideology of “report the truth and nothing but the truth”. I believe the last time I spoke about Cecilia was when she went on a tirade about Keijo (you can view my response article here) and while she has posted garbage since, they’ve more been flies to swat away at best.

But this time, it’s a little different.

(You can view the full article here)

At first, the article seems like a great idea. Yes, people really do need to start shooting back at harassing individuals during online play, I try to do it when I can, though I don’t play in public lobbies nearly as much as I used to, since I have a number of friends I can just go into party chat with on my PS4 and ignore any public banter that could be going on.

“I think we’d do better with a healer,” I suggested to my Overwatch team earlier this week. We were in the spawn room defending the Temple of Anubis and, without a healer, we would quickly forfeit the objective. Not even the slightest pause passed before a teammate told me that, instead, “What we need is another man.”

That doesn’t bother me either, again it’s in plausible good faith on my part that this is something that can take place. The easiest way to get under a female player’s skin is obviously to say that she’s terrible specifically because she’s a woman. I wish feminists would understand it’s why they have so many “threats” issued against them by men, since all they do is target men and insult them because they’re male. It’s kind of funny actually.

“Toxicity is on the rise in Overwatch, a game I had been enjoying for hundreds of hours since its launch last May.”

I admit, I laughed at this comment. It’s an unnecessary comment, because there is no way to quantify how “toxic” a community is and whether it’s getting better or worse. You could just be having bad luck with matchmaking that week, I’ve had weeks of Call of Duty lobbies where it’s been pretty chill, then all of a sudden every lobby is a nightmare. Shit happens. To claim a community is getting worse, Cecilia, you have no facts to back that up, it’s nothing more than a perception, one I believe is skewed because of your unconscious bias.

“This is ridiculous. Players’ rampant and unchecked cruelty and sexist commentary are preventing me and others from enjoying our favorite game, a first-person shooter with twice the female userbase as any other.”

Yeah yeah, because for every male gamer out there who’s called a faggot, gay, a virgin, or any other homophobic and/or racial slur in the book, they seem to be able to (mostly) tell the difference between a real insult and someone just venting and trolling online because they know anonymity gives them A LOT of lee-way.

“And I want to be clear about something: When it comes to harassment in online gaming, silence is complicity.”

You are so full of shit, Cecilia. Here’s a few reasons why silence takes place.

  1. Some users aren’t playing with a microphone so they can’t respond
  2. They don’t want to get involved
  3. They fear if they do get involved, they’ll get bullied, or even worse, doxxed

You can sit there in your comfy chair, Cecilia and bitch and moan about people who don’t respond to bullies online and you’re completely in the right to do so, there are not enough people fighting back against this bullshit that happens so often online. But to say that by not getting involved, or not being able to get involved, they’re actively participating in harassing you along with the bully who’s actually harassing you? Go fuck yourself! In the end, it’s no one’s responsibility to handle your own problems for you, if they don’t want to get involved, that’s their choice and they’re welcome to do so without having the book thrown at them.

“As long as developers are slow to address toxicity, it is on a game’s playerbase to stomp out hatred if they don’t want it there.”

What do you expect developers to do, Cecilia? The report system is really the best thing that we can do. The only solution I think that’ll help you out is an active “neighbourhood watch” kind of account spectating every game and who’s gonna pay all those people, Cecilia? You? Oh wait, another thing, how much should I bet that these people if they ever existed, they would also be biased and perhaps quell any speech against things you support, Cecilia? You know, like feminism actively does to anyone who disagrees with their movement.

“The real reason why players (and especially women) are dropping like flies from the game’s playerbase is the fact that shitty behavior is now a part of Overwatch’s culture, at least on PC, much like other online games’.”

Or it could be that the game has been out for over a year, not even including beta time. People do like playing other games too, I doubt that the vast majority of people are quitting the game because of a few assholes playing it.

Oh, by the way, while we’re on the topic of women being the main targets of online harassment, Cecilia, I want you to read this article. Not that you will, nor acknowledge the research that has shown that men are targets of online harassment more than women. Because that wouldn’t suit your narrative, now would it?

“And, no, I am not doing anything to provoke the toxicity I encounter in about half of my matches.”

That’s fine, the majority of harassing players aren’t being provoked, they just choose to piss people off because they get off on it. It has nothing to do with your gender, Cecilia, but when they hear your voice, they have something to sink their teeth into immediately, because as we have seen time and time again in this current society, it appears as if women because of this extreme wave of feminism, they cannot resist getting upset the second they’re challenged based on their gender. If the average female player wasn’t freaking out every time a guy asked them to make a sandwich while playing a game, they wouldn’t do it as much.

