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Saturday Morning Rant: ***SPOILERS***

This article is not about spoilers, I will not be spoiling anything.

(Bruce Willis’ character in The Sixth Sense is dead the entire movie)   

This rant is not dedicated to spoilers themselves, rather the ideology game companies have when it comes to YouTubers and Twitch streamers playing games and letting the public view them and thus creating the “risk of people seeing spoilers” that so many (usually Japanese) game developers get really salty and downright angry about.

Obviously the biggest example has been Atlus and Persona 5 in terms of streamers being “asked” not to stream after the 7/7 date in-game, which by the way isn’t anything special, I’ve played through it. There were other things as well, but that was the big one. As someone playing on the PS4 though, I’ve noticed I can’t even do as much as take a screenshot of a single thing in the game. I can’t screenshot a funny moment, I can’t screenshot a great moment in a cutscene, I can’t even take a screenshot of the fucking pause menu. WHAT AM I SHOWING THAT’LL AFFECT SOMEONE NEGATIVELY, ATLUS?!!!

(Sephiroth kills Aeris at the end of Disc 1 in Final Fantasy VII)

It’s another thing that just goes to show you how behind the times and how downright inept and insane Japanese gave publishers and developers are. We’ve seen SEGA ban anyone who talks about Shining Force (ironically enough, popular YouTuber TotalBiscuit just ended his 5-year long ban of SEGA games on his channel [here]), Nintendo just banning anyone for doing anything in general (see everyone) and the current offender is Atlus, another case where the non-Japan sectors of the company don’t agree with what they’re doing and wish they could change their minds, but their Japanese overlords once again could not care less about anything going on outside of Japan.

For those unaware, if you thought America thinks highly of themselves, Japan literally gives zero fucks about anyone who is not inhabiting their island. Something could sell ten times as many copies outside of Japan, but if it’s not doing well in Japan, they’ll shut the whole thing down. They only care about what’s within their own little bubble, if it’s not something originating in Japan, to some it doesn’t even exist. It’s an extremely self-righteous and idiotic way to look at things, let alone an absolutely horrendous way to do business.

But let’s get to the much more pertinent issue, shall we?

(Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father in Star Wars)

It’s no secret that for some, spoilers is a major issue. Every time an episode of Game of Thrones or Walking Dead airs, people completely stay away from all social media to avoid anything that could spoil the episode for them. People tread carefully through walkthroughs and articles about games they’re playing, so they don’t come across information they might find that has something to do with something they haven’t gotten to yet. It’s completely understandable that people want to avoid that sort of thing, obviously when something is story-driven, we don’t want to know what happens before we see it ourselves.

But here’s the thing. When it comes to YouTube and Twitch, let’s be completely honest here. The people that watch these videos and streams fall into one of three categories:

  1. People who watch the first little bit of the game before the story truly kicks in as a way to decide whether they like the game or not and if they’ll end up buying the game or not.
  2. People who are already playing the game or have finished the game and want to see what other players did, such as alternate routes, different strategies and even alternate scenes/endings.
  3. People who do not intended to play the game at all and are just watching it because they like the person playing the game.

The majority of people usually fall into either #1 or #3 and the latter is where Japan falls victim to the oldest fact in the gaming industry that anyone with half a brain knows, going all the way back to the piracy days: If someone pirates a game, they weren’t going to buy it in the first place. This also falls in line with spoilers, the majority of people that are watching a Let’s Play series on YouTube or a Twitch stream that is late into a game, they’re not intending to play the game themselves and if they are, it certainly won’t be at release when it’s full price, they’re definitely waiting for the game to drop to under half-price.

(Sheik is really Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

It’s pretty simple anyways, folks, if spoilers bother you, don’t go looking for it. It actually isn’t that hard, I know in this day and age of social media and the internet that it seems difficult, but in actuality it’s quite easy to avoid spoilers. Just don’t go on the sites you usually go for to see articles about the spoilers you just watched. Stay off of social media, or at least don’t spend hours going through every post you see. Most importantly, don’t Google shit about it! Google is the worst for hiding spoilers!

So yeah, Atlus and every other company are out of their minds if they think “preventing spoilers” will do anything. There are always work-arounds and people will come across them anyways, no matter what you do to try and stop it. At the end of the day, just worry about how good your game is.

