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10 Questions “Feminists Should Ask Me On A First Date”

Sometimes there are things you can’t resist, no matter how much you know you should stay away from it. I’m (if you haven’t figured it out already) not quite the most “politically correct” individual, I view myself as a “centrist”, a believer in the facts, not your feelings.

So when I came across a lovely post that a (clearly proud) feminist put up for all those to enjoy: A list of 10 questions every feminist should be asking someone on a first date. I assume this is so they find out if the person they’re having this date with is someone willing to bow down and do whatever she says, believes what she believes and repeats everything she says to those who oppose her. Y’know, white knights and all that shit.

So anyways, let’s get this train wreck a’ rollin!

1. Do you believe that Black Lives Matter?

I believe that all lives matter, but of course, any sane, moral and reasonable person believes that yes, black lives do matter. However, when I see the capitalization, I know what the message truly is. It’s not if I believe “black lives matter” but if I believe in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. That being the case, then my thoughts are significantly different.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement in its early beginnings was like many other movements. It had potential, it had good intentions and carried a message that at first was a very good one. However as most racially-driven movements become, over time either the wrong people were put in charge, or they put themselves in charge and the message began to change. At this current time, I do not view the #BLM movement as one of racial equality, peace and morality, rather it is a movement based on hatred, violence and yes, racism.

2. What are your thoughts on gender and sexual orientation?

I don’t have thoughts about something that isn’t of importance in life. I’ve said it before, I do not believe your gender, nor your sexuality has any bearing on who you are as a person. As a bisexual male who recently “discovered” this part of myself, my personality has not changed in the slightest, I am who I am based on things other than my male genes and my interest in having sex with both men and women.

However, if you really want to put the gun to my head, I’ll make it simple. I believe in absolute equality for all biological genders and all sexual orientations (so long as you’re not touching kids), no questions asked.

3. How do you work to dismantle sexism and misogyny in your life?

By not being sexist or misogynistic in my daily life. It’s not that hard.

Oh and me liking video games and anime where boobs and butts are things that exist and shown off, that doesn’t make me a sexist misogynist pig. Grow up.

4. What are your thoughts on sex work?

Oldest profession and an honourable one at that, despite what many people say on both sides. I believe it’s a trade that we need to take more seriously, be more open about and quite honestly stop looking at in such a vulgar, disgusting manner. If there are men and women who want to sell their bodies in a sexual manner and there is a market for them, who are we to stop them. So long as we can regulate the sex industry so that every worker within it is working safely, I see zero issue with sex work, such as prostitution.

5. Are you a supporter of the BDS movement?

I had to research this one, it appears to be about putting pressure on Israel to overturn it’s various violations of international law in terms of returning the Palestinian land it’s occupied and creating full equality for Arab-Palestinians and such.

I have no real opinion on this issue, other than the simple fact I believe in full equality for all. So get on that shit, Israel.

6. What is your understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous rights?

I don’t believe creating “foreign” regions is an intelligent idea. Any immigrants/refugees entering a country should be coming into said country with the understanding that there is an expectation that if they want to live in that country or take refuge in that country, they must adapt to the country in all walks of life, whether that’s learning the language, abiding by all the country’s laws and quite frankly, making a conceded effort to just fit in. Yes, it’s also on us to make our country welcome to outsiders. But with what I’ve seen of such examples of these “colonies” like in Sweden, it’s not working out at all.

7. Do you think capitalism is exploitative?

Everything can be exploited. It’s just that capitalism is certainly better than communism.

8. Can any human be illegal?

I’m assuming this pertains to immigration, to which the answer is yes. If you come into a country you are not a citizen of and you enter illegally, guess what? YOU’RE AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!!!

It’s not that hard, folks.

9. Do you support Muslim Americans and non-Muslim people from Islamic countries?

I support anyone and everyone from any country, any nation. But like I said in Question #6, so long as you abide by the law and make an effort to “fit in”, you’ll be fine.

However, it’s not Islamophobic to call members of Islamic culture out for partaking in some extremely disgusting behavior, whether it’s via their religion, or their own personal beliefs.

10. Does your allyship include disabled folks?

I don’t view people as “allies”, that makes me believe I look at a group of people as those I can use to further push my political agenda. I will once again refer to something I’ve said several times in this article:


Is that good enough for ya?

…Well I guess that fictional date is probably over. And by probably, I mean 110% over. That feminist would’ve left halfway into question #2.

What Is Fanservice And What Is Reality?


I don’t hide the fact that I watch a ton of anime that people file under the subjects of ‘ecchi’ and ‘harem’, why would I? As I’ve said time and time again, I don’t feel like watching any of these shows does any harm to anyone who is able to distinguish the differences between fantasy and reality. If there are truly people out there who watch this content and bring those views into real-life, there’s already something askew with this person. Don’t look into the fictional content they consume, take a look into their childhood, their history.

But aside from the usual feminist and SJW bullshit thrown in the direction of content like this, there’s one specific term that I want to talk about and define it in the way I truly believe it should be defined, rather than how I perceive it to be viewed as in this present day.

