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[REVIEW] Kingdom Hearts III

After over a decade of waiting, can the third console game in the series live up to its long hype? The short answer, is an emphatic yes.


I’ve been hearing over and over again how good this movie is, so when I had a lull while waiting for Mass Effect: Andromeda, I finally gave this movie a shot. Did it deliver?

REVIEW: The Lego Batman Movie

After a solid first Lego movie and being told this was perhaps the best Batman movie ever made, does the Lego Batman Movie live up to the hype?


Johnny Gargano/Drew Galloway (w/Kota Ibushi) def. Anthony Nese and Caleb Konley – Evolve Tag Team Championships Feed immediately for this show sucked, stopping at very short intervals Galloway catching Konley’s suicide dive was awesome Then the stream died, I don’t know who won until half an hour later checking Twitter Score: Huh?/5 (No Contest) Matt Riddle […]

REVIEW: BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance

I’ve been looking forward to a second BABYMETAL album since hearing the first one, but I was unsure if I’d ever get to hear one. Japan is a strange beast when it comes to musical acts. I wasn’t sure if the band would be around long enough, as the girls may “graduate” from the group, […]