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Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand? #8

It’s week #8 of Waifu, Friend With Benefits or One-Night Stand!

For those new to the article, this is not a post that talks about the “fuckability” of three randomly selected female characters from various anime and video games. I’m already attracted to them, it’s to be implied that I would share a bed with them already. What this article is meant to do, is go through their personalities, interests, anything pertinent to answering the question if they’re a one-time only, a friend that I might accept the occasional booty call from, or someone I would absolutely spend the rest of my life with.

So without further to do, let’s meet this week’s contestants!


There’s going to be few girls that the randomizer pulls out that will be as easy to define personality-wise than Naruko. It’s a product of AnoHana being as emotional and depressing as it is, the entire show runs around showing everyone at their worst and the most vulnerable, so we see them opening up more secrets than you could shake a stick at.

At face-value, Naruko seems like just one of those girls that when you were in high school, you thought was super hot but you’d never have a chance in hell of even getting her to acknowledge your existence, let alone hang around with you. She dresses and sort of acts like those kinds of girls, ones that in the anime, one of the main cast in Chiriko calls “sluts”. No sugarcoating there. But in actuality, Naruko really has nothing in common with those girls, she’s merely a follower, easily influenced by other girls.

On the inside, Naruko’s actually (at least to me) just your average girl next door kind of character, or at least she would be if not for all the baggage she’s carried with her ever since lead character Meiko’s death when both of them were kids. From what we do see of her, Naruko is a very caring girl, more than willing to help people, especially those she’s close to. She’s also got a nerdy side, collecting video games and manga.

In terms of downsides though, we do see that she has a major jealous streak, to the point that even though Meiko’s passed away, the fact that Jinta is the only one that can see her ghost, she’s still jealous because even then Jinta still doesn’t look at her, he looks at Meiko. She’s also got the ability to be very cold, particularly when she’s around her “slut” friends.

So all that in mind, here’s my call on Naruko:


I’m not 100% sold on Naruko, I’m not convinced that we’d be a perfect match, even if I snapped her out of this cold, jealous side she has. But at the very least, I can see her as someone that if I could get her away from the bad influence friends she has, she’d be a great person to hang around, she does have that best friend kind of vibe to her. The issue at hand is being able to get her away from those other girls and snap her out of the jealous streak she has. Unless we’re past the end of AnoHana in which case it’s a lot easier.


With my #1 pick from Infinite Stratos already done (Charlotte Dunois), it’s time for the girl next in line to take her shot. This silver-haired beauty (I know it looks blue in a lot of pictures) has a lot to live up to, so let’s see how Laura fares.

Let’s not sugarcoat things here. At the start of the anime, Laura is a complete and total bitch. No question, when she’s introduced as potentially the villain of the season (technically there never was one in Season 1), she’s not a pleasant person. She’s still adorable, but not pleasant whatsoever. She has a massive superiority complex and pretty much demands Chifuyu to return to Germany to train her and the other soldiers there, as her time and skill is being wasted teaching a bunch of “useless students” at the IS Academy. The only saving grace from this side of her personality is that she can and will admit defeat or if she’s outclassed by an opponent.

Now let’s dump the shitty side of her and talk about the best side. Once Laura is saved by Ichika after her IS goes completely off the wall, she falls in love with him and we see the much more adorable and downright ridiculous side of her. As we saw with her more aggressive form, she doesn’t waste time going after what she wants, immediately attempting to claim Ichika for her own, becoming the first and only person in the anime to actually plant her lips on his. She also has a misunderstanding of Japanese culture and calls him her “wife” or “bride” when she claims him, much to the shock and then later absolute rage of the rest of the girls. When it comes to her intentions and thoughts, her self-confidence is so high, she doesn’t hide a damn thing, she’ll come out and say it right away.

However, when it comes to her appearance, it’s a whole different story. Being trained in the army pretty much her entire life, she doesn’t have the traditional traits of a teenage girl, so once she’s hanging out with the group outside of the school, she has to adjust to the idea that she has to pay more attention to how she looks and what she wears, especially taking into account that she wants to keep Ichika’s attention on her. There are several times where she looks and dresses very cutely (usually because of Charlotte) and it turns her into the cliche red in the face shy girl and that’s when Laura is at her best in terms of being adorable. Up until this point she was unaware of how cute she actually is, so when Ichika comments on her being just that when she’s in her swimsuit (which was actually one of the skimpiest of all the girls in that episode), she cannot handle the compliment and just runs (literally) into the water.