That term of course for those familiar with anime, is fanservice.

from Bakemonogatari

This is the definition of the term fanservice on Urban Dictionary:

“In general, fan service refers to scenes designed to excite or titillate the viewer. This can include scantily-clad outfits, cleavage shots, panty shots, nude scenes (shower scenes especially), etc. Some broader definitions also include things like cool mecha, big explosions, battle scenes, etc. Basically, if it has little plot-redeaming value, but makes the viewer sit up and take notice, it’s probably fan service in one form or another.”

Now the definition here extends to beyond sexual content, but that’s going to be where my focus lies, since no one really gets offended by mechs, explosions, battle scenes and more. I could also argue that people shouldn’t be getting offended by sexual content, but I’ve said my piece about this over and over again and that’s not the aim of this post, so let’s move on from that.

So essentially, the definition of fanservice is extended towards anything that is considered sexually enticing, exciting or titillating for the viewers, regardless of gender and sexuality. So this means things ranging from shower scenes and undressing/dressing scenes all the way to extremes like the various girls in a harem grabbing each others’ boobs and the classic girl falls on a guy so perfectly that her panty-covered butt is mere inches from his face. Now why am I setting one side of the spectrum the extremes like boob grabbing and the other side being showering and getting dressed?

This is where my own personal definition of fanservice comes into play. While I understand that the intention of a lot of these scenes is simply to elicit a reaction from the audience, my personal view of what is fanservice is just a little different. So here’s my version of the definition of fanservice, specifically for anime:

Fanservice in anime refers to scenes where the actions on screen cannot be perceived as natural or realistic to what could conceivably happen in real life. For example, in terms of scenes labeled as ‘ecchi’, a shower scene does not qualify as fanservice because it’s something that is a normal, everyday action in life. However, something like a girl falling on top of a male character in a compromising position such as her butt directly in front of the male’s face (especially when wearing a skirt) would be considered fanservice as it’s an extremely unlikely event that for the average person would not happen once in their entire lives, let alone every day. 

from Keijo!!!!!!!!

A moment like the one pictured above from Keijo!!!!!!!!, where a “Vacuum Butt Cannon” strike from Nozomi causes the swimsuits of Sayaka, Non and Kazane to rip right off of them and rendering them topless, that’s fanservice, without a shadow of a doubt. Under no circumstances could a single girl’s butt be so powerful that she could create a gust of a wind so hard that it could rip the swimsuits off of other girls. Maybe if they were made of paper, but fabric don’t rip that easily!

And that’s where my definition lies with fanservice. Again, I’m not denying that a lot of scenes in anime that people consider to be fanservice, they are designed to elicit a sexual reaction from the viewer. What I want to do however, is separate the scenes that I think are plausible and realistic and separate them from the fanservice term, because I think there are moments in anime that yes they can be considered sexual, but they’re normal things that we all do in real life, there just happens to be a camera on it.

So just for some clarity, here’s three cases from the last two seasons that I consider fanservice:


Here’s a scene from New Game! where initially I would not have considered this fanservice. In the very beginning, it’s just Kou expresses her desire of not wanting to wear pants when she’s alone and expresses this to Rin. The following morning, thinking she has some time before people show up at the office where the two stayed overnight, she does the same. But when Aoba shows up early, instead of doing the smart thing and hiding in her sleeping bag, she tries to shut up Kou and this is how they’re found. They’re both pantsless and they look almost like they were making out. It’s an unlikely situation, not because two girls making out is abnormal, but at work and in this state of attire, it is abnormal, thus I consider this scene fanservice.


In this scene from Hundred, Claire after getting her battle suit all dirty during a fight, she decides to wash herself off in a lake nearby. Now normally, this wouldn’t be so abnormal, but there are factors that make this extremely abnormal. One, this is in the middle of a battle going on where friends and colleagues of hers are still fighting. Second, her battle attire got dirty, as far as we know that dirt didn’t get onto her skin. Third and most important, HAYATO IS THERE WITH HER WHEN SHE STRIPS NAKED AND TAKES A SKINNY DIP IN THE LAKE. For those unfamiliar with the show, at this time while there are hints that she’s attracted to him, she’s still very combative with him. Thus, another fanservice moment.

01Lastly, here’s a moment from the second season of Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma. In this scene, two of the judges during the Autumnal Elections tournament are subjected to one of the major gimmicks of the show, the food is so good it’s literally orgasmic. In this picture, I don’t think the outfits, while ridiculous and unlikely to ever be worn, they’re not fanservice-worthy, because it could just be a Monster Musume cosplay. However, because the scene revolves around these girls moaning and groaning like they’re having an all-night sexcapade by just eating a well-prepared food dish, this scene is extremely unlikely because the average girl doesn’t eat something and sound like she’s climaxing. Thus, it’s fanservice.

from Nisekoi
from Nisekoi

It’s a slippery slope and a tough one to nail down, but I truly think we need to be a little more specific as to what makes a scene fanservice. It honestly has nothing to do with the definition itself, the definition Urban Dictionary gives makes perfect sense as to what it actually is, the problem is that the term is now being used as a word feminists and SJWs alike can pull out of their back pocket to win an argument (at least in their opinion) whenever they’re losing on a logical standpoint. So regardless of what I said earlier where I gave a slightly different definition of anime-specific fanservice when it comes to sexual content, what I really want to do is separate the kinds of content that I think should be labelled with the term now, since it’s abused by feminists and SJWs in the present day.