“My being harassed is not my fault. It is the fault of specific maladjusted people and a culture that acquiesces to their cruelty.”

You’re half-right, it is the fault of a specific few, but to say it’s a cultural problem, that’s absolute bullshit. In fact, just take a look for example with the whole Sargon of Akkad/Anita Sarkeesian debacle at VidCon. There’s an argument to be had, Cecilia that in fact it’s the other way around currently, where our culture is in a state where it’s okay to harass and insult men and receive zero consequences in doing so.

Just think about it, Cecilia. If I wrote for Kotaku and posted the exact same article online about men being harassed online all the time (because statistically we are being harassed more), what would the reaction be? Would the response be sympathetic? Absolutely fucking not, it would be wave of feminists and social justice warriors trying to get me fired from my position at Kotaku because I’m ignoring the real victims, women. Because only one set group of people are allowed to be victimized. But you’re right, Cecilia, you’re the victim. Because you can write half-truths and half-lies on the internet for a major gaming news outlet and not be fired for not doing your job properly as a “professional journalist”. I would be fired as a man for doing what you’re doing, you would not. Who’s privileged again?

“And that’s why, when your teammate is getting harassed for their gender, voice, race or demographic, you should speak up, too. And if you do not, you are a part of the problem.”

Unless of course you’re a straight white male, then you deserve it. Right, Cecilia?

Now the article alone was enough to bother me. But of course she couldn’t just end it there, she had to go full-blown feminist cancer in the comments.

Yep, she had to go the wage gap route. How many times do we have to debunk the wage gap, folks? I’m not even going to go through the whole thing, just google it and you’ll find a million articles as to what the feminist version of the “wage gap math” isn’t taking into account.

Again, Cecilia, instead of just taking a warrior stance on this stuff, you’re playing the victim. I will never deny that women receive harassment, but this culture of playing the victim needs to stop. Stop acting like you’re the only ones who get harassed, stop claiming that every single time this happens to you that it’s a serious threat, or a case of misogyny, sexism or whatever buzzword you want to use to garner sympathy by your kool-aid drinking cult members.

Everyone gets harassed, Cecilia. Everyone. Male, female, black, while, straight, gay, skinny, fat. Harassment is not a feminist issue, it’s not a race issue, it’s not a LGBT issue. It’s a human rights issue. You and your group need to stop acting like it only matters when it happens to you and your members. It matters when it happens to anyone and everyone.

Now excuse me while I take the next hour or so to write the correct article to address the lack of people standing up to bullies during online games.

Yes Kotaku, I’m Aware Women Play Video Games

So once again, Kotaku has succeeded at looking at their entire male viewership and thinking they’re all idiots and assholes. This time, it’s an article so cringe-inducing that I’m shocked someone with any brain cells in their head actually clicked “publish” on this article.

Kirk Hamilton of Kotaku thought it would be a great idea to let us all know that there is a secret fact that we don’t know about. What is that you ask? Well apparently…WOMEN PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!!

(you can view the “amazing” article here)

Now click-bait aside, let’s take this article at its core concept, the idea that we apparently aren’t aware that girls play video games. Let me debunk that in four words: It’s 2017. We know.

But let’s go through his article and tear it apart, shall we?

“Hello! I’ve come here today to explain something that apparently still needs explaining: Women play video games.”

Yeah, we’re living in a world where we can’t go a single day without hearing about women in relation to gaming. I think if we weren’t aware, we are more than aware now.

“I know, it’s a radical concept.”

It’s not.

“(As plenty of you are doubtless aware, it is not a radical concept.)”

Really? Because if it isn’t, why’s it so important for you to tell the world about it?

“Yet here in the year 2017, it’s apparently still really easy to assume that despite the fact that A) video games are awesome and B) video games have been a huge part of mainstream popular culture for decades, women do not play video games. But they do.”

No one thinks this anymore. If they do, it’s in ignorance, not in fact.

“I know that many of you reading this are on the same page. If so, cool. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Yeah…I think that someone like me, even though I am aware of the insane idea of women playing video games being a real thing, if I keep “doing what I’m doing” you still won’t be happy.

“But you may be surprised how many people still think that women, as a general rule, do not play video games. Ask any woman you know—who, again, probably plays video games—and she will likely have a story about someone assuming that she, a woman, does not play video games. Despite the fact that she does.”

Why would I ever ask them that? Instead, here’s a great idea, how about I just talk to them? About anything? Video games aren’t the center of the world, I don’t need to verbally harass them by throwing endless video game conversation at them. If it comes up naturally, then so be it.

