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Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand? #1

I’m 28 years old right now. I’ve really been paying attention to how beautiful girls are since I was 12, so I’ve had 16 years of searching and finding plenty of lovely girls that I’ve spent moments dreaming and thinking about the various “What Ifs” with them. Now while I’d be uncomfortable showing all the girls I like in real life, it’s a whole different story when it comes to girls in fiction, particularly video games and anime.

So with that I had an idea, to do that I needed to come up with a list of any female character from a game or anime. And that list at the start of all this is at 485 and this is right now with me forgetting a few names and many more to be added over time when I consume more media. Holy shit that’s a lot more names than I thought I would’ve come up with! The idea is simple, take the list, put it into a randomizer and pop three names out. Those three girls I ask myself a simple question: Waifu, friend with benefits or one-night stand?

Now hold on, before you get all feminist SJW on me, this has absolutely nothing to do with the “fuckability” of the girls. They’re all beautiful, there’s no need to go into great detail about every single curve of their body, how gropeable their breasts or butts are, this is strictly tailored to their personalities. Because I’m not gonna hide it, every one of these 485 girls I’ve listed at the start of this weekly article, I would absolutely without question have a sexual relationship with if it were possible, for whatever reason. The question I’m asking has to do with if it’s literally just sex (one-night stand), a friendship that may lead to a booty call once in a blue moon (friend with benefits) or a relationship that if such a girl existed, I would absolutely spend the rest of my life with her.

And keep in mind that all these girls are purely fictional, so we’re speaking in hypotheticals here, after all I’m not single and if technology will ever exist that can bring these fictional ladies to life, I will probably not be alive for it.

So with all that out of the way, let’s bring up our contestants this week!


What a great example to start off withm, as I’ll be laying down rules and making decisions on the character before even going into the question with her. Akatsuki is even further beyond a fictional character, she’s an fictional character inside a video game in a fictional world played by a girl behind a computer and virtual reality, given the live inside the game concept of the Log Horizon anime. So taking that in mind, I have to make assumptions on the character for a couple reasons, one being that while I’m aware we do see what she looks like in real life (aka Shizuka Hanekura) and is somewhat similar, I have not actually gotten to that point in Season 2, so I’m having to go off what I’ve seen in the couple of episodes I’ve seen from that season, as well as all of Season 1. I’m also having to use the personality I have seen of her as of the episodes I’ve watched, so any attitude changes in later episodes do not count in this since I haven’t seen them.

So with that all being said, Akatsuki aka Shizuka Hanekura makes this partially easy, considering she looks a bit like her in-game avatar, except her hair appears to be black, rather than a dark purple. I’m actually surprised she hasn’t dyed it to resemble the character, from what I’ve seen of Shizuka’s personality in the game, she’s fully into it to the point that even though it becomes her actual life now, she’s still roleplaying within the game world, while a lot of characters no longer carry that attitude of being a hero, it’s now a game of survival to them, a sense of worry and the unknown. Akatsuki however does not display that much, if at all, she stays very strong and loyal, perhaps a guise to the millions of thoughts running through the back of her head at all times.

When not in her stoic, serious demeanor, she comes off very tomboyish, as displayed through her various dealings with Henrietta, in particular her dislike for being dressed in more girly clothes like dresses and gowns, resulting in her red-faced displeasure every single time. She’s also not particularly fond of physical contact, especially hugs and such, also something Henrietta shows us time and time again. Also, judging by how often she kicks Naotsugu in the face for trying to talking about panties, she’s not too big a fan of people openly talking about perverted subjects.

Because of her personality displayed in-game, it’s very clear to me that she’s one of those players who spends more time in the game than anywhere else and because of that has a real problem being social, at least that’s how I assume it. Like I said earlier, she’s still large in part roleplaying in the game even though it’s become her real life for the time being, perhaps a crutch for her inability to really be able to socialize with everyone. She also shows that a little bit when it’s clearly obvious she either already had or developed feelings for Shiroe during all this, she can’t bring herself to say anything, not even hint at it.