Anything that we can conceivably believe could happen in real life, that in my opinion shouldn’t be labelled with the fanservice moniker that is used as a source of offense to various people who have become too easily offended. I don’t know what kind of word to use as a new label though, the term ‘ecchi‘ also refers to not just nudity and panty shots, but perverted situations as well, so that’s not an option. So here’s an idea, let’s just not call it anything but ‘real‘, because that’s what the content I’m fighting for in the article is.

from Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation
from Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation

Here’s a great example of the difference between what I’d consider fanservice and what I’d consider to be real. Here’s a scene from Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation. At the beginning of this scene, lead character Itsuki is just taking a bath in a hot spring, a classic scene in anime, except for once, we’re getting some boy butt instead of the usual 5+ girls comparing breast sizes. At the beginning of this scene, under no circumstance would I consider this to be fanservice and since this is a boy naked in a hot spring, I actually wonder if a feminist would consider this as such as well. Why isn’t this fanservice? Because this is normal, you usually get naked when you are in a hot spring, just like you’re usually naked if you’re taking a bath or a shower.

However, it’s when Aika suddenly appears in the same hot spring as Itsuki that the context of this scene changes. Now if this was the only hot spring and there wasn’t a set schedule for when the men/women use the facility, this would not be fanservice, because in that case you would have to expect there to be moments where both an attractive male and female could be together in the hot spring. However in this scene there are two separate hot springs, one for men, one for women. There is an expectation that males and females obey that and not mix together in either of the baths. By Aika disregarding this, by also being naked with Itsuki in the hot spring, the scene has transitioned into a fanservice scene, because this moment is no longer plausible. In my opinion, I almost feel like this scene was designed as if the creators wanted to be fair and have both naked male and female characters, but felt like having a scene where just having a single boy naked in the hot spring would be “too much” for their straight male viewers and opted to solve that problem by adding a sexy naked Aika into the mix to even things out. But that’s a conversation for another time.

from Izetta, The Last Witch
from Izetta, The Last Witch

So what should make a scene separate from the feminist version of the fanservice moniker? Like I said before, anything that could be considered a normal everyday action should not be looked at on the same level as scenes like Highschool of the Dead where the girls grope each other while bathing together, because how often in life do multiple girls not only share the same bath at the same time, but also decide to take the time to fondle each other? It really bothers me that a moment like a girl taking a shower or a girl undressing is considered as offensive and as sexual as a scene where girls are touching each other in a sexual manner. The last time I checked, a normal solo shower is not as sexual as two girls grabbing each other’s breasts and sliding their hands in between their legs.

So like I did before with what should be considered fanservice, here’s three pictures that while look like fanservice moments, they shouldn’t be considered as such:


Here’s a scene from Brave Witches where sisters Hikari (left) and Takami (right) are bathing together. Now granted, at their current ages (14 and 17), it’s not as likely that the two would be bathing together as they would be if they were younger than 10, but because the two are sisters, it’s not out of the question that they could still share a bath together, whether it’s at home, a bathhouse, hot spring, etc. Also, during this scene, at no point are they grabbing each other’s breasts, they’re not comparing their sizes, there’s nothing of a sexual manner going on. In fact, while the picture looks like Hikari is fixated on her older sister’s chest, it’s actually because of the scar underneath that she suffered in battle. This is plausible and normal, so it’s not fanservice.


In this scene from Dagashi Kashi, Hotaru being Hotaru falls into a rice field and gets beyond muddy. When found by Saya, she brings Hotaru to her house so she can shower off while her clothes are washed. Upon exiting the shower, Saya’s brother Tou walks in on Hotaru while she’s still naked drying off. While Hotaru and possibly Saya are stupid for not locking the bathroom door and while Tou is a fucking moron for walking towards the bathroom and going on when if I remember correctly he could hear the shower running while he was walking down the hall, this scene still isn’t fanservice, no matter how ridiculous the situation was. Why? Because all that happened was Hotaru taking a shower, which is perfectly normal. The latter part of the scene was simply a matter of circumstance.


This is a tough one to judge, but I think this isn’t fanservice. This episode from Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist pits the main cast in a building after being kidnapped and left in their underwear (minus Raiki, who underneath is wearing women’s underwear, cause the show is insane) upon waking up. Granted, there’s a lot of half-naked girls in this episode and girls like Kosuri (pink hair) and Otome (tiny black-haired girl) are wearing some pretty unique and skimpy underwear, but as far as I see it this isn’t actually fanservice, despite the show being large in part a show that revolves around sexuality and a lot of panties. Why? Because these girls are allowed to wear whatever they want and the fact they’re standing before us half-naked isn’t of their own volition, rather it’s been forced upon them. While yes, this isn’t a normal situation under any circumstances, this also isn’t a situation under their control like say a scene where you have several girls together undressing around each other and comparing breast sizes by staring and grabbing.

from Demon King Daimao
from Demon King Daimao

I think the key thing I want to stress out in this article is that I firmly believe that while yes, shows that are synonymous with being ecchi and fanservice contain a lot of scenes with girls changing, showering, bathing, walking around naked or in their underwear and all that jazz, I don’t think that scenes like these should be painted with the same brush as scenes where far more sexual actions are taking place. I don’t think that a scene of a girl showering should be on the same level as a scene where a girl walks in on a guy bathing and starts washing his back with her breasts, I don’t think a scene where a girl is undressing or getting dressed alone should be on the same level as a scene where a girl starts stripping in front of a guy or girl and starts to climb on top of him/her, trying to bed the person they’re on top of.

