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[PODCAST] Saturday Morning Soapbox # 2

This week on the show we talk about the Thailand cave rescue, my pick for the World Cup Final, whether or not a baseball fan should get reimbursed when hit by a foul ball, a disgusting man who murdered a defenseless dog, how sexual education should be taught, and if all games should be catered to everyone or not.

The Evolution Of My Bisexuality

I happened to be looking through my old posts and found a specific article I wrote almost exactly a year ago. I felt it’d be interesting to talk about things further…

[VIDEO] You’re Not A Transphobe, Date Who You Want To Date (Back Online!)

It’s pretty straight forward, folks. We’re not all pansexual and there’s nothing wrong with that. But to some, apparently that’s so wrong, it’s at the level of a hate crime.

Dear Kotaku, We Don’t Need Blatant LGBTQ Representation In Movies

Valkyrie in the Thor canon is bisexual. According to Kotaku, that means we have to see at least a couple naked women emerge from her bed in order to signify that.

[NSFW] Fantasies Changing With The Times

For many as we get older, a lot of things expand in our minds. But we’re going to have fun and talk about the sexy side of our minds expanding and opening up to more options.

[CSRadical Sports Re-Post] Triggered Blue Jays Fans Want Kevin Pillar Off The Team

Sometimes there will be stories from my new sports blog that goes beyond just the sports conversation. This is one of those cases.

Character Spotlight: Naoto Shirogane

Persona 4 does so many things that very few games would ever dare to even stand remotely close to. We saw through Kanji’s struggles with his sexuality, that alone is something that in 2008 pretty much no one would touch with a 50-foot pole. We also took a look at Rise dealing with the issue […]