“Basically every woman I know who works in games or plays a lot of games regularly has people assume she doesn’t. A quick survey today of several of the women I work alongside at Kotaku confirmed that, yes, this is a frequent occurrence. In fact, for women at game conferences like E3, it often gets a lot worse than having someone assume you don’t play games. The basic truth of the matter still bears repeating, however, so I’m going to repeat it now: Women play video games.”

They’re full of shit. We’re living in a culture and society right now where it’s “cool” to be feminists. And in order to be a feminist, you apparently need to be a victim, so when you’re asked if anyone (aka, a man) has thought you didn’t play video games because you’re a female, you’ll lie and say yes, because it puts you in victim status and keeps the narrative you’re trying to push. I am willing to bet that at best, 10% of these women have actually had this happen to them. Any of the other 90% either are lying or took someone’s (a man’s) words out of context. It’s pure and utter bullshit, no one thinks this in 2017 without being a troll or ironic.

“The assumption I’m talking about is rarely made with the intention of hurting someone’s feelings.”

Bullshit, Kirk. You are triggered as hell about this, or your friends are triggered as hell about it. Because if no one was butthurt about this “issue”, it wouldn’t be a topic that warranted being posted on a website with 10+ million monthly views.

“Like most assumptions, it doesn’t require much thought at all. But if you have ever assumed that maybe women don’t play video games, take this opportunity to remind yourself that in fact, they do.”

I can’t facepalm any harder without actually injuring myself. Someone who is being paid to be a “professional journalist” thought this was a good read, a good article to post.

“If you are a man (or if you’re not!) out at a social gathering, talking with some friends about video games, and a woman comes up and joins the conversation, do yourself a favor: assume she plays video games.”

Because she would totally join a video game centered conversation and partake in the conversation for any other reason other than that she plays video games. No, Kirk, she spends hours every night researching about the latest games, just so she can talk to people, because that’s the only thing us men talk about.

Well if that’s the circumstances we’re working under then, can all the women out there researching video games for conversational purposes, I’ll help you out with further discussion topics that we have. Research anime boobs, metal music and the Action section of Netflix.

“Don’t ask, “do you play video games?” Instead, ask, “what kind of games do you play?”

Or here’s a better idea, don’t change the pace of the conversation and in doing so, draw attention to the “shock” that we have a girl gamer among us. Would it not be more of an “equal footing” thing if the conversation didn’t change, as if nothing abnormal just took place?

“If she says, “Oh, I don’t really play games,” no big deal.”

But apparently it is a big deal, otherwise once again, why are you writing this, Kirk?

“Change the subject to TV, or music, or the weather. (Some people may argue that the weather is not an interesting subject of conversation; I say there’s a reason it’s a conversational default.)”

Don’t tell me what to do. Also, by your situation here, she joined the conversation. I don’t have to change a conversation suddenly just because someone’s left out, they can wait patiently and politely until we finish the conversation we were halfway into. That’s being a proper human being, not catering to someone else’s every whim.

“But if she does play video games, chances are she will have repeatedly dealt with people who assume that she doesn’t. Which is dumb, because women play video games. They just do.”

Thank you so much, Kirk, I feel so informed now!

In all seriousness folks, this may just be one of the dumbest articles I have ever read. The pretentiousness in this article is at such a high level, I’m nearly drowning from it. And it smells like shit so I’d really like to get this out of my mind so I can breathe clean air once again.

It is 2017, the vast majority of women now engage in some sort of video games, whether console, PC, handheld or mobile. You have to have your head so deep into the sand to not know this. After all, where do you think all these new voice actresses are coming from, all these developers, these journalists, hell all these gorgeous girls doing cosplay at every conceivable convention! Women playing video games is almost as obvious a fact as the world being round.

Next time, Kirk, try a different approach. Because this one ain’t cutting it. Maybe switch to how us “disgusting men” think girl gamers look like. Because I could’ve sworn they all look like this:

Keijo!!!!!!!! Isn’t Sexist, It Just Suffers From Exclamation Mark Anxiety


It doesn’t take much these days to set people off. Even if the thing isn’t about something racist, sexist or whatever else, so long as it can be perceived as such by anyone looking to be offended, it will be used as such.

Take Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio for example. She decided that after likely either half-ass watching the first episode of the new anime series Keijo!!!!!!!! (currently being simulcasted on Crunchyroll), watching the first couple minutes and then turning it off, or better yet watching the preview of the show and assuming everything else based on that little snippet, that this show is the worst thing ever.

Here’s the article posted by Cecilia on Kotaku here.

I’m afraid I have a bone to pick with you, Cecilia. So let’s get started shall we?