Persona 5 is such a good game, I could care less if I knew a spoiler here and there.

Progress Bar: Persona 5 [40 Hours]

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!!***

So I figured since getting a full review of Persona 5 is going to take a long, LOOOOOOOOONG time, it makes sense to update you guys how I’m enjoying the game thus far.

So I’m just past the 40-hour mark and I’ve just recently finished the third Palace and am starting to work on social links again heading into what will definitely be the next Palace very soon as a little bit of foreshadowing has shown us our next party member and has pretty much tipped its hand on what the end villain is, not that they’ve shown the person, but if you’ve been paying attention to the game’s story up until this point, it’s pretty obvious.

The Story

At the current point of the game, I’m a little underwhelmed from the third Palace in comparison to the first two and especially the first one. The game at the start of its story, really turns up the volume on its seriousness. The second Palace doesn’t get too serious until the very end when you learn the true crimes of the subject of said Palace. When it comes to the third Palace however, I didn’t feel any hatred towards this particular villain, in fact I was extremely underwhelmed by it. The dungeon wasn’t that cool or exciting, the villain itself wasn’t very interesting and felt very one-dimensional and there really wasn’t a reason to hate this person in the same way I hated the first two. Perhaps it’s by design, but regardless the third villain is peanuts compared to the first two, so I was disappointed.

The social links continue to become more and more interesting however. I’ve been obsessed with the doctor the most, but the additions of a journalist, a maid with a shocking identity and the newest party member known as “Queen” have really added some new life to the game that for a while was honestly becoming a sausage fest. At this point, I’m far more interested in spending time outside the dungeons than in them, but given that the game is likely about to ramp things up, that won’t last very long.

The Gameplay

I really, REALLY want to say nothing but good things about this game. I still absolutely love the battle system, the dungeon designs, the mechanics, all the new features, life outside the dungeons and in it, I love a lot about this game. But I cannot let this game get away with the sheer insanity of its “difficulty levels”. As I mentioned in my first impressions post, I really don’t like how the game nickels and dimes you for cash and SP, the two things you really need to get by. Am I asking for an easier game? Absolutely not, but I think that Persona 5 maybe goes a little too far in the direction of keeping you from advancing as much as possible in one sitting. It obviously should be a challenge to finish a Palace in one sitting, but it should be because the enemies are difficult, not because you’re completely depleted of items and SP. The previous games had ways to recover HP and SP, not to mention extra money, experience, items, etc, whereas this game has very few treasure chests, which always yield common items and accesories, never weapons, armor and SP recovery items, those are hidden behind lockpick-needed chests and if you’re not spending every night making them, you won’t have that many available.

At this point though, I’m not getting the sense that we’re constantly running into enemies that are cheap, like the Incubus who had a Life Drain attack that always did 30 damage to you, which was a giant chunk of your health and in the first dungeon where your HP is low and you have almost no items, it’s a bit bullshit. Like I said, it’s not necessarily the battles that are the true difficulty of the game, so much as being able to keep yourself equipped for battle is. You really have to make the choice, whether you want a large stack of medicine, or more powerful weapons and better armor. You can’t have both and let’s be honest, spending hours in the first areas of Mementos isn’t exactly a fun way to get money and items either.

In terms of the social links, the only criticism I have is that the maid’s trail is bullshit, because it costs you 5000 yen every time you want to hang out with her. 5000 yen at this point in the game is a massive tax on you, holy freaking hell it will put you beyond bankrupt in a hurry! It sucks because if you want to rank up her social link early in the game, it’s nearly impossible. I’m following a strict “MAX Social Links” guide and I literally had to sell almost everything I had just to make the money to get everything done up until the next dungeon infiltration.

The Verdict So Far

I know I spent the majority of this post criticizing the money situation and the extremely underwhelming third Palace, but I have to tell you that I absolutely love this game and it only continues to get better as it goes along. The newest party member in “Queen” may just be the coolest party member I’ve ever had in a Persona game for one very specific reason and you either immediately know why, or you’ll find out soon enough when you get there. The game has also unexpectedly gotten me more interested in romancing the non-student options in the game, which is extremely unusual, I’ve never leaned towards an older woman in the game as my favourite in comparison to the many students I can choose from.