We need to start taking a different look at scenes like the one pictured above. The scene in question is from Demon King Daimao where Fujiko is undressing in a school changeroom. While again, yes this scene is designed to grab the attention of those watching who have an attraction to the female body, but when you really sit down and think about it, is a girl undressing in a changeroom really a sexual-related occurrence. If not for the camera being there, this is just a normal thing that happens every single day. Girls go to school. Girls have gym class. Girls don’t go to school in their gym clothes, so they have to change from their normal clothes into their gym clothes. That’s something that happens every day, why is this offensive and overly sexual? The same goes for shower, bath and hot spring scenes, what’s so offensive about that? The majority of us shower and bathe naked, that’s just something that happens. The only real difference between real life and what happens here in anime is that there’s a camera handy to record these moments so that we can watch them.

from World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman
from World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

The one thing I will concede to a little bit has to do with when the camera closes in on certain body parts, specifically breasts, butts and in some shows, a panty-covered vagina. In some shows this does happen to men as well, a focus on the butt and sometimes the bulge in their pants or underwear, but obviously this is more of an “issue” with it being used on female characters. Again, this is where I will make a slight concession to the fanservice moniker, however this still happens during scenes that I would consider a normal occurrence. Thus, when moments like this happen, I personally refer to them as “camera-based fanservice”, moments that normally I wouldn’t consider fanservice, but because the camera moves and/or zooms in on a specific part of the human body to emphasize how sexy the character in question is.

Camera-based fanservice is usually most specific to girls’ breasts, as there’s a common emphasis on cleavage and bouncing breasts when they’re larger than a B-cup. If a girl is leaning forward just enough, the camera zooms in to their cleavage, as if we’re the male protagonist taking a peek. Sometimes as well, the camera will just focus on the breasts when they’re real big, so we can be mesmerized as they jiggle. Other times the camera will focus on the butt, usually in upskirt shots and perfect views of a girl’s ass when she bends over or is adjusting her panties, just so we can get a great idea of the exact shape of that very butt. In a really rare case (usually only done in 18+ rated shows), the camera will decide to skip out on the two easy shots and go to the front of a girl’s panties, just so you can get the perfect view of the area where your fingers or if you have one, your dick will not ever enter into. But generally speaking the usage of camera-based fanservice is based solely on the boobs or the butt.

from And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?
from And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

As far as I’m concerned, while I personally think all fanservice should be acceptable, because the idea that sexual content in non-hentai anime is offensive is absolutely ridiculous to me (granted there are cases against that *cough cough* Sword Art Online…), I think that out of anything I attach the fanservice moniker to, camera-based fanservice is the most acceptable, because the majority of the time it happens, it’s to scenes that are normally a realistic, plausible occurrence. What camera-based fanservice does is really the same thing that we all do with pictures we download online and zoom into with MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop. The scene isn’t harmful or offensive, it’s just someone behind the camera zooming in on that shot and focusing only on a specific body part than the actual normal scene going on.

So in summary, what do I consider fanservice, at least in a sexual sense? Anything that happens in the show that is beyond a normal everyday action we all take in life. Something like a shower scene, changing clothes and choosing to walk around without pants on, those are extremely normal, or in the case of the latter option, something plausible that could happen in real life. Something however like girls changing at school and starting a grope session, or a girl rubbing her bare breasts on a guy who she isn’t in a relationship with in the bath, those are situations that are abnormal, things that you don’t normally see every day. Those to me are considered fanservice. You can make the argument that panty shots and cleavage shots are fanservice, but I still think there’s some realism to them, it’s really just a realistic scene with someone zooming in on the specific body part they want to drool over.

from The Asterisk War
from The Asterisk War

We also need to keep in mind that there are scenes that blur the lines as well. The most common ones are when one or more characters are caught in a compromising position, whether they’re getting dressed, undressing, only in their underwear, only wearing a towel, or even naked. In a sense, the scene is fanservice because it’s an unlikely event, I can count on one hand how many times I saw someone of the opposite sex naked or in their underwear by accident and I can count on zero hands how many times that happened after I hit puberty and reached my teens, y’know the age of those who this happens to in anime. However, we also have to keep in mind that in reality, a girl undressing isn’t abnormal, so the character being half-naked isn’t what is fanservice, it’s the unlikely action of another character walking in on that character that makes it fanservice.

So to summarize that in the simplest terms, a girl in her underwear isn’t fanservice, the male character walking in on her and making her embarrassed is fanservice. Because a girl in her underwear is a normal thing, the reaction of her covering up her body with her face bright red, that isn’t normal.

from Black Lagoon
from Black Lagoon

I understand that there are some people who aren’t comfortable watching shows where girls are parading around in their underwear or they’re naked in a bathtub, shower, hot spring, whatever they’re looking sexy as all hell in. There is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable with sexual content, under no circumstance will I ever say that it’s wrong to feel uncomfortable watching any form of entertainment media where a man or a woman are naked. However, to say the content itself is offensive, insensitive and wrong, that is absolutely wrong of all counts. We need to stop getting in a tizzy about content that contains images of naked women, because apparently naked men is okay, you never hear feminists and SJWs getting upset about that! Especially when we seem to have almost no problem with content where innocent lives are murdered in the most grotesque ways possible. Can we get on the correct path and agree the act that causes death is maybe a little more offensive than the act that turns someone on?

The key term that people throw at anime that they have a problem with sexual content in is fanservice. As in “This disgusting anime is nothing but fanservice!” or “The story is good, but the anime suffers from too much fanservice.”. The idea that someone could possibly think that a half-naked girl causes a show’s story to “suffer” is pathetic to me, clearly you don’t actually like the show that much, because if a butt is enough to make you stop watching it, it must not have grabbed you all that well. I hate excessive gore in anime, yet shows like Hellsing, Highschool of the Dead, the new anime Drifters and especially Gakkou Gurashi!, a show where I potentially could’ve watched tiny schoolgirls die horrible deaths to zombies, yet I don’t have a problem watching them even with all the gore, because it’s that good to me. I cannot stand depressing anime, yet shows like Anohana, Your Lie in April and Charlotte were so good, I could look past that.

If you can’t look past an anime because of a butt or a pair of breasts, that’s just sad to me. If a show is as good as you say it is, a little sexual content shouldn’t be enough to tarnish the fantastic storyline and diverse cast of well thought out characters that the anime contains. But instead, you likely fabricate your opinions that the anime was really good, but the fanservice ruined it in order to hide the fact that you didn’t watch it with an open mind and you have a serious lack of comfort with either the human body or maybe just your own. I don’t pretend to be a psychiatrist, but is you’re bothered by a fictional character being naked, there’s something going on in your head that might need someone to help you out with.

from Monster Musume
from Monster Musume no Iro Nichijou

One of the greatest examples I can ever pull out of being a show that I could look past something I hated about it is Monster Musume no Iro Nichijou. From the very beginning when I saw this anime on the list of the Summer 2015 anime shows to be simulcasted, I looked at it as a show I was going to drop right from the very start. I assumed after the first minute of the show I’d want to drop it. Why? Because the concept of monster girls really doesn’t tickle my fancy, as still doesn’t even after watching the entire season of the show. The sight of Rachnera, a girl whose top half is human (mostly) but the bottom half is all spider, I was like “Fuck that!” upon the idea that I was going to enjoy a show with a character like that not only existing but being displayed in a show littered with fanservice, the kind I consider to be fanservice. Even worse, she’s a bondage lover, another thing that I am beyond against and do not enjoy watching. Then you have a lamia, a slime girl, a centaur, and many other monster girls, there should’ve been absolutely no way I was going to like this show.

And yet despite all the things I was against, when the show started and I watched the first episode…I loved it. Despite the majority of the cast being monster girls, despite there being a spider girl with a penchant for bondage, a slime girl who caused other girls to orgasm and a lamia with one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever had to listen to in an anime, I still enjoyed the hell out of the show and kept looking forward to the next episode. That’s how entertaining it was, despite all the things I was uncomfortable with, the humour was spot-on, the characters were all very unique (not counting their looks) and interesting and the absurdity of the show kept ramping up to the point I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. There was stuff even by the end of the show’s season that I still hated, the image of Rachnera still doesn’t sit well in my brain, the voice of Miia will haunt me forever, but the anime itself was so good, it surpassed the things I hated about it. It didn’t matter how much I hated something, the anime trumped that hatred.

from Highschool DxD
from Highschool DxD

If simple fanservice turns you off of a show, just admit the show wasn’t that good. I can do that with shows like Highschool DxD, Queen’s Blade and Masou Gakuen HxH. It’s not specifically because of the sheer amount of fanservice that those shows do offer, rather the quality of the show beyond the fanservice wasn’t that good. When I think a show isn’t that good, I give legitimate reasons why, whether it’s things like the story doesn’t make sense, the characters are unlikable, the animation quality bothers me, or maybe I just don’t like the concept. I don’t enjoy magical girl anime and I don’t hide that, I don’t make excuses about it, I bluntly say it.

Just say to your viewers and those who come across your post, video, tweet, whatever it may be, just say you don’t like fanservice anime. Don’t say it’s disgusting, offensive, insensitive or whatever insults you throw at it, because it’s not those things, come up with a legitimate reason. Maybe you prefer more clean anime, maybe you prefer shows that are more story-based than comedy based, like most fanservice anime are. Or here’s a novel idea, just say you’re not attracted to women, so the majority of fanservice anime doesn’t suit you, because it depicts mostly sexual content with female characters and not male characters. I have no problem with you not enjoying extreme fanservice shows like To Love-Ru, Chu-Bra and Keijo!!!!!!!!, I have no problem with you not enjoying harem anime like Infinite Stratos, Rosario + Vampire and Date A Live, but what I have a problem with is you talking about it like it’s offensive, like it harms societal and cultural values and I have a problem with you saying that fanservice is disgusting and does not belong in media. That’s not your decision to make, you are not the arbiter of all things anime, everything is allowed to exist. I don’t like anime with rape in it, but Sword Art Online exists! I don’t like it, but I don’t think it shouldn’t exist.

