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Only Sony Themselves Can Drive Me Away From Sticking With PlayStation

As we start off here in 2019, gamers are preparing for the announcement of the next generation of consoles. Me? I’m just hoping Sony doesn’t try to piss me off.

What The N64 Classic Should Look Like

The SNES Classic is on the way and the NES Classic is making a comeback. So it must be the perfect time to talk about a third entry into the Nintendo Classic market.

E3 2017 Press Conferences – My Thoughts

All the conferences have taken place, let’s go through all of them and pick out the highs, the lows and the overall best show at this year’s E3.

I Expect E3 2017 To Be Extremely Underwhelming

I’d like to think E3 2017 will yield plenty of amazing surprises, but I’m being a little pessimistic this year…

Huh…Nintendo Actually Listened…

I’m torn…I want to continue to be mad at Nintendo, but I can’t really give them any shit. They actually listened to us for once… As I read on Kotaku on Friday, Nintendo has changed their online service plan drastically. The biggest complaint everyone had was the one free classic game a month…that would only […]

Mario Kart 8 Is Offensive?!

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

Saturday Morning Rant: ***SPOILERS***

This rant is not about a specific spoiler, but the way that developers are handling them. And it’s getting ridiculous.