So the question comes up once again, is Yakuza 0 in danger of being toppled as my Game of the Year thus far? I still say no, Persona 5 is a fantastic game and I am loving every minute of it, but it hasn’t quite hit that point where I want to go absolutely fanboy crazy and talk endlessly about how it’s the best game ever.

My score after 40 hours: 9.5/10

[First Impressions] Persona 5

So I’m LITERALLY 20 hours into Persona 5, thought I’d give a brief first impressions of the game.

NOTE: While I won’t be giving away any major spoilers, I will be very vague about them. I will try my best to not reveal anything pertinent.

As of this moment I’m as you can see on 5/15. I’m past the first Palace (dungeon) and am now diving a little into the new Confidants (Social Links) and trying to up my character’s abilities. Apparently ranking up Level 2 in Knowledge takes work! Sheesh! For those curious, I’ve named my character Naota Kasuyagi and because well, it’s me…the team’s name isn’t Phantom Thieves related, the name of course, they’re known as Sexy Ecchi. Because fuck normality!

Anyways, so how’s the game so far? It’s a mixed bag depending on what you specifically want to know. So let’s start with the good stuff then. For starters, the game is absolutely gorgeous, not in the sense of 4K HD graphics, but its style and charm are just fantastic. It’s full of colour, full of life and full of emotion. The character designs so far aren’t too over the top, but are unique enough to really push that this isn’t your typical high school drama, not that you’d get the sense of that once you’re in a dungeon fighting monsters with summons of your own. It’s not a boring-looking game by any stretch.

The music as usual is really good. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet compared to the past two games, as this soundtrack feels largely different from Shoji Meguro’s usual style in the Persona series. It’s certainly not a bad change, but rating this soundtrack between the two is going to take a little more time as this new music slowly begins to sit inside my brain. The voice acting is very good so far as well, nice to hear familiar voices as a good chunk of the previous games’ voice actors return in different roles, though most of them were in more minor roles.

The gameplay, minus a few additions, really hasn’t changed too much from the previous two games, which to me is fantastic. I think if there’s any game that has a battle system that shouldn’t be changed, it’s the Persona games. If anything, they just added a new mechanic for gunplay in the battles, which I’m still trying to figure out if I like it or not. Outside of battle, it’s much more different and a welcome change. The idea of sneaking around to catch enemies off-guard in this game feels fantastic and you feel much more free and mobile in the dungeons as you can leap up to higher places, cross chandeliers, things that you couldn’t do in the previous two entries where you just ran through mazes. The dungeons are no longer randomly generated, they carry a certain design, which allows for a little more attention to detail as well. Speaking of detail, the end of the first dungeon, holy hell is it a scary representation of the first target’s “desires”.

Speaking of which, the story so far. Hooooooooly shit it got real and dark very fast. I mean sure, Persona 3 had implied suicide with the Evokers and Persona 4 has murder afoot, but in terms of the story turning real very fast, Persona 5 with a certain female character does that and really sets the tone for the game. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park, we’re going to be talking about serious issues here. Which is something I’ve always liked about the Persona series, they’re willing to cross that line, talk about things people are uncomfortable with. Hell, Persona 4 was talking about LGBT issues long before it became the cultural phenomenon and honestly, the fad that is today in our society.

All right, now the bad stuff. For the most part, I only have one complaint, the difficulty early on is very taxing on players. The lack of money and healing items really prevents the players who want to try and complete the first dungeon in one sitting. I barely (and I mean BARELY) made it to the end of the first Palace. I had zero healing items and only a couple +5 SP items that really were two more Dia spells in item form. The enemies they place early on are not easy, in fact it’s really bullshit that they give one of the first enemies in the game the Drain Life spell, which always does 30 damage no matter what. That’s a huge chunk of your health early on and these enemies are almost always bunched in a foursome, so there’s 120 damage often.

