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Link To The Past Swordless?! *Brain Explodes*

So every time a Games Done Quick event happens, I see one run in particular that completely breaks my childhood…oh and the game they’re playing. Whether it’s a Small Mario only run of Super Mario World or Relm’s Sketch ability glitching the hell out of Final Fantasy VI, there’s something that completely blows my mind.

This year at Summer Games Done Quick, it’s Link to the Past. A swordless run of Link to the Past. Sure, I’ve seen glitched runs of the game before, but to this extent?! My mind continued to blow as the run keeps going, but what really sold this entire 1.5 hour run was the commentary and the banter between the runner, his friends and even the donation guy in the background. Everything about this run was pure entertainment and if there’s any run thus far that you should be checking out from this year’s SGDQ, it’s this one: