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My Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

For those out of the gaming loop, the Nintendo NX finally got its official reveal this week. The actual name of the console will be the Nintendo Switch and yes, it is the rumoured console/handheld hybrid that we have been hearing about for quite some time now. Here’s Nintendo’s official debut trailer for the new […]

Saturday Morning Rant: Nintendo NX Rumours

Dear Nintendo, How are you folks doing over there in Japan? Are you doing well? I hope you are, because I want to ruin your good day right about now. I love you guys, I really do. You were a huge part of my childhood with the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 consoles I used […]

The Nintendo NX Should Be A Current-Gen SNES

With the revealing of the Nintendo NX’s March 2017 worldwide release (pending any more delays), we are now fully aware of a new console generation beginning, Nintendo once again starting it off. However this generation will be starting so early, it almost feels correct to actually consider the Nintendo NX the company’s second console entry […]