Another thing that bothers me is the lack of help the game gives you with the battle order. You only ever know who the next one up is, so you can’t plan ahead to take down a target that in 3 turns will attack. Instead, you have to pray you’re going after the right monster first. It’s also frustrating when the battle order is so inconsistent, I’ve seen enemies attack twice in a row but they never hit a weak spot on me. There needs to be a little more communication to the player in battle. And it doesn’t help when there’s a lack of ways to heal up aside from spells and items. Without the card system from the last two games, you have no way to heal after battles a little bit. Now later on in the game, I’m sure there will be more access to items and equipment that’ll help, but the lack of help in the first dungeon could possibly stray some players off of the game.

I also don’t like the negotiating system with enemies, whether for money, items or taking on the enemy as a new Persona. I played Shin Megami Tensei IV, the negotiating system has always been a boring guessing game. It’s easy to learn after a few rounds, but I don’t feel it offers anything, especially without voice acting or anything to make it unique and engaging. It’s just a thrown-in mechanic in my opinion.

Lastly and this is a minor thing, I can’t listen to Igor anymore. I actually skip through the Velvet Room sections, half because I know the mechanics of the game and the dialogue is just metaphorical mysterious drivel, but the other half is because the new voice actor for Igor is awful. It’s boring and lifeless, whereas the original voice actor was creepy and interesting to listen to. I know the original Japanese voice actor died so in localization they got a new voice actor to sound more like the new Igor as well, but come on, Dan Woren (and hell Vic Mignogna in P4AU) was an awesome Igor!

At this 20-hour moment, is Persona 5 the best JRPG of all-time, as many are saying? I don’t think so, not even by a longshot. But it’s early, the story is settling in and there’s a lot more to go. The game is certainly off to a great start, a solid foundation to maybe topple Yakuza 0 from its current standing as my Game of the Year.

To give it a rating thus far, I’m giving Persona 5 a 9/10. It’s off to a fantastic start, but a few challenges that I will say are a tad bit bullshit are getting in the way of a perfect score right now. Hopefully as the game progresses, the battles become a little less frustrating and the story truly carries this game to legendary status.

Saturday Morning Rant: Persona 5’s Delay


To all those who are upset with Persona 5’s two month delay from its February 14th release to now April 4th…

Hi. I’m Adam aka CSRadical and a Persona fan like you, or at least I assume you are. So, uh…WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU?!

The game is being delayed for two months. Hell, it’s actually less than two months, it’s 49 days. Seven weeks! How miserable is your life that waiting seven more weeks for a fucking video game is just too much to bear?!

Believe me, I’m disappointed that the game’s getting pushed back to April 4th. I’m not saying I’m 100% okay with it, but holy fucking hell I’m not throwing a temper tantrum and calling for Atlus and SEGA’s heads on a pike! The game isn’t being held back because SEGA and/or Atlus hate their fans, they’re not doing it in spite of anything, they’re fucking doing it to improve the game, especially in terms of the localization, which by the way is not the easiest thing to do, just ask the folks that were translating the Trails in the Sky series (here). How fucking stupid are you if you think they’re holding the game back for any reason other than making it better?! They want your money! They can’t get your money unless they ship the game out! They don’t break even from pre-orders, that just doesn’t happen, they have to release the game s people can spend actual fucking money on it!

Also, it’s not like they’re holding the game back two months and that’s it, they’re also apologizing to us fans by now adding dual-audio options in the game upon release. Not many games do this, having both Japanese and English voice acting available, it’s usually one or the other. But no, that’s not good enough, if Atlus and SEGA were truly sorry, they’d just release the game at my door right now and send me a legion of hot girls cosplaying as all the main Persona 3 and Persona 4 girls so I can have a massive orgy with them all. That’s the only acceptable solution, right?


The game is going to be amazing, guys. Early reviews of the Japanese version are calling the game the best in the series and possibly one of the best JRPGs of all-time. If that’s the case, what’s another two months? If it’s that good, it’ll be more than worth the wait.

I love the Persona series. I’m willing to wait just a little longer if it means the next game after eight long years of waiting will be in perfect shape.

Top 10 Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2016

2015 was a pretty good year for gaming, a lot of great stuff came out. But who gives a fuck, it’s 2016! So with that, let’s do the Top 10 games I’m looking forward to in 2016!



