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REVIEW: BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance

I’ve been looking forward to a second BABYMETAL album since hearing the first one, but I was unsure if I’d ever get to hear one. Japan is a strange beast when it comes to musical acts. I wasn’t sure if the band would be around long enough, as the girls may “graduate” from the group, […]

Anime Spotlight: Your Lie In April

***Obviously, there will be spoilers for the entire series in this article*** If you’ve been reading any of the prior Anime Spotlight articles I’ve done, you’ll have seen my article on Anohana and how to me it’s the king of anime that makes you cry. For me, this is the show that’s next in line […]

This is where I turn into a giant hipster (AMAs)

I mean look, I’m trying my ass off here not to judge people when it comes to the artists and groups that get nominated and then win the awards features at the Billboard American Music Awards. But it’s really hard. It’s so hard not to judge from an award show that is entirely based on […]