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If You’re Upset About Nintendo Cancelling The NES Classic, Don’t Buy The SNES Classic

While it’s not officially announced, there are loads of rumours that Nintendo is planning on making and releasing a SNES-version of the NES Classic that was just recently announced to be completely discontinued throughout the world. This is really good news for anyone who grew up with the console, myself included.

Here’s the thing though that is bothering me about it. Ever since this rumour mill started, the whole “I’m mad at Nintendo because they stopped making the NES Classic!” situation has almost completely dissolved. Ever since the SNES Classic story has come out, the backlash about the NES Classic being completely shut down when so many people still hadn’t got one themselves, it’s almost completely gone now, because everyone’s now excited about a SNES-version of the same thing.

Guys…come the fuck on!

This is such a perfect representation of the flip-floppy nature of the internet, where they’re seriously upset about something and then five minutes later something else makes them happy and they forget about it. For your information, the NES Classic is still not coming back. Yeah, that thing you wanted that keeps selling out before you get the chance to buy one yourself? You’re never going to own one. But that’s suddenly okay now because a different item is coming out that there’s a very good chance given Nintendo’s track record that you won’t get a copy of the SNES Classic either. That’s okay now, right?

In my opinion, the idea of people suddenly being okay with the NES Classic’s discontinuation because an SNES Classic is in production is absolutely insane. It goes back to what I’ve said so much before about Nintendo getting a free pass with everyone, that there’s no company in the entire gaming industry that gets away with more than Nintendo. I guarantee you that if Nintendo was in Microsoft’s spot when the Xbox One was a TV box and had online-DRM, the Nintendo fan communities would not have been even remotely as upset as Xbox fans were, not even close! Just like how HALO can get lower review scores and death threats and DDoS attacks won’t happen to those reviewers, but Jim Sterling giving Zelda: Breath of the Wild a 7/10 can warrant that reaction from Nintendo fans. It’s crystal clear that there is no more hostile fanbase and no more forgiving fanbase than that of Nintendo fans.

My stance is very simple. I don’t want a NES Classic, I never did. I don’t want a SNES Classic either, I could have so many other ways to do this, like what I already do with emulators on my computer, which doesn’t cost me anything. But let’s say I did want a NES Classic and I never got one and I won’t get one because of the discontinuation. I would be absolutely pissed off and I should be long after the SNES Classic’s announcement, official or not. I shouldn’t be suddenly changing my mind about something I’m upset about not being able to get just because something else is coming out. I’m a huge hockey fan, if I get mad that the Toronto Maple Leafs trade their upcoming star Auston Matthews, it’s extremely hypocritical of me if I’m suddenly not upset anymore if the Leafs sign John Tavares. If you really like something, you shouldn’t be allowing something else entirely to diffuse all your anger towards that thing you’re losing. You might be less angry because there’s something else exciting you, but you should still be vigilant it criticizing those responsible for what made you angry in the first place.

If you are one of the many people who never got a NES Classic and you claim to be extremely upset with Nintendo for discontinuing it, why are you letting them get a free pass by the chance a SNES Classic will come out? Why aren’t you continuing to criticize Nintendo for what was an absolutely horrendous and downright insanely stupid business decision? And even further, why do you think it isn’t hypocritical to criticize people that are still giving Nintendo flak because of the NES Classic’s discontinuation? If you are someone upset about the NES Classic being gone, it should almost be a foregone conclusion that in response, you don’t buy the SNES Classic, because you’re basically telling Nintendo that it’s okay to take something away, so long as you put anything back in its place.

The SNES Classic whether it’s a thing or not, it should’ve come out ALONG WITH the NES Classic, not after it. There’s no excuse for Nintendo not offering both options for an extended period of time. They have the money to do it, the market is there and the demand is high. For anyone to think that I shouldn’t still be criticizing Nintendo because of this horrendous decision, it’s just insane.

Nintendo Doesn’t Want Your Money

Hey Nintendo! We like your stuff!

…Why do you keep taking it away from us?!

As originally reported by IGN, Nintendo is stopping production completely of NES Classics in North America. Yes, you heard that right. Nintendo, a business is stopping production of the NES Classic, an extremely popular item that stayed on shelves as long as it takes to blink. Nintendo is essentially making the choice to stop making money hand over fist.

Here’s some insulting words from Nintendo:

“Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year. We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability. We understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to find a system, and for that we apologize. We have paid close attention to consumer feedback, and we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product.”

Yep, Nintendo is basically saying “Thanks for liking this random product we probably thought wouldn’t sell well but made us a ton of money. We understand a lot more of you want this product, but go fuck yourselves!”. They’re denying customers a product that any other gaming company would happily provide if they had one selling as well as the NES Classic has been.

Once again, Nintendo proves that they could care less about their North American customers, hell all their customers outside of Japan. We’ve seen this countless times with the Amiibo market alone, but there are so many other things Nintendo has done in the last five years alone that is just insulting to their fanbase. Again, the constant Amiibo shortages, refusing to make more when a massive shipment disappears, the constant refusal to lower their game’s prices over time (Wii games still cost $40+) and the current ridiculous pricing of Nintendo Switch gear, such as the Pro controller and the plastic rectangle they call a dock. No matter how you slice it, Nintendo has made almost no effort whatsoever to show any sort of care towards their customers.

Particularly outside of Japan, it’s no secret to many that Japan gives zero fucks about anyone who isn’t Japanese. Japan tends to live almost like it’s in a bubble, anything outside of their island just doesn’t matter to them. There are many companies more than willing to completely exile the outside market, so long as they’re doing well domestically. There’s also a refusal to change, refusal to admit their wrong as we’ve seen specifically with Nintendo and its ridiculous battle again YouTube videos and Twitch streams.

How can anyone deny that this company on a consistent basis proves that it does not care about its international consumer base?! I’m sick and tired of fighting with Nintendo fanboys, fangirls and apologists, stop coming up with bullshit reasons for why they’re doing what they do and face the facts, the company does not care about its international market, so long as it’s making just enough to justify still sending anything out to that market. I guaran-fucking-tee you that if Nintendo sales were so abysmal outside of Japan, they wouldn’t fold, they’d just stay a smaller company and stay domestic only. Imagine that, a day where the next Zelda game, the next Mario, the next Metroid (if it ever happens), they would only be available in Japan. Nowhere else.

Now I know it’s unrelated to the console, but a story like this is giving me more fuel to commit to my decision to not buy a Nintendo Switch for at least 2 years after launch. In fact, a story like this just makes me think further about maybe just not buying a Nintendo Switch period. Is it extreme? Sure, but in my mind, why would I pay money for something when Nintendo could just as easily halt production on it, maybe pull back a few games from getting Western releases, things like that? The possibility is there.

I don’t have to play the new Zelda, I won’t lose sleep over it. I don’t have to play any game. Sometimes, morals mean more than fanaticism.