And yet after all this, all the blushing madly over being in cute clothes, being called cute, anything related to her having to acknowledge how cute she is…she has absolutely no issue being naked around Ichika. Not long after she claims Ichika as her wife, possibly even the following day after that kiss, Ichika wakes up with Laura in his bed and completely naked. When he tries to question her, she immediately puts him in an armbar as if this is something a loving couple would do together. Also, in a show where girls beat the shit out of the MC just for seeing them in their underwear, she’s absolutely content with his hand rested on her chest and his forearm right between her legs. And again, she’s naked. Holy shit, Laura.

Finally, we see that while she keeps her share of enemies with the girls, she is more than capable of being friendly to the point of best friends with people, Charlotte being the one she really gets attached to, almost like sisters in Season 2. Laura is a really sweet girl when she’s not trying to swing the biggest dick (metaphorically of course) in terms of battle prowess amongst the other girls. When she actually opens up her heart to someone, she does erase the aggressive side to her. She does still say whatever she wants, but thankfully when she’s around people she likes, those things she wants to say aren’t usually negative.

So all in all, here’s my decision with Laura:


Now there are of course some ground rules with Laura. For starters, she has to keep her soldier training out of the bedroom, I’m not waking up with the potential of having my arm broken every morning. Jokes aside though, there is no doubt in my mind that Laura is easy wife material for me, to which I assume I’ll have to properly explain to her who’s the wife in this relationship. When Laura got away from her villainous form halfway through Season 1, she became an absolute sweetheart. I’m not sure there’s anything more adorable in that anime than when she gets super embarrassed, particularly when she’s complimented on her swimsuit. The thing with Laura too is that with her self-confidence and the fact she doesn’t hide anything and will say how she feels right away, you know there’s no secrets with her. We’d be in a 100% honest relationship.

So I’d be more than happy to share a mixed berry crepe with her.


I’m glad that Julis came up just as Season 2 of Asterisk War was coming to a close, because the majority of her personality in a positive manner has really come out in this entire season.

In the early going of the anime, Julis is just your classic beautiful girl who gets seen in an ecchi situation right off the bat, so she’s cold to the MC for the majority of the season. Because it’s a harem anime, she can’t stay mad at you forever, she’s gotta fall in love with you eventually, or in Julis’ case with Ayato, tolerate him eventually. She’s a very hot-headed girl, especially in the early stages of meeting her, she’s the kind of girl who keeps her few friends very close to her and goes out of her way to ensure they’re protected, even if it means pushing people away. She’s a very loyal person to those actually close to her, willing to do anything for them, so it’s no surprise that those outside of that bubble are almost perceived as enemies by her.

Once she starts to get comfortable with Ayato and his friends though, she’s a lot more tolerable. She’s not necessarily opening up like crazy to everyone, but she’s not just being a cold bitch anymore. When she’s on friendly terms with people, she’s actually super adorable, easy to embarrass and a real joy to be around. It’s really hard to pull out those moments in the anime, cause so much of Season 2 is devoted to the Phoenix Festa, but the late end of Asterisk War, especially Episode 11 really shows that much calmer, beautiful side of her. Though to be honest, it’s not surprising to see her true colours coming out when the prospect of marriage is suddenly thrown onto the table without warning to her.

I’d say more on her personality, but I’m going to use my remaining thoughts for why I came to the decision I have. So without further to do:


Up until Episode 11 of the second season of Asterisk War, the best Julis could have ever hoped to achieve was a Friends With Benefits decision and even then it might have been an uphill battle for her to get there. The majority of what I had seen of her up until that point was this hot-headed, cold young woman who wanted nothing to do with anyone. Season 2 really began to change that as she got really comfortable with Ayato, accepted/tolerated Saya and Kirin and just stopped being such a bitch every episode. Once Episode 11 came around though, I saw a completely different side to Julis that completely changed my perspective on her.