It’s really hard to make a call on her, given all the psychological aspects of her that I have to think about, remember I’m talking about marriage with myself in real life, I have to take into account everything into this, I’m not just going to say she’s my waifu so I can be with her every day and every night, it has to mean I can actually see us getting along for a long time, maybe ’till the day one of us dies. So because of that, I’ve come to the following decision:


It’s hard to come up with this response after having her at #6 on my Top 10 for anime girls I’d marry, but after really thinking about it and taking all the knowledge I know of her, it’s too risky to make the marriage call on her. I truly do believe she’d be an awesome person to hang around, obviously being gamers we can sympathize and on all accounts she comes off a real cutie. The problem is I think with her solitude kind of personality and her lack of social skills, she’d be really uncomfortable being around someone like me for an extended period of time certainly every single day. But I wouldn’t go as far as to say we’d be a one-time meeting and that’s it, I can’t see it being that bad either. So we end up in the middle here.


While the entire series as a whole really disappointed me towards the end due to their John Cena-like writing with how Asuka manages to win almost every match she’s in, especially against opponents she has no business beating, there was always a shining star in that dark void: Misaki Tobisawa.

Misaki at first glance comes off like she’ll be the sex symbol of the series, which while is not false, as she is sort of designed to be that way given her body type and the amount of times she’s either naked, in a swimsuit, or in her FC suit with her ass pointed towards the camera, she’s much more than that. From Episode 1, you figure she’s going to be the sleepy gimmicked character, one of the misfits of the team but as we see later in the episode, she’s just not a morning person and I can certainly sympathize with that!

For a girl designed to be quite a bit of eye candy as illustrated by how Mashiro is constantly all over her (I believe there’s some lesbian undertones going on there), Misaki’s a tough girl. She has that fighting spirit and wants to take the more aggressive route, as she’s a Fighter-class player in the sport and constantly shows off just how aggressive she can be in battles against Shindou and Saki. Even when she’s clearly outmatched, she goes the route of making sure that even if you’re going to win against her, you’re gonna be sore as hell by the end of the game.

Outside of FC she’s a mixed bag, a few bad things and a few good things about her. She’s the kind of girl that you clearly have to gain her trust on first before really getting to the core of her personality, she’s very nonchalant around Asuka at first until she really they start practicing together on the school FC team. She’s also got a jealous streak about her, regardless of her reasons she clearly does not like the fact that Asuka’s getting all the attention and even the full skills of the toughest opponents out there, while Misaki gets maybe half of that, perhaps a bit more.

But in Misaki’s case, the good definitely outweighs the bad, she shines like a bright star when she’s her happiest. There’s not many characters that I perceive to be as genuinely enjoyable to be around as Misaki. She’s a real sweetheart, a bit of a jokester at times, the little “nyah” she puts at the end of her sentences is adorable to me, I don’t care if people think it’s annoying or stupid. She comes off like your best friend when she’s not in a bad place, she really does. Any time spent in the anime when she’s not frustrated or depressed is a pleasure to watch, she really feels like the type of girl that you can just chill with and talk about whatever for hours on end.

Keeping all these things in mind, the choice isn’t too hard to make, certainly nowhere near as hard as Akatsuki. So with that all said and done, here’s what I’ve decided on Misaki:


It’s not to say that Misaki is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But the bad personality traits she has are not exactly as damning as Akatsuki’s were. Sure she might be nonchalant around me at first, but giving it time that won’t be a thing anymore. And I’m not exactly the cheating type, nor do I get myself into situations where she could be led to think that, so the whole jealousy part of her is a rare occurrence at best. So when it comes to Misaki, I’m really taking all the good parts about her. Like I said, she’s a best friend type of girl in my eyes, she’s got that adorable voice to add onto things and her athletic career definitely would be an added bonus, I would love to have someone around me at all times to keep my own health in check, I’m the type of person who doesn’t like being shown up, so if she’s doing well athletically, it would force me to push myself to be better and given my current shape, I could use an extra push. But yeah, real sweetheart and I see no reason to believe things could work out between us if such a person existed.


I’m actually not that big a fan of Final Fantasy VII as a whole, I don’t even have it in my Top 5 Final Fantasy games of all-time. However I can’t deny the plethora of beautiful female party members you have at your disposal in Tifa, Yuffie and of course, the aforementioned Aerith Gainsborough.

However when it comes to those three, Aerith falls at the bottom of the list between them and not just because she gets the least amount of screen time compared to the other two. While she’s indeed a very beautiful young woman, there’s just a lot about her that really puts her under the gun.