When you see a truly awful commercial product, do you ever try to picture the businessmen who made it happen? Who was the suit, on the 11th floor of some glassy, gilded skyscraper, who bypassed several security officers, took an elevator to a sterile meeting room, sat down with his well-groomed colleagues and assistants and announced, “Yes, definitely. We would love to produce a fighting anime about women smashing their asses and tits together. Very good, tremendous potential here”?

Who are you, suit? Can we talk? I have questions about Keijo!!!!!!!!.

Here’s a tip, Cecilia. If you want your article to be taken with any sort of seriousness and merit, maybe hold off on the melodramatic bullshit intro paragraph where you make up a bunch of stuff that’s supposed to get the reader to think you’re about to slam a freight train down on them with the subject matter you’re actually supposed to be talking about.

Skip the bullshit, get to the story. You’re supposed to be a journalist, not a fiction writer.

I picture this moment: the shaking of hands, the nodding of heads. Were they drinking filtered water when they decided that, yes, a sport where “no contact is allowed except using breasts and butts” was extremely good and, hell, let’s get some real solid animators in here? Scribbled on ledger paper over in Osaka, Japan, was there an obliging secretary’s notes on, “18+ girls, wearing swimsuits, in a dormitory, honing their ‘Butt Cannon’ and ‘Bust to Bust Attack’ skills, learning about life and love”?

No, I imagine they were drinking whatever the fuck they felt like drinking. No, I don’t think some secretary had to take notes on the show’s concept, that’s what a script and storyboards are for. No, I don’t think they though bringing in real solid animators was necessary, because as we’ve seen with shows like Rosario + Vampire, The Familiar of Zero and Demon King Daimao, not every ecchi-based anime has the best animations teams money can buy. Here’s an extra point, it’s 2016, most anime now looks exactly as good as Keijo!!!!!!!! does. Maybe if all you’re watching is Gakuen Handsome and shows of that level of animation, then I’ll give you some rope. But you’d probably hang everyone with it anyways.


Here’s the big point I’ve got for you though: Who the fuck cares what the concept is?! Does an anime where girls use their boobs and butts really affect you in your daily life? Does a show where girls wear swimsuits hurt you so bad that you need to see a doctor? No, just like when shows like Free!Kuroko no Basket, Uta no Prince-sama and the brand spanking new All Out!, they don’t affect me because it’s an anime all about good looking guys. It’s fictional media, Cecilia, take a breather and then ignore it. It’s pretty easy to do.

I protest. I don’t care that it’s well-animated. I don’t care that the women have discernible personalities—no cookies for you. It is beside the point that Keijo!!!!!!!! was previously a manga. It could have died in obscurity.

You are not the decider on this. Hell, you’re not even in the same market as where these shows are produced. I don’t know if you’ve done any research, but Japan and other parts of the world that don’t involve The United SJWs of America are actually a lot more accepting of sexual content in media.

Also, seriously? You don’t care if the women have discernible personalities? Nice use of big words by the way to make yourself sound smarter. So by saying that, you don’t care at all if women in media have unique personalities? I mean sure, let’s go back to the old days where every girl is just a housewife and her only role is to clean, cook and satisfy her man. Let’s not have characters like Nozomi, who’s a tomboy gymnast with an Osaka accent, let’s not have characters like Sayaka, who’s a tough tomboy with a judo background (oh hey, a girl who doesn’t need a man to fight for her!) and hell, let’s not have characters like Yuko who’s a tall, muscular badass of a girl or Nagisa, who’s a girl with some weight on her. Sure, let’s not have girls of different backgrounds, personalities and body types, right? It’s not like that’s what feminists like you have been complaining about this entire decade or anything.

In Keijo!!!!!!!!’s first episode, which aired on October 6th, protagonist Nozomi Kaminashi begins attending Setouchi Keijo Training School. Several former judo students hone their ass and tit-slamming skills, blasting opponents off floating islands called “Lands.” Yes, they flirt with each other. Of course their swimsuits are sheer. Yes, it has dorm room shenanigans. It is a thing that exists in a world that is increasingly horrible and full of deplorable things.

All right, let’s debunk a few of these “facts” of yours:

  1. There’s only one judo student and that’s Sayaka. Nozomi’s a gymnast.
  2. The sport itself is actually more complex than just “blasting opponents off the Lands”, as we see in the qualifiers, Nozomi actually tries to trip the girl into falling off her feet, rather than just spamming her Butt Cannon. Also, Hanabi doesn’t actually knock anyone off the island, she knocks them right out with precise shots to vital areas. It’s more than just boobs and butts slamming into each other.
  3. What are you calling “dorm room shenanigans”? I don’t see the problem with Non falling over, or a Nozomi accidentally ripping Kazane’s magazine. You make it sound like they were stripping and grabbing each others’ boobs the whole time.