I’ve said it a million times but if you want something to dwindle, if you want something to go away, don’t acknowledge it. By talking about fanservice anime, you inadvertently advertise it to your own audience. Someone who follows you will inevitably take a look at it and probably enjoy it, that’s one more viewer for that show and that kind of content. Even if they don’t watch it, they might talk about it too, which in turn exposes the show to even more people. If you think Keijo!!!!!!!! is truly disgusting and shouldn’t be a thing, don’t say a word about it. The chances of it disappearing increase exponentially if less people are talking about it.

from Infinite Stratos

Fanservice is not a bad thing, nor should it be considered a slight against an anime. But because it is, I think we need to make an adjustment to what the term truly means. Fanservice should not describe something that we also do in our daily lives, just because a camera happens to catch Haruko from Maken-Ki! showering the same way we all shower, that shouldn’t be considered as dirty as a scene like in Freezing where Satellizer is being sexually assaulted by Cleo and Ingrid while Arnett watches on. They are not remotely the same, thus they shouldn’t be painted with the same brush. A girl showering is normal, a girl being sexually assaulted by two other girls is not, let’s not act like they are one in the same.

It shouldn’t be a dirty word to anime fans to begin with, but since it is, we need to make that distinction between what is truly designed to be nothing more than fanservice and what isn’t. Because I think it’s time that we stopped acting immature and getting all offended over a girl drying her hair and she’s just wearing panties.

We’re supposed to be grown adults, how about we start acting like one?

Keijo!!!!!!!! Isn’t Sexist, It Just Suffers From Exclamation Mark Anxiety


It doesn’t take much these days to set people off. Even if the thing isn’t about something racist, sexist or whatever else, so long as it can be perceived as such by anyone looking to be offended, it will be used as such.

Take Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio for example. She decided that after likely either half-ass watching the first episode of the new anime series Keijo!!!!!!!! (currently being simulcasted on Crunchyroll), watching the first couple minutes and then turning it off, or better yet watching the preview of the show and assuming everything else based on that little snippet, that this show is the worst thing ever.

Here’s the article posted by Cecilia on Kotaku here.

I’m afraid I have a bone to pick with you, Cecilia. So let’s get started shall we?

When you see a truly awful commercial product, do you ever try to picture the businessmen who made it happen? Who was the suit, on the 11th floor of some glassy, gilded skyscraper, who bypassed several security officers, took an elevator to a sterile meeting room, sat down with his well-groomed colleagues and assistants and announced, “Yes, definitely. We would love to produce a fighting anime about women smashing their asses and tits together. Very good, tremendous potential here”?

Who are you, suit? Can we talk? I have questions about Keijo!!!!!!!!.

Here’s a tip, Cecilia. If you want your article to be taken with any sort of seriousness and merit, maybe hold off on the melodramatic bullshit intro paragraph where you make up a bunch of stuff that’s supposed to get the reader to think you’re about to slam a freight train down on them with the subject matter you’re actually supposed to be talking about.

Skip the bullshit, get to the story. You’re supposed to be a journalist, not a fiction writer.

I picture this moment: the shaking of hands, the nodding of heads. Were they drinking filtered water when they decided that, yes, a sport where “no contact is allowed except using breasts and butts” was extremely good and, hell, let’s get some real solid animators in here? Scribbled on ledger paper over in Osaka, Japan, was there an obliging secretary’s notes on, “18+ girls, wearing swimsuits, in a dormitory, honing their ‘Butt Cannon’ and ‘Bust to Bust Attack’ skills, learning about life and love”?

No, I imagine they were drinking whatever the fuck they felt like drinking. No, I don’t think some secretary had to take notes on the show’s concept, that’s what a script and storyboards are for. No, I don’t think they though bringing in real solid animators was necessary, because as we’ve seen with shows like Rosario + Vampire, The Familiar of Zero and Demon King Daimao, not every ecchi-based anime has the best animations teams money can buy. Here’s an extra point, it’s 2016, most anime now looks exactly as good as Keijo!!!!!!!! does. Maybe if all you’re watching is Gakuen Handsome and shows of that level of animation, then I’ll give you some rope. But you’d probably hang everyone with it anyways.


Here’s the big point I’ve got for you though: Who the fuck cares what the concept is?! Does an anime where girls use their boobs and butts really affect you in your daily life? Does a show where girls wear swimsuits hurt you so bad that you need to see a doctor? No, just like when shows like Free!Kuroko no Basket, Uta no Prince-sama and the brand spanking new All Out!, they don’t affect me because it’s an anime all about good looking guys. It’s fictional media, Cecilia, take a breather and then ignore it. It’s pretty easy to do.

I protest. I don’t care that it’s well-animated. I don’t care that the women have discernible personalities—no cookies for you. It is beside the point that Keijo!!!!!!!! was previously a manga. It could have died in obscurity.

You are not the decider on this. Hell, you’re not even in the same market as where these shows are produced. I don’t know if you’ve done any research, but Japan and other parts of the world that don’t involve The United SJWs of America are actually a lot more accepting of sexual content in media.

Also, seriously? You don’t care if the women have discernible personalities? Nice use of big words by the way to make yourself sound smarter. So by saying that, you don’t care at all if women in media have unique personalities? I mean sure, let’s go back to the old days where every girl is just a housewife and her only role is to clean, cook and satisfy her man. Let’s not have characters like Nozomi, who’s a tomboy gymnast with an Osaka accent, let’s not have characters like Sayaka, who’s a tough tomboy with a judo background (oh hey, a girl who doesn’t need a man to fight for her!) and hell, let’s not have characters like Yuko who’s a tall, muscular badass of a girl or Nagisa, who’s a girl with some weight on her. Sure, let’s not have girls of different backgrounds, personalities and body types, right? It’s not like that’s what feminists like you have been complaining about this entire decade or anything.