The most pertinent aspect of Aerith that rubs me the wrong way is how needy she comes off to me. She’s a very helpless character in the game, often getting captured or finding herself in trouble. She tries to come off as the sweet little cutie pie kind of character, but I never really bought into it while playing the game, I always just looked at her as the girl who I ended up using at the healer until there was no reason to use her anymore.

She also is one of those girls who talks about her ex-boyfriend a bit, which for me is a massive no-no. If it comes up in question, no problem, but to bring it up out of nowhere like she does when Cloud mentions being in SOLDIER, that’s not cool. When I start a relationship with someone, I don’t want to hear about what another person was like, I don’t want to have to be measuring myself to someone else, both literally and metaphorically.

It’s not to say she’s all bad, yes she does have those moments where she comes off really sweet, she does seem like she is that type of girl, she’s just got baggage to her and given the universe she’s from, it’s no surprise. Granted in the Kingdom Hearts series, she’s also much more to the correct side of being a sweetheart, but again that’s because in Kingdom Hearts, the baggage doesn’t exist, she’s just cutie pie Aerith in that series.

So that makes my decision pretty easy here:


There is an attraction to Aerith, don’t get me wrong, but from all accounts that I have with her, she’s a pretty face with a ton of baggage to her and I’m not really interested in dealing with that kind of stuff, I’m not big on drama. Yes she seems like a really nice girl if she didn’t have the ex-boyfriend shenanigans and the whole Cetra thing with Shinra constantly trying to kidnap her and experiment on her. Y’know all that jazz. But in the end, I think she’s the kind of girl that if I met somewhere and we somehow ended up sharing a bed one night, I think that’s as far as I’d let it go.

So that’s this week’s editon of Waifu, FWB, or One-Night Stand, hope you enjoyed it! Leave any comments you’ve got below, whether it’s your own choices between the three or maybe I’m missing something that could’ve turned the tide on my decision with any one of these girls.

Character Spotlight: Akatsuki


Only in anime can you make a ninja one of the most adorable characters you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Akatsuki from the awesome virtual-reality video game MMORPG anime Log Horizon, is the main female character of the show, one who you could argue as being the best in battle in the main group. She’s a great example of a strong, female lead character without having to make sacrifices just to check off a couple more boxes to make the SJWs and extreme feminists happy.

Her first moments are super interesting, which is probably what got me so intrigued by her right off the bat. The first time we meet Akatsuki is while she’s still under her original male avatar, likely playing as such to avoid unwanted attention from male gamers, a common decision that many female gamers end up choosing. It’s nice to see the show put that subtle reference to real issues in there, without making too big a deal of it. But since everyone’s trapped in their avatars like it’s their real bodies, she asks Shiroe to give her a limited edition item that can change her avatar’s gender so she can, y’know…live like her own gender. I’m sure that was quite the experience for her for as long as it took to transfer over.


Once we get the real Akatsuki on screen, all hell breaks loose and the hilarity and pure beauty that is this little ninja girl arrives. With party member Naotsugu being a bit of a pervert, just hearing him start to talk about panties causes her out of pure instinct kick him in the face, followed by asking party leader Shiroe “My lord, may I kick this pervert in the face?” after already doing so. And this continues on through the entire series, even when she’s not there, Naotsugu often having things fall on him when he starts, calling it the Akatsuki Curse (which we see her sneeze after this, it’s so funny).

What’s interesting about her also is her speaking mannerisms. She’s very formal, rarely addresses Shiroe by his name, instead often replace that with “my lord”. It’s hard at first to tell if she’s just a hardcore roleplayer when it comes to her character, but at least with Shiroe it becomes more apparent (though I haven’t finished Season 2 to know if this is 100% true) that she likely talks how she does around him as a way to hide her feelings for him, regardless of the fact they’ve never met in person before. It’s a very interesting perspective on potential love through an MMORPG, something that often does happen (at least when both players know each other’s gender, of course) to people around the world while playing these games.

