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[VIDEO] I Can’t Get Into Twitch & eSports

This is by no means a shot at Twitch streamers or various eSports leagues and tournaments. It’s just that for whatever reason, I can’t seem to get into that scene…

Overwatch Summer Games – A Missed Opportunity

Overwatch missed out on some great summer skins, so here’s a 100% totally real and serious article full of suggestions of what I would’ve done for each character. It’s totally not a parody, you guys! PS: It is a parody.

Top 10 Sexiest Overwatch Girls

With a good month of Overwatch under my belt and all the more “normal” Top 10s out of the way, it’s time for quite the overdue list!

Tracer: Her Butt Is For Girls Only

That butt’s not for us, guys. So in a recently release comic for Overwatch entitled “Reflections“, Blizzard revealed to us that the cast of colourful and lively characters in the Overwatch universe has a character that prefers those of the same sex. While rushing to try and get a Christmas present for someone, she’s gifted with […]

“I’m Finally Playing Overwatch!” – An Excuse To Talk About The Gorgeous Overwatch Ladies

If you’re a gamer, you’ve surely heard of Overwatch at this point. And if you know anything about Overwatch, you know that not only has the internet community taken hold of this game, but it might just be THE game that artists have ran with the most. And while it hasn’t been solely on one […]

Blizzard: Overwatch Porn, BAD!!!

*sigh* Really, Blizzard? With Overwatch now officially released and the general public being exposed to the beta in early May, it’s no surprise that a lot of people who enjoy drawing and creating pornographic material, especially the ones who use Source Filmmaker for these sorts of things, have been going crazy with producing tons and […]

Quickie: Tracer’s Butt Gets Censored

I haven’t played a second of Overwatch yet, I just want to make this clear. I’m going based on what I’ve read about her and the entire situation. Hence why this’ll be a quick one. Basically what I understand is that Tracer is a young, spunky girl who wears tight pants. People initially were hesitant […]