She really becomes someone I can see being much more than just a pretty face. Seeing her completely in her comfort zone, playing with the kids at the orphanage, she’s a completely different person from the Season 1 angry girl we were used to. And given that this is how she acts at home, this is her normal self. And if this beautiful, loyal, caring woman is like this around the people she’s close to and loves deeply, there is no doubt in my mind that she’s more than worth the initial rough patches of our first few meetings.

So that’s this week’s edition of Waifu, FWB, or One-Night Stand, hope you enjoyed it! Leave any comments you’ve got below, whether it’s your own choices between the three or maybe I’m missing something that could’ve turned the tide on my decision with any one of these girls.

Character Spotlight: Laura Bodewig


It really does suck for Laura that she’s in a wonderful anime series in Infinite Stratos and shows herself off in all the best possible ways. She’s cute as all hell, can be super funny, super deadly and has a very unique look. However she has to play second fiddle to her best friend in the series, Charlotte Dunois because unfortunately she’s just more perfect than Laura.

But to say Laura is my second favourite girl from Infinite Stratos is like me saying missionary is my second favourite sex position. It’s not like there’s a huge gap between first and second, I love both pretty much the same, I just prefer one slightly over the other if I have to pick one. Yes, I just compared my love for two anime girls with my enjoyment of various sex positions. So sue me, haha!

Laura with Charlotte in their cat pajamas
Laura with Charlotte in their cat pajamas

The entirety of Infinite Stratos was a battle between these two girls for that #1 spot above the rest of the girls. It was always those two in first and second, no one else ever really came close to either of them, as much as I enjoy Chifuyu and the underrated Ran. I would argue the two of them are still duking it out for first and second, though Charlotte’s had the crown for quite some time now, simply due to the fact that between her and Laura, Charlotte just comes off as the better relationship choice in the end while Laura’s advantage is her just being so adorable that hugging her would probably turn anyone into an addict.

But I mean let’s be honest here, the longer the series goes on the more likely it seems to get that if you get close to one of these two, the other won’t be far behind. Uh…if I was living in that world, sign me the fuck up for that opportunity!

But anyways, let’s move onto the star of the day, shall we?

Laura in the Schwarzer Regen
Laura in the Schwarzer Regen

In the early going while ‘Charles’ was still being a sexy girl disguised as a pretty boy, Laura showed up onto the scene as a potential antagonist for the rest of the IS crew. Hailing from Germany, this silver haired, red-eyed tiny girl with an eyepatch looked like someone who would give everyone a run for their money and in a way yes she can. In the beginning she whips EVERYONE’S ass that’s a student, even dealing with Rin and Cecilia at the same time. However a couple episodes later, it’s shown that while yes she can take on two at once, it’s much harder for her to deal with two people who are actually working together, as Charlotte and Ichika did, defeating her. Though it’s still apparent that out of the five girls she’s the most skilled though Houki gets an unfair advantage at the end of Season 1 getting a customized IS unit from her sister who just happens to be the genius behind the IS units.

I was kind of disappointed that they removed Laura’s bad girl status as quick as they did, I think it would’ve been more interesting if they kept her wanting to beat the hell out of everyone until the end of Season 1, but then again if that had been the case I would’ve been robbed of two absolutely perfect moments that launched her into the fight for first between all the Infinite Stratos girls.

Laura 'sparring' with Ichika
Laura ‘sparring’ with Ichika

Of course the key moment is the beginning of Episode 9, but as a quick refresher or lesson to those who don’t remember or haven’t seen the series, after defeating/saving Laura where Ichika essentially holds her close to him before she falls unconscious she starts to develop feelings for him. But as a hard-trained soldier she doesn’t really get social norms especially in another country so she enlists the help of her commanding officer (who’s a manga enthusiast). Storming into Ichika’s class in her IS unit (how that’s allowed I’ll never know), she grabs Ichika and in front of everyone takes the first (and only) kiss of the entire series, claiming Ichika as her bride. So the following morning, he wakes up to find a naked Laura in his bed who believes this is just what you do when you call someone your bride. When he tries to get away, she traps him in an armbar and hails that she’s helping him improve his hand-to-hand combat, blushing while doing so. Now Laura doesn’t have a massive bust like some of the other girls, but you’d think he’d react a lot more when his arm is also touching something a bit lower, as would she. But then again, gotta somehow keep these shows rated for younger audiences than pornographic material. The moment itself is so great, it’s the first time we really see Laura in a more adorable light and yes her flawless body is a huge part of that.


