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Saturday Morning Rant: It’s 6am, I’m Sick, I’m Fucked

I think this is one of those times where the title really does explain the article more than any description ever could…

Saturday Morning Rant: We Get Death Threats Too!

It’s a controversial rant that’s long overdue, but I gotta put my two cents in on feminists using death threats to gain sympathy, while avoiding the reality that they’re not the only ones who get them…

Monday Afternoon Rant


Saturday Morning Rant: Being Sick Sucks!

Normally I reserve the Saturday Morning Rants for more news-related stuff. But you know what? Fuck that! I’m taking issue with the stupid cold I got this week!

Saturday Morning Rant: Lack of Communication at Your Job

The majority of us don’t like our jobs. It’s a given. After all, it’s work, generally speaking you’re not supposed to like it, otherwise it wouldn’t be work in the first place. There are many reasons for why we don’t like our jobs, maybe you don’t like your boss or your co-workers, maybe you’re underpaid, […]

Saturday Morning Rant: Really?! The Philippines?!

This isn’t really a usual rant per se, but something I just wanted to vent about regardless. So today I signed into my bank’s website as I knew I get paid on this day through direct deposit and I wanted to see how much was in my account. I looked at my accounts, including my […]

Saturday Morning Rant: Persona 5’s Delay

To all those who are upset with Persona 5’s two month delay from its February 14th release to now April 4th… Hi. I’m Adam aka CSRadical and a Persona fan like you, or at least I assume you are. So, uh…WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU?! The game is being delayed for two months. Hell, it’s […]