Akatsuki being "tortured" by Henrietta
Akatsuki being “tortured” by Henrietta

Of course, the crowning jewel of Akatsuki is her various facial expressions, something the show is fantastic for. Especially when under the torturous grasp of Crescent Moon Alliance member Henrietta, Akatsuki has her best moments when cowering in fear of this woman hugging her senseless, brushing her hair and dressing her up in various adorable outfits, something she absolutely despises the most. Perhaps it’s embarrassing to her, maybe she doesn’t see herself as a cute girl in real life, maybe she’s a tomboy and can’t stand pretty dresses and such. Whatever the reason, she hates it and any time she’s put into these situations, it’s memorable and hilarious to watch.


While Akatsuki is super adorable to watch and enjoy every moment she’s on screen, she’s not just that pretty face and figure. In fact, like I said at the beginning of this post, she’s probably the best fighter in Log Horizon as an assassin. With her lightning-fast movements, the ability to go invisible and hide herself from all scanning abilities and of course her many quick and deadly attacks, she’s a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, even with characters like Nyanta and Naotsugu who are no slouches in their own right.

And that’s probably my favourite thing about Akatsuki, the fact that not only is she this tiny, absolutely adorable girl who blushes constantly and is very proper, she can whip so much ass it never ceases to amaze me. She’s not designed specifically to be a badass, she’s not overly muscular with short hair and a deep voice, she’s just a badass no matter what she looks like. That’s what should be done, pretty girls can be tough too, we don’t have to stereotype what a badass tough girl looks like.


Akatsuki is one of my favourite anime girls of all time, one who demonstrates that it is possible to have a girl that can kick tons of ass and doesn’t have to compromise her looks or her personality to do it. She’s a tiny, beautiful yet badass assassin, that’s all there is to it and she succeeds with flying colours.

Seriously though, those facial expressions…

(left to right) Akatsuki, Shiroe, Naotsugu
(left to right) Akatsuki, Shiroe, Naotsugu

Top 10 Anime Girls I’d Marry

A couple weeks ago I had the difficult decision to pick the Top 10 girls in all of anime that I’d list for a one-night stand. That was all fun and games, but now it’s time to get serious! These ten have to be more than a pretty face and body, they have to also have the personality that would work with me and the feeling that I’d want more than to just hang out with them. Also it helps that they aren’t likely to kill me or hurt me pretty badly…

As usual this is my own list taking into account my own preferences, so my list will be way different than yours. And there’s always characters I’ve never heard of or haven’t watched so I don’t know them inside and out. And because some characters may have difficulty applying to real life (cause, y’know…it’s anime), there’ll be a couple characters I adjust slightly to work with this situation.

Anyways, let’s get to it!



My first anime crush, Cagalli has been etched into my psyche for a long time now. The downside to that is there’s been plenty of time to take her further and further down the totem pole. However she’s still leaps and bounds more interesting than the majority of anime girls out there, she’s a tough girl with a tiny bit of a laid back personality when she’s not fighting for her life. She of course gets extra points being a tomboy, something that always works well with me. Man…I still can remember that sequence in Gundam Seed with her and Athrun on that deserted island as if I watched it yesterday.


Lynette’s an absolute freaking sweetheart, she’s awesome. She’s also got that shy side of her as well that’s really cute. A huge plus for me is she’s a pretty good cook (I’m god awful in the kitchen right now), so it would certainly be nice to have someone directing me rather than leaving me to burn the house down. I suppose her being in an alternate WWII-era anime requires some change to bring her into the present day, but given her look and attitude, I don’t see that being an issue.


Right off the bat, yes I know she’s a tiny alien inside an AI unit designed exactly like her in human size. So let’s just assume the AI unit is the actual human body for this. Nagisa is a crazy mixture all over, she can be that adorable girl, but she’s also so unpredictable and a little crazy, which can be fun (when she’s not holding a Memory Erasure Apparatus, I mean…hammer…) as well. Not to mention the blue hair/green eyes combination looks fantastic on her. One of my favourite girls from this year’s worth of anime.


I seem to like a lot of girls in sci-fi kind of anime, the third character of the first four so far that has something to do with outer space. I’m not even convinced I’d need to take away Marika’s space pirate work, she doesn’t seem to let it change her to the point of the stereotypical rum-drinking, cursing, violent pirate. Instead she’s an absolute sweetheart, very fun loving and let’s be honest here, she’s gorgeous. I don’t think even in full pirate getup and holding a gun right to my head, I still wouldn’t think in the back of my head “Damn she’s pretty…”.