The second moment is later in the episode where we see Laura in what may just be the best swimsuit I’ve ever seen in an anime series (because girls in thongs like Highschool of the Dead don’t illicit the same level of reaction from me) altogether. After a hilarious reveal of her looking like a mummy (with the eyepatch on top and little tails of her hair sticking out), she rips off the bandages to reveal just how drop dead gorgeous smaller girls can look if you give them the tools to do so. Is Laura’s bikini a little skimpy? Yes, but is it at the level of the overly glorified skimpy bikinis the girls with larger breasts and butts wear? God no. It’s sexy and yet just conservative enough that it matches her perfectly. She wants to look adorable but at the same time is trying to coerce Ichika over to her and if I was him that day it would’ve worked in spades on me.

And that’s the thing with Laura, she’s not overly sexy, but they don’t make her so cute you’d feel awkward about saying how hot she is. She has a perfect balance between the two, she’s so cute you want to hug her, yet she’s so hot that well…you know…wink wink nudge nudge.


Like Charlotte, it’s her English voice actor that really steps up Laura’s overall presentation. I’ve said it before, Infinite Stratos is one of the only anime that I will tell people to watch in English over the original Japanese because the accents done in the English version are so good. Tiffany Grant does a phenomenal job at taking a German accent and making it so adorable with Laura, the same way Shannon Emerick makes Charlotte so much more elegant and sexy with her French accent. For Tiffany to be able to make Laura sound threatening as all hell and then an episode later making her sound like the cutest girl ever is quite the feat.

And on top of that, taking Laura’s personality with the voice she gets just throws her so far up the ladder. Laura is a well-done mixture of danger, strength, cluelessness and downright cute. No matter what the situation is, she adapts to it and it works so well. Want her to get super angry about something to the point she destroys a beach ball with her bare hands? Done. Want her to blush brightly and be super embarrassed when Charlotte dresses her in kitty pajamas and hugs her tight? No problem. Laura works with everything they throw at her.


In a series where there is already a Queen in Charlotte it’s hard for anyone to take the crown away. Seriously, I was already attached to her before she was even revealed that she was a girl and not a boy in ‘Charles’, because it wasn’t that hard to figure out. But Laura stormed onto the scene and by Episode 9 she was right there with Charlotte and never left her side. Since then, both of them have been right at the top of my list for not just girls in that series but girls in anime as a whole. Which is so ironic given that by Season 2 they’re pretty much like sisters.

Laura is an incredible example of taking a girl who you start off as a villain and slowly change her into one of the cutest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching in an anime series. She’s adorable, she’s funny, she’s stubborn and most of all, she’s strong. She’s everything you’d want in a girl, so long as you don’t piss her off.

She’d certainly make your mornings interesting. Just practice getting out of submission holds.


Top 10 Infinite Stratos Girls

Last week, I couldn’t decide which girl from this series to put as my #1 girl from an anime I’d sleep with, so I put the entire female cast as #1. This week however, I have the impossible task of picking 10 of them and ranking them. This is gonna be painful…

So to make it fair for every character on the show, the rules will be far simpler than the usual fodder. There are three things they’re being judged on: One, their overall looks, of course. Two, how they look in alternate clothing compared to their default uniform (but to make it fair, I’m not counting their “Ichika servant” costumes from the second season, ex: Cecilia’s bunny hostess outfit). And three, the combination of their voice and personality. This way, I’m not biased based on what someone did during the series (ex: Charlotte in the shower, Laura being naked in Ichika’s bed, etc.), I’m judging them solely on what I see looks and personality-wise.

So without further to do, let’s hop to it!


We start off with the teacher at the IS Academy that we see and isn’t related to Ichika. Maya is pretty average at best, I suppose what’s meant to bring guys towards her are breasts, she has possibly the largest set of the series, which is still a tame size for anime. She is very sweet though, one of the few characters in the series who isn’t either crazy or super serious. But because of that she falls into the background compared to a lot of the other girls, so that puts her into the #10 spot.


