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Game Spotlight: SSX Tricky

In an age where games are lost in the quest to becoming the most realistic simulation of real life activities, the memories of the PS2 era and further into the past continue to remind me about how less of a shit the majority of game companies cared about when it came to realism in their […]

Game Spotlight: Shadow Hearts: From The New World

How many games have you played over the course of your life that made you legitimately interested in history, geography, anything like that? Some games come to mind include the Carmen Sandiego games, Mario is Missing, stuff like that. A game I’d add onto the list for myself: Shadow Hearts: From The New World. Yes, […]

Game Spotlight: The Bouncer

So I learned pretty quickly there are only so many games I can have played and can talk about sex scenes and overtly sexy characters in, so for the time being the “This Week in Sexy Games” series of articles will be pushed aside and upgraded to a spotlight of all games. So what better […]

$10-15 for PS2 on PS4? Sign me up!

The PlayStation 2 was and may forever be my favourite console of all time. It is truly the console that defined me as a gamer and if I did a Top 10 of my all-time favourite games, I’m positive at least half of them are games I played on that console. So when rumours started […]