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AEW All Out Predictions | The Hot Tag

Wednesday Night War: NXT vs AEW | The Hot Tag

The WWE Roster 2019 – Who Stays, Who Goes?

As we reach the end of 2018, it’s time to take a look at the entire roster and see where everyone stands. Should they get a bigger role, should they be knocked down a peg, should they be called up, or should they be let go?

Saturday Morning Rant: The Term “Mark” (Wrestling)

If you’re a wrestling fan who keeps up with the behind-the-scenes stuff on the internet, you’ve surely heard the term “mark”. For those outside of wrestling here’s the definition of a mark: “A wrestling fan who enthusiastically believes that professional wrestling is not staged, or loses sight of the staged nature of the business while […]

Top 10 Favourite Wrestlers of All-Time

I know, I know, I said I was going to stay away from wrestling as much as possible. By I recently became a champion myself, wrestling’s on my mind right now!

I’m (Technically) A Pro Wrestling Champion

I don’t care about the technicalities behind it, I’m officially the current reigning and defending WrestleCircus Sideshow Champion!

Game Spotlight: WWF No Mercy

I’m a huge professional wrestling fan. I’ve come and gone from wrestling over the years, but there’s been two key times of my fandom, the present time where I’ve been beyond into wrestling, not just WWE, but New Japan, Lucha Underground and the various independent promotions out there. The other time was the Attitude Era […]