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Let’s Talk About Sony’s Censoring of Sexual Content

I wanted to avoid this topic. I’ve talked about similar situations before to the point it’s getting old. But this particular case isn’t going away, so I think it’s time I said my piece.

[VIDEO] Should Sony Allow Cross Play?

The short answer is yes.
The long answer…is yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss.

Saturday Morning Rant: “Quality” Over Quality

At some point, folks…we’re gonna have to stop caring about how beautiful a game looks. Seriously, we’re at a point now where games look damn good. No longer are we in the age of 8-bit, no longer are we in the age of pixelated 3D garbage, we are now in an age of graphic quality […]

[VIDEO] PlayStation 4 Pro – My Thoughts

After yesterday’s reveal of the PS4 Pro, I give my thoughts on whether the price is right and whether or not I’m interested in purchasing the system.

Quickie: PS4 Finally Getting Some Long-Needed Features

There have been a number of features that Playstation owners have been asking for over and over again since the Playstation 4’s launch. Well it seems in the next major update, we will be seeing at least some of those finally being released. For me the biggest one is the notification of a friend going […]

Firewatch Spoiler Talk

It goes without saying, but this article will contain full spoilers to the entire Firewatch story. So if you haven’t played/finished the game yet and you don’t want to know how the game progresses and ends, do not read this article! Anyways, let’s start right off the bat with the opening sequence of the game. […]

Firewatch Non-Spoiler Review

While it’s short and perhaps a tad bit expensive for the hours you can put into, Firewatch is a fantastic journey with a unique art style, phenomenal voice acting and a strong, investing story, albeit with what some view as a weak ending. The game is set in a massive forest park in Wyoming, you […]