I’m convinced Tabane would be further on this list if she wasn’t batshit fucking stone cold crazy. While I love her English voice, I am well aware that it would get old really fast. She’s good in spurts, but having her around for an extended period of time would probably drive me insane. Regardless though, she’s a very attractive woman and the mysterious factor with her does apply on top of that. I just wouldn’t invite her directly to my house, she’d destroy the yard with that giant carrot thing she crashes down in.


It wasn’t until I started this list and going back to find pictures of all the characters that I realized I completely forgot about Riko when I was mentioning all the side girls in the Top 10 Anime Girls I’d Sleep With list. Out of all the girls that isn’t designed to stand out, Riko’s easily the prettiest to me. As per usual, the glasses add onto her look, but she’s also shaped very nicely. She also gives off that very shy personality, which I always enjoy as well. If not for all the main characters getting so much more screen time, she’d probably be higher on this list.


I’ve really grown to like Cecilia a lot more than I initially did when I first watched the initial season. She came off very bitchy to me the first time, however after watching through it again, I started to see a little deeper into her character and began to half-ass like her. Then by Season 2, she moved up to “All right, you’re cool.” status. She’s arguably designed to be the sexiest girl in the show and yeah she’s right up there, but with my tastes she’s just not quite there to at least attain top 5 status.


Without a shadow of a doubt, the best of the entire cast of side characters and it’s crazy saying that when the most you see Honne out of that mascot costume is her top half. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when you see her top half in Season 2 and she has a larger than average bust, but regardless she still stands out as a wonderful personality, someone who seems absolutely hilarious and fun to be around. And I can only imagine how she looks with the costume completely off…


I’m going to be completely honest. I absolutely hated Houki in Season 1. Detested her. Completely pissed off that of all the girls, she’s the one that’s designed to be Ichika’s choice. But then Season 2 came around. The red bikini from Episode 1 was a good start, but then she really started opening up a little more, I was feeling a lot less of the bitch side of her coming out and a little more of her insecurities. I think Houki is the kind of girl you really have to work on getting close to before you ever see the softer side of her, she has a very tough exterior shell that is on full display until you can prove to her that you’re all right. And with the body she has, especially given her immense training regiments, she’s always in great shape, it’s hard to ignore her. She’s worth the effort.


There is very little I can say about Infinite Stratos as a whole that pisses me off. The way they pretty much toss Ran aside is one of them. I’m willing to say, I think she’s arguably the cutest girl in the entire series (and I really love Laura) and she’s essentially tossed aside, even though she on two separate occasions displays that she really likes Ichika. She even tells him she can’t wait to get into the IS Academy so she can see him more. It’s kind of frustrating to see that kind of devotion just put on the shelf as if it didn’t matter. I mean as far as we know, her only intention of joining the IS Academy was to be around him more, she says to him that she can’t wait for him to become her upperclassman. Anyways, like I said she’s probably the cutest girl of the series and she has a really great mix of a personality. And seeing how laid back she is in her own home is also a comfortable feeling.


As many times as I think about how I’d have to be her sparring partner if she ever existed and I was dating her, I still keep on believing that Laura’s worth it. Only in anime can a killing machine be this adorable. I knew the second she showed up on screen I was gonna like her and I was more than right. Take away the vengeful, badass trained soldier from Laura and you get one of the cutest girls on the show. And when you’re into smaller girls like I am, she’s a perfect match. The only real things against her being #1 is the eyepatch and the fact she could snap my arm with incredible ease. Scary!


When she’s not being featured in incest-innuendo inducing scenes in the series, Chifuyu is shown off as easily the sexiest woman in the entire series, at least in my opinion. Season 1’s beach episode cemented that fact, I don’t care how good-looking Houki was in Season 2, she still can’t hold a candle to Chifuyu in that black getup, especially that butt shot while she’s giving volleyball signals that I will never make an effort to find out what it meant. If not for her sometimes bitch attitude and the feeling that she’d be very demanding of her partner (I mean just look how Ichika is around her, the things he does for her and he’s her brother), she’s be #1 without question.

