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[VIDEO] Saturday Morning Soapbox #6 – The Death Of Console Gaming XXIV

Get your caffeinated beverage of choice ready, it’s time for the Saturday Morning Soapbox!

[PODCAST] Saturday Morning Soapbox # 2

This week on the show we talk about the Thailand cave rescue, my pick for the World Cup Final, whether or not a baseball fan should get reimbursed when hit by a foul ball, a disgusting man who murdered a defenseless dog, how sexual education should be taught, and if all games should be catered to everyone or not.

[PODCAST] Saturday Morning Soapbox – Episode #1

Thanks for checking out the pilot episode of this new podcast. The Soapbox is a platform I’ll be using to talk about anything and everything that garnered my interest throughout the week, but didn’t get me to rush home to make a video right away.

[VIDEO] Red Rover Podcast – Episode 2

[VIDEO] Red Rover Podcast – Episode 1

My New Year’s Resolution for 2018 is to produce more content on YouTube. I started it just before the new year began.

[Podcast] Downloadable Opinions Ep.1 – Winter Jacket Triangle Boobs

This is the first episode of a returning podcast I used to do years before the blog page even existed. With two of my friends, VishalsViews and Chrismiyster, we talk about a bunch of nerdy subjects including the following: Previewing Star Wars: Rogue One The best of gaming in 2016 Previewing gaming in 2017