Granted, this character is inside a video game, so we can safely assume the role of the character’s self in the real world, Shizuka Hanekura. Specifically in Log Horizon, Akatsuki is easily the cutest assassin I’ve ever seen in any form of media. She has to be when one of the side characters tries to dress her up in pretty clothes and hugs the shit out of her every time she comes across her. Personality-wise, I really don’t pay much attention to her “my lord” portion, other than the fact you know she’s loyal to you once you’ve earned her respect. Otherwise, she is clearly very shy and reserved, looking even more adorable when doing so. I just hope Akatsuki is the only part of Shizuka that’s swung a sharp object.


Looking at the rest of this list, I can safely say we’re away from all the outer space ladies, but something will remain consistent for almost the entire Top 5: tomboys. Makoto is the tomboyish character in Idolmaster that wants to be a girly pop idol like everyone else, but her tomboyish figure for the most part prevents that, everyone prefers to dress her more like a guy. Honestly, I could go either way, she looks really good in her more masculine clothes such as the tanktop and shorts she’s wearing in the picture above. But I’d have zero issues with her in a cute top, skirt and thigh high socks if that’s what she wants to do. She’s pretty enough that she can pull off both sides.


It’s crazy that in an anime/visual novel where there’s so many to choose from, especially ones designed to be perfect (Nerine, Lisianthus, Kareha, etc.), Asa’s the one I’d pick by not just a small margin, but by a landslide. This green-haired sporty tomboy is fucking awesome, she really gives off that best friend in the entire world attitude. But she also backs up her awesome personality with pure beauty, past the joking and stuff she is an absolutely beautiful girl and is very adorable when you get close enough to her to unlock that part of her personality. Though the denim shorts cut into bikini bottoms still baffles me. Tomboy, I guess.


Rikka’s probably the closest character in terms of her overall looks and personality to my actual real-life girlfriend and before you even think it, no, my girlfriend is 27 like me. Minus the acting like she’s still an anime heroine, Rikka is easily the cutest of all the girls on this list in terms of personality. She’s very over-exaggerating with her emotions, whether she shows that by her facial expressions, or waving her hands about (my girlfriend does this a lot when she speaks). She’s totally adorable, you just want to give her the biggest hug ever. I imagine once she’s grown up a little more, probably after high school, she’s the perfect mixture of a young adult who still has a little bit of their inner child out there.


I said so many good things about Charlotte in my Top 10 Infinite Stratos Girls list, but she just misses the #1 spot. But it’s no easy feat to get #2 and Charlotte works hard to do that. She’s one of very few blonde-haired characters that’s really gotten my attention, it helps that she dressed like a guy for half the first season and has a curious mixture of a tomboy, but seems to lean to a more girly side once her real gender is discovered. And then there’s that French accent of her, which is sexy as fuck. She really gives off that sweet girl feeling, the kind of girl you’d want to take out to a nice dinner to, not just a movie or something trivial like that. You think she’s worth the effort, as certainly do I.


But if Charlotte, the girl I’ve been talking endlessly about these past couple weeks isn’t #1, who is? Well…


I don’t even want to remove her cat ears and tail, fuck it, have nekojin exist in our world for this, it only adds to how beautiful this woman is. The first time I saw Kuon in Episode 1 of Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen, I thought she was really cute, but wasn’t sure how I’d feel about her personality. Generally speaking, characters that look like how she does can often be a little hyper, or too overly cute. But by the end of Episode 1 after watching how this woman acts, the only thought coming to my head was “Holy shit, if this girl was real…”, though of course I am in a great 8-year relationship, I’m not the kind of terrible guy who’d drop a girl just because he came across a prettier one who’s into him. Putting all that aside though, there’s no denying the perfection that is Kuon. She’s one of the prettiest girls in any fictional media I’ve ever come across and may just have the best personality out of all of them. She’s sweet, she’s loving, she’s caring, she’s funny, she’s adorable and she has no problem getting serious when she has to. She’s the total package and easily the #1 candidate for an anime marriage if one could ever exist.


Hope you enjoyed the list, once again I had a blast/hard time making this one up. If you’ve got your own opinions, especially involving characters I didn’t even mention, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below!