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Saturday Morning Rant: When Did Halloween Become Uncool?!

I can remember being a kid back in the 90s on Halloween pretty vividly. I remember going to my grandmother’s place as a central hub, since we lived in the countryside and there ain’t much game for trick or treating out there. I remember sometimes taking two laps around the neighbourhood and walking home with […]

Saturday Morning Rant: No One Plays Video Games There!

Dear game developers, I’m a fan of a lot of your works, to varying degrees. You create memorable stories, moments, characters, worlds, all that glorious gaming jazz. I have sunk so many hours into your various works that I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more time now gaming than eating. So it’s fair to say that […]

Saturday Morning Rant: Dead Anime Parents

I don’t get it, anime. What is your fascination with dead parents in so many of your shows?! For the majority of anime, how many of them either feature a character or characters with one or both parents having passed away? Going even further, how many main characters in anime go the entire show without […]

Saturday Morning Rant: “Quality” Over Quality

At some point, folks…we’re gonna have to stop caring about how beautiful a game looks. Seriously, we’re at a point now where games look damn good. No longer are we in the age of 8-bit, no longer are we in the age of pixelated 3D garbage, we are now in an age of graphic quality […]

Saturday Morning Rant: Tekken 7 Swimsuits

*sigh* Are we really doing this shit again, SJWs and feminists? Tekken 7 will not be shipped to the West with the inclusion of extra outfits that are swimsuits. Why? Well according to a Tweet made by Chief Producer/Director Katsuhiro Harada, we need to “ask our country’s SJWs”. Naturally, the response got some attention and […]

Saturday Morning Rant: No Man’s Sky

There has been no game this year that has been more polarizing than No Man’s Sky. Since it was first shown off at the VGX Awards in 2013, you could not go anywhere on the gaming spectrum of the internet without seeing people talking endlessly about how awesome this space exploration game from Hello Games […]

Saturday Morning Rant: Nintendo NX Rumours

Dear Nintendo, How are you folks doing over there in Japan? Are you doing well? I hope you are, because I want to ruin your good day right about now. I love you guys, I really do. You were a huge part of my childhood with the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 consoles I used […]