But because of that, that means our #1 girl in the Infinite Stratos series is…


The Top 10 list was hard to make, except for the #1 spot, I knew who it was long before. If there’s something in anime that just seems to work for me when it comes to female characters, it’s the ones who disguise themselves as boys. I don’t know how or why, but those are the ones that always end up being the most attractive to me (ex: Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4). Charlotte’s a rare case to where a blonde is at the top of a list in terms of girls, I’m usually not the biggest fan of blondes in anime, compared to the many other colour options I have to choose from. Blondes tend to be designed to be very bitchy or overly-sexualized. Charlotte on the other hand is the opposite, she’s super sweet, comes off very shy at times, but can switch to serious when she needs to. Of course, her French accent just cements how attractive she comes off. You’ll be seeing her again for sure on a Top 10 when I do the Anime Girls I’d Marry list. Will she be #1 there? It’s very possible, but remember, I had Rikku slated #1 for the gaming list and then I changed my mind at the very end. So you never know.

Thanks for reading, as always I enjoyed making this list and if you have your own Top 10, or maybe just a quick switch, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Anime Spotlight: Infinite Stratos


My favourite anime of all-time is currently Infinite Stratos. Yes, that means shows like Dragon Ball Z, Hellsing and many other very popular shows (I don’t watch the major ones like Naruto, Bleach, Attack on Titan, etc.) are behind a harem anime with mechs. So sue me.

Like I said in my article Tuesday, I love harem anime, but not just because of the ecchi content. IS encompasses all the things I love in anime and then does something no other show has done to the same quality thus far.

The concept is pretty straightforward for a harem anime. The IS Academy houses young girls from all over the world who have the capability to pilot an IS unit. Ichika Orimura however mysteriously becomes the first male to ever be able to pilot a unit and thus becomes the classic one guy in a massive group of girls. And yes, he is pretty much completely clueless that essentially every girl in the entire campus (maybe even counting the instructors, yes that includes his sister, Chifuyu) wants him. The two seasons so far (if there’s ever a third) are largely episodes split into thirds. One-third action, one-third serious story time and one-third comedy/ecchi. And the show does all three well.

For starters, the action sequences in the entire series are phenomenal. They come off very much like some of the best Gundam action you can get, except there’s no need for shots of the pilot inside the mech as in Infinite Stratos, the mech doesn’t cover up their head and for some, their hips (gotta get a little butt action apparently). There really isn’t a battle that I didn’t enjoy watching, they’re done very well and each major strike has a purpose. I can imagine anyone enjoying this series’ action scenes if some weren’t thrown off by the half-naked girls.

The story itself is also very good outside of the main girls trying to gain Ichika’s affection. The first season ended a little abruptly, but the second season gained a lot of steam, having legitimate villains around that time. Some would say the story is a little under-developed, but keep in mind a large focus of a harem anime is usually the relationships, so there’s only so much time to work with and IS does a pretty good job of working with what they’ve got.

Finally, of course the ecchi content is just as phenomenal as well. Unless I’ve forgotten, they don’t resort to the usual cliché ecchi anime likes to do, which is have girls grope each other. Instead they get a little more creative (no matter how ridiculous it may be) with some of their scenes. Of course, the “shocking” (cause you couldn’t call it a mile away) reveal in the shower that Charles is actually a Charlotte is a very sudden and perfectly drawn/animated scene. My personal favourite though is Ichika waking up the following morning after Laura claimed him as her “bride” and finds her naked in his bed. When he tries to flee, she captures him in an armbar (which only works for her when you’re nigh flat-chested) and blushes as she offers to be his training partner, cause of course a 15 year-old female Spetsnaz-similarly trained soldier would blush thinking about that. There’s tons of adorable moments, like in Season 2 when Houki goes down the couple slide with Ichika. There’s a mixture of cute, beautiful and downright sexy throughout the series and whenever it takes place, it works well with that respective character.

Which brings me to my favourite thing about the series.

The one thing that Infinite Stratos does that I never expected to do be as well as I would have ever expected, is the English dubbing of the series and its various accents they use with the girls. Granted if the character is Asian, they get normal American voices. But Charlotte (French), Cecilia (British) and Laura (German) all have very distinct accents that don’t sound like over-exaggerations and are done almost perfectly, capturing their nationality very well. Most English dubs just aren’t that great, so when you try to employ accents into the dub as well, you’re almost asking for trouble. But IS not only doesn’t fail the English voicing, but the accents are great as well, they really do enhance their respective characters.

So yeah, if you can get past harem anime and you haven’t given Infinite Stratos a check, I suggest you do so!