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Summer Is A Great Excuse To Not Wear Pants

Not that I needed a reason to do so, but hey, why the hell not?!

Why Wear Pants? An Age Old Question

I’m currently living in a house with two roommates. We’re all friends from high school and it’s been a blast and a real learning experience for me, as it was my first time living away from my parents. Now the plan for me is that by the spring, I’ll be in my own apartment with […]

Character Spotlight: Kou Yagami

Last week, we shined the spotlight on my favourite character from the recent anime, New Game!, Hifumi. This week, we take a look at the girl above Hifumi and the other character designers and my second favourite character from the show, Kou Yagami. So take off your pants, get comfortable and let’s talk about this blonde […]

Anime Spotlight: Punch Line

I know that a lot of people will look at me and think “Really, dude? You liked an anime that essentially revolved around a main character who got superpowers when seeing a girl’s panties?” Yes. Yes I did. The show itself is pretty much what it looks like on the surface and then goes completely […]

Ecchi Anime Cliches: Panty Shots

It’s a staple of any anime where ecchi content is contained within. It’s almost impossible to find a show that falls into that section of anime and doesn’t have a single one of these cliché, yet classic moments in its entire run. Yes, of course we’re talking about the ever-so common event in ecchi and […]

Anime Spotlight: Demon King Daimao

Really cheesy, lots of awesome action sequences and a ton of sexual innuendo, Demon King Daimao is one of the initial anime shows that really got me into watching a lot more harem anime. It’s not like the show made me suddenly like ecchi content in anime, but it was far more enjoyable than a […]