When I initially saw the concept of No Man’s Sky, I was blown away. Now those parts of me that were lost have returned and haven’t felt much wind since. Because the game is getting closer and closer to launch and I still have not much of a clue what the game will actually be like in full, I’m becoming more and more skeptical as time goes on. Granted, the game looks fucking gorgeous, the art style is fantastic. But the game itself is still a bit dodgy, considering we don’t know much about it other than you explore and name things. If it’s more than that, awesome, if it’s not much more, that’s worrisome.


IT’S SO FUCKING CUTE!!! Seriously though, it’s really freaking cute! I would’ve actually been okay with just this announcement at Sony’s E3 conference, but I guess the Final Fantasy VII remake reveal was pretty good too. I’m not 100% sure what to expect from World of Final Fantasy yet, but at least in terms of its design, it looks like a fun little game to play. I just hope there’s at least some sort of cohesive story to it and not just chibi Lightning still being a bitch in it.


Another game I would put so much higher on this list, but over time its value has decreased based on what I’ve seen. Ubisoft alone based on their track record the past couple years is part of it, but the constant pushing back of the game’s release date is also a little worrisome. Though I’m still very excited about the potential this game has to keeping my attention much like Destiny has been doing, just instead as a realistic 3rd-person shooter. Though to be more addictive than Destiny is a feat I’m not sure anything can do to me right now.


This is a game that continues to interest me the more I see of it. The idea of being alone in the beautiful, yet slightly unnerving environment is really interesting. The fact you have someone talking with you the whole time counterbalances that alone feeling too, so you’re not stuck experiencing one side of the emotional spectrum. The “story” that we’ve seen so far is very interesting and I cannot wait to play this game when it releases, it sounds and looks like a nice, short experience.


My brain still continually tells me this game will likely be okay at best, but I cannot help myself for being as excited as I am for this game to come out. The initial trailer at E3 this year had me hooked, I love the world, I love the concept, I love the battle mechanics and I love the main character. Everything about this game so far spells awesome to me, but only a matter of time will tell. It’s also been very quiet since about this game, so that could be taken as a bit of a bad sign. We’ll just have to wait and see.


I’ve liked Fire Emblem games since they started coming out on the GBA in North America, but when Awakening came out on the 3DS, that was it, the series had me hooked. And yes, it was partially because of the more casual mode where permadeath isn’t a thing (I’m really bad at these games, I kinda need it!). Fates is really exciting for me, though I’m still a bit miffed about the two separate copies. But if the games are good enough to be worth the asking price, I’m all for it.


I had almost zero intentions of playing the game at first, mainly because ever since Final Fantasy XII, Square has shown me that they’ve forgotten how to make a good Final Fantasy game. But then the demo for XV came out and I shut the hell up, it was fantastic, I love the new battle system, it’s far more intensified now. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the main cast, I really didn’t get a good idea as to what they’re all about. But I did get Cidney (Cindy). And I’m pretty happy about that.


So you’re telling me that my favourite series of the past decade in Shin Megami Tensei is getting mixed together with one of my other favourite series of this past decade in Fire Emblem?! Nintendo didn’t ever have to show me any game footage, I already had pre-order plans for this game. And I don’t pre-order shit anymore.


Like I just said, my favourite series of the past decade and the Persona games are the reason for it. Persona 3 was fantastic and Persona 4 was fucking phenomenal. By that logic, Persona 5 is going to blow me away. The music already is as great as it has ever been, the art design is beautiful and weird as fuck at the same time, the characters look awesome and interesting and of course the gameplay looks solid, somehow even better than Persona 4. I’m ready, Atlus. Take me.


This game is slotted for Q4 of 2016. I don’t believe for a second that date will last, my best case scenario is March of 2017 to be honest. But that won’t stop me from listing this as the easy #1 pick for the game I’m looking forward to the most in 2016. The Mass Effect trilogy was an incredible (albeit a little weak on the ending) journey that introduced me to a ton of characters I’m in love with still to this day, tons of memorable moments and an entire universe I can’t wait to go back to. Here’s hoping when this game is released, it’s everything we ever dreamed of and more.


And that’s the list everyone! Hope you enjoyed it. As always if you have a different opinion, don’t hesitate to list your top 10s in the comments below!