In Keijo!!!!!!!!’s first episode, which aired on October 6th, protagonist Nozomi Kaminashi begins attending Setouchi Keijo Training School. Several former judo students hone their ass and tit-slamming skills, blasting opponents off floating islands called “Lands.” Yes, they flirt with each other. Of course their swimsuits are sheer. Yes, it has dorm room shenanigans. It is a thing that exists in a world that is increasingly horrible and full of deplorable things.

All right, let’s debunk a few of these “facts” of yours:

  1. There’s only one judo student and that’s Sayaka. Nozomi’s a gymnast.
  2. The sport itself is actually more complex than just “blasting opponents off the Lands”, as we see in the qualifiers, Nozomi actually tries to trip the girl into falling off her feet, rather than just spamming her Butt Cannon. Also, Hanabi doesn’t actually knock anyone off the island, she knocks them right out with precise shots to vital areas. It’s more than just boobs and butts slamming into each other.
  3. What are you calling “dorm room shenanigans”? I don’t see the problem with Non falling over, or a Nozomi accidentally ripping Kazane’s magazine. You make it sound like they were stripping and grabbing each others’ boobs the whole time.

Not only that, but isn’t it a little offensive on your part to think it’s wrong that the girls are flirting with each other. Isn’t a bit wrong for a feminist to take issue with lesbian characters? Also, what’s wrong with the swimsuits? They’re standard issue one-pieces, the same kind of swimsuits that Olympic swimmers wear. It’s not like they’re wearing skimpy tops and thongs. Once again, you’re taking issue with the concept at face value and nothing else. The fact you’re calling a show that has girl-on-girl relationships and girls choosing to be free and do whatever they want (especially considering it’s a sport that can make them a lot of money in the show’s universe) horrible, that’s more offensive than what you perceive the show to be.

Predictably, the director of Keijo!!!!!!!! was previously a storyboarder on Upotte!!, an anime about sexy girls who are also machine guns with a similarly immoderate number of exclamation points in its title.

I fail to see the significance of this. The graphic artist of a hentai series went on to design one of the most popular anime right now in Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma, which while yes may have ecchi in its material, but it’s of both men and women and has easily the best drawn food in anime we’ve ever seen.

We’ve increasingly seen anime that takes fan service as its subject, and not as a supplement to its subject. This isn’t a hentai. And yet, inKeijo!!!!!!!!, female erogenous zones are the subject, with a thin plot shambly plastered on top. The occasional up-skirt shot or full-body-pan is an expected, tolerable mainstay of contemporary anime. What I don’t understand is why, despite cultural differences, a lot of American anime fans see Keijo!!!!!!!! and laugh it off, unmoved that, in this show, women are valued at the sum total of their body parts.

That is absolutely not true. In fact, watch anime from years ago, it’s far more sexist than the stuff today. I’m not going to argue that there are shows out there that literally have nothing to offer but sexual content, but at the end of the day that’s its own genre, you’re not the arbiter of what gets to be an anime and what doesn’t. Also, the number of anime that contains fan service is not increasing. You know why it feels that way? Because services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Daisuki, Hulu and Netflix exist. The number of fan service anime isn’t increasing, the number of shows that are being released outside of Japan are increasing. There’s no one at a major anime studio saying they need to triple their fan service anime releases for the year, we’re just getting access to more and more shows than we ever have before.

My biggest gripe here is you giving shit to the plot. You don’t get to talk about how there’s a thin plot in the anime when only one episode is out. Almost every single anime released doesn’t contain a lot of plot in its first couple episodes, it merely serves to introduce the setting, the characters and the concept. The real meat and potatoes will appear near the midway point, between episodes 4 and 8.


Lastly, I don’t understand how you don’t understand how Americans (and Canadians like me…and everyone else around the world, your country isn’t the only important one, you know) can watch Keijo!!!!!!!! and laugh at it in a sense of actually enjoying the entertainment value of the show, rather than laughing about how insulting it is, or at least that’s how you perceive it. I’m sorry to tell you this, Cecilia, but you’re not special. You’re not the target market of every single show out there. Sometimes, there will be shows that aren’t for you. I don’t get upset when a show like Re:Zero, Yuri!!! on Ice, Haikyuu!, or any other anime out there that doesn’t suit my interests get released. You know what I do, Cecilia? I don’t watch it. I don’t complain about it on the internet because I have a slow period at work and can’t think of anything better to write. I start every season with over 20 shows that I watch, by the end of it that list usually gets cut in half, because some of those shows just aren’t interesting to me and I stop watching. A show like Servamp may come along and really piss me off, but I don’t reserve an entire article to blabbering on about how disgusting and tasteless it is. I just move on and enjoy the shows I like watching.