Not only that, but isn’t it a little offensive on your part to think it’s wrong that the girls are flirting with each other. Isn’t a bit wrong for a feminist to take issue with lesbian characters? Also, what’s wrong with the swimsuits? They’re standard issue one-pieces, the same kind of swimsuits that Olympic swimmers wear. It’s not like they’re wearing skimpy tops and thongs. Once again, you’re taking issue with the concept at face value and nothing else. The fact you’re calling a show that has girl-on-girl relationships and girls choosing to be free and do whatever they want (especially considering it’s a sport that can make them a lot of money in the show’s universe) horrible, that’s more offensive than what you perceive the show to be.

Predictably, the director of Keijo!!!!!!!! was previously a storyboarder on Upotte!!, an anime about sexy girls who are also machine guns with a similarly immoderate number of exclamation points in its title.

I fail to see the significance of this. The graphic artist of a hentai series went on to design one of the most popular anime right now in Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma, which while yes may have ecchi in its material, but it’s of both men and women and has easily the best drawn food in anime we’ve ever seen.

We’ve increasingly seen anime that takes fan service as its subject, and not as a supplement to its subject. This isn’t a hentai. And yet, inKeijo!!!!!!!!, female erogenous zones are the subject, with a thin plot shambly plastered on top. The occasional up-skirt shot or full-body-pan is an expected, tolerable mainstay of contemporary anime. What I don’t understand is why, despite cultural differences, a lot of American anime fans see Keijo!!!!!!!! and laugh it off, unmoved that, in this show, women are valued at the sum total of their body parts.

That is absolutely not true. In fact, watch anime from years ago, it’s far more sexist than the stuff today. I’m not going to argue that there are shows out there that literally have nothing to offer but sexual content, but at the end of the day that’s its own genre, you’re not the arbiter of what gets to be an anime and what doesn’t. Also, the number of anime that contains fan service is not increasing. You know why it feels that way? Because services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Daisuki, Hulu and Netflix exist. The number of fan service anime isn’t increasing, the number of shows that are being released outside of Japan are increasing. There’s no one at a major anime studio saying they need to triple their fan service anime releases for the year, we’re just getting access to more and more shows than we ever have before.

My biggest gripe here is you giving shit to the plot. You don’t get to talk about how there’s a thin plot in the anime when only one episode is out. Almost every single anime released doesn’t contain a lot of plot in its first couple episodes, it merely serves to introduce the setting, the characters and the concept. The real meat and potatoes will appear near the midway point, between episodes 4 and 8.


Lastly, I don’t understand how you don’t understand how Americans (and Canadians like me…and everyone else around the world, your country isn’t the only important one, you know) can watch Keijo!!!!!!!! and laugh at it in a sense of actually enjoying the entertainment value of the show, rather than laughing about how insulting it is, or at least that’s how you perceive it. I’m sorry to tell you this, Cecilia, but you’re not special. You’re not the target market of every single show out there. Sometimes, there will be shows that aren’t for you. I don’t get upset when a show like Re:Zero, Yuri!!! on Ice, Haikyuu!, or any other anime out there that doesn’t suit my interests get released. You know what I do, Cecilia? I don’t watch it. I don’t complain about it on the internet because I have a slow period at work and can’t think of anything better to write. I start every season with over 20 shows that I watch, by the end of it that list usually gets cut in half, because some of those shows just aren’t interesting to me and I stop watching. A show like Servamp may come along and really piss me off, but I don’t reserve an entire article to blabbering on about how disgusting and tasteless it is. I just move on and enjoy the shows I like watching.

So to piss you off further, I actually really enjoyed the first episode of Keijo!!!!!!!! and yes, I am a white, straight male. But you know what? I don’t love the show because it’s an endless parade of boobs and butts on my television screen. You know what I actually like about it? That it’s a show that doesn’t give a damn about logic, about reality, about the social and cultural norms we experience in our daily lives. It’s just a show with a ridiculous concept, ridiculous over-the-top characters, ridiculous action sequences and a soon-to-be ridiculous plot. And guess what? There’s nothing wrong with me liking this, just like there’s nothing wrong with you not liking it.

What’s wrong is you making a stink about it, like the show’s existence carries any weight to the societal and cultural values in our world. It’s a piece of pure fucking fiction, nothing more and nothing less. People will watch this show, enjoy it or hate it and go on with their lives.

No ifs, ands, or…