So to piss you off further, I actually really enjoyed the first episode of Keijo!!!!!!!! and yes, I am a white, straight male. But you know what? I don’t love the show because it’s an endless parade of boobs and butts on my television screen. You know what I actually like about it? That it’s a show that doesn’t give a damn about logic, about reality, about the social and cultural norms we experience in our daily lives. It’s just a show with a ridiculous concept, ridiculous over-the-top characters, ridiculous action sequences and a soon-to-be ridiculous plot. And guess what? There’s nothing wrong with me liking this, just like there’s nothing wrong with you not liking it.

What’s wrong is you making a stink about it, like the show’s existence carries any weight to the societal and cultural values in our world. It’s a piece of pure fucking fiction, nothing more and nothing less. People will watch this show, enjoy it or hate it and go on with their lives.

No ifs, ands, or…


“Misogyny” Causes The Ghostbusters To Become The Most Hated Trailer of All-Time


It’s only been two months since the first trailer for the Ghostbusters remake was released. Feels like it’s been much longer than that, but sure enough, March 3rd it came out. Man, I feel like I had another birthday since then. But I still remember exactly how I felt the moment I finished watching that trailer for the first time:

“What the fuck did I just watch?!”

Fast forward to today, the trailer has 29.5 million views and the thumbs up, thumbs down ratio is to 3:1 in favour of thumbs down. At the moment I’m typing this out, the trailer has 590,000 dislikes and 210,000 likes. That’s made the trailer the most hated trailer of all-time on YouTube. Normally it wouldn’t go any further than that, just the old “Man, that’s crazy!” kind of writing. But ScreenCrush decided to take a different stance on why the trailer has had such a negative reception as seen in the article here:

excerpt from the ScreenCrush article
excerpt from the ScreenCrush article – http://screencrush.com/ghostbusters-trailer-most-disliked-movie-trailer-in-history/

Yes, ScreenCrush, every single one of those thumbs down is ONLY because the remake is an all-female cast. Bravo, ScreenCrush, bravo! You’ve cracked the code! Congratulations!


Do you truly believe that the negative reception of this film is solely on the shoulders of a misogynistic, sexist mindset?! How did you come to such a short-sighted conclusion?! Let’s put the girl power stuff aside her, let’s look at the trailer as if the cast was actually all men and how people would react to it.


First of all, every joke in the trailer is not funny. The only time I even cracked a smile was the moment Kate McKinnon was hiding in that shelf of mannequin heads with that crazy face, which I admit I’m a sucker for. But aside from that moment, it was all dull, the ghost puke was childish, the Hurst car joke fell flat (pun completely intended), the slapping of Melissa McCarthy, all of it was dull and unfunny. The animation and special effects are also childish, looking more like they belong in those live-action Scooby-Doo movies than a 2016 Ghostbusters remake. The original 1984 special effects still hold up today and I’d argue the look better than what the remake is offering. The music in the trailer was terrible, dubstep needs to stop being remixed into classic music tracks, just stop it!

Oh! And most importantly…for a movie that’s supposed to be progressive…WHY ARE ALL THE WHITE CHARACTERS SCIENTISTS AND THE BLACK CHARACTER ISN’T?!!! Racist, much? And don’t give me the “Well the non-scientist character was black in the original!” bullshit, they changed the cast to an all-female one to be progressive, what would’ve been stopping them from having one of the scientist be black? Hell, why can’t we have an Asian or Latino character in there too? Seems like we only wanted to check one box and high-five each other for being so progressive while simultaneously ignoring everything else.


I could go on even more about it, but that’s the biggest problems I have with the film. Now here’s where I put the final nail in the coffin, the reality of how fans would truly react to a trailer like this: If the cast was all-male, instead of the likes/dislikes being 210,000 to 590,000…it would be more like 50,000 to 750,000. Don’t act like if the cast was male that people would be nicer to the film, I guarantee you the majority of those thumbs ups are from feminists and SJWs trying to defend a movie solely on the basis of an all-female cast.

This happens constantly in entertainment, if something that’s mostly female driven fails, the sexism and misogyny excuse gets brought up. I mean, let’s not bring up how both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Rogue One both have very little dislikes in their respective trailers and you know the fan base for that film series is far more harsh than Ghostbusters. Those two movies have female leads, hell the two main characters of Star Wars: The Force Awakens are a woman and a black man, yet the dislikes are extremely low. You think that fan base wouldn’t have hesitated to slam the film if they thought it was bad? And you know if they did, the sexist card would’ve been pulled out for that too.


The Ghostbusters film isn’t hated because the cast is female. It’s not because women aren’t funny (though I personally think Melissa McCarthy is super overrated, but I love Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon), it’s not because we wanted the remake to keep the all-male cast. Honestly it’s very simple: We didn’t want a remake at all! The 1984 original was perfect, it’s why movies like Back to the Future shouldn’t be remade, they were perfect, why fix what isn’t broken? Why change what’s already loved? Ghostbusters is a movie no one wanted to be remade, if anything they wanted Ghostbusters 3 and that’s no longer possible now with Harold Ramis’ passing in 2014.

But most importantly, we hate the trailer not because the cast are all woman, BUT BECAUSE THE TRAILER IS SHIT!!! The jokes aren’t funny, the special effects are childish, the movie just isn’t going to be any good!

Stop trying to find alternate reasons to suit your cause, to check off the boxes that start your SJW crusades. Just accept the fact that a movie that maybe had good intentions and maybe tried to create a faithful re-imagining of an 80s classic…failed! And when people see something they don’t like, they’re more than happy to show it.