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Anime Spotlight: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai


After going through the many shows I’ve watched and would want to do one of these spotlight articles on, I came to the conclusion that I’ve somehow completely forgotten to do this show, one of my favourites of all-time. It’s an adorable show worth your full attention!

The anime revolves around two characters. The first is Yuuta Togashi, a boy starting his new high school life. He tells the story about how in the eighth grade he was one of “those kids” who would pretend to be a hero from an anime or manga, making up a fake name, dressing up, using non-existent magic, even coming up with a gimmick to their character. In Yuuta’s case, he wrapped up his forearm, claiming by removing the wrappings, it would unlock his powers as the Dark Flame Master.

Naturally, he’s embarrassed by that past and transferred to a school much further away than the one he would’ve gone to, so no one knows him in his new class. His intentions are to be 100% normal, to not ever deal with “Chuunibyou” or “Eighth-Grader Syndrome” ever again. But that lasts about…two minutes.


Enter Rikka Takanashi, a girl who happens to be his next door neighbour at his apartment complex…and a girl still suffering from the dreaded Chuunibyou! Her gimmick is of course, her eyepatch and her shining golden third eye (aka a coloured contact lens). She also fights with a massive weapon (an umbrella) and has a chimera at her disposal (a cat with a costume on it). Naturally, she plays the game with Yuuta after discovering him doing his routine one more time to get it out of his system for good and thus the entire journey begins.

The first season is a solid mixture of comedy, silliness and then some real-life situations to bring the serious mood into the picture. The entire season pretty much focuses on Yuuta trying to deal with Rikka and her antics (soon bringing more people into the mess of things) while trying to distance himself from her, again trying to get away from that kind of character and start his “normal high school life”. Eventually he understands her won’t be able to get rid of her, so he starts to try and get her to snap out of her delusions.


Yuuta’s not the only one who wants Rikka to grow up, so to speak. Her entire family is tired of this shtick of hers, to the point her older sister essentially blackmails Yuuta into being more aggressive in trying to get her away from this chuunibyou side of her and become a normal high school girl. A lot of this season really spends time with the hardships a lot of kids face during that transition into their teenage years and adulthood soon after. We all had that time as we grew older that we didn’t want to grow up, we wanted to stay a kid forever. That ideology gets fought with throughout the entire season.

The second season is far different than the first. While there’s still that wish from her family to change, Yuuta’s fully accepted her for what she is and supports her, whatever she decides to be. And that’s where the focus comes in, it’s clear there’s a loving relationship between the two and finding their own way to make it work, as well as hide it from almost everyone is a challenge. Though it is absolutely adorable how Rikka comes up with ways to say she wants affection from Yuuta, without actually saying it point blank.


In terms of the remaining characters, there’s more than enough quality to keep any other moment in a good place. Shinka acts as a great fence-sitter, being a harsher female version of Yuuta. Sanae is pure comedy, constantly causing trouble for the other characters, particularly Shinka. Kumin basically naps all over the place and at the perfect times it seems. And Tooka as Rikka’s older sister does her job very well at being the serious character of the show, while still able to work within the craziness of the show.

Speaking of, the best parts about the show (other than Yuuta pretty much concussing Rikka by chopping her repeatedly) are the “magical battles” that take place often during the show. Since Rikka and others believe they’re real anime characters, they often have crazy battles with over-the-top weapons and explosions. Which becomes super funny when they cut to reality and it’s really just Rikka hopping around on the ground with an umbrella.


Overall, this show is an absolute wonder to sit through. If you have a problem with over-sexualisation, this show doesn’t go for that. It’s a cute show that has a bit of over-the-top anime comedy, nothing you haven’t seen before if you’ve watched anime for any substantial amount of time. But what sends this show over the top for me, is honestly Rikka. She’s one of my favourite female characters in anime, adorable in every possible way, you can’t help but cheer her on. And when the story goes from laugh out loud to a lot more somber, you’re invested. I certainly was.

I mean come on, how can you say no to this face?


Character Spotlight: Rikka Takanashi


Any time I can take a female character from a video game or an anime and compare her to my girlfriend in terms of her body type and personality, it’s always a plus. Now my girlfriend isn’t a 16 year-old high school girl who thinks she’s a sorceress possessed by the Tyrant’s Eye and goes around town on her skate shoes thinking she’s having epic anime magic battles. But she has a very similar frame even today (she’s a tiny girl) and shares similar mannerisms to Rikka.


I’m not sure that in all of the anime I’ve watched, there’s been a character that I’ve been associating the word ‘adorable’ with more and keep in mind that’s counting all characters, including children and animals. There’s no doubt in my mind Rikka was created to be the epitome of cute. I’ve always personally been a fan of smaller-framed girls, and as I’m sure you’re also aware of if you’ve been ready any of my content relating to the looks of anime girls, I’m not a big fan of big tits. Though no one in this particular anime crosses that line for me, when you have a girl like Rikka around (and she’s not 12), it’s an easy pick for me, girls like Laura from Infinite Stratos and Akatsuki from Log Horizon come to mind and those two names also fall into the top of my list, as Rikka and Akatsuki did make the top 10 anime girls I’d marry list, Laura only not making it due to my “one girl per series” rule, Charlotte beating her out. When it comes to girls with less of a bust, which in turn means less cleavage, the show relies more on their personalities to get them over with fans, rather than just putting them in precarious positions or just flaunting them off (see Mai from Myriad Colors Phantom World this season). And in Rikka’s case, her personality is what shines the brightest the entire series.


Taking her “Eighth Grader Syndrome” and putting it aside, Rikka is a hyper-active, super peppy, all over the place adorable girl. It’s pretty apparent to me that if she had grown out of her sorceress phase by high school, she’d have a ton more friends than she has in the series. Her smiles are contagious, her happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious and I can’t see a scenario where she wouldn’t just be a joy hanging around. She’s definitely got a nerdy background, so talking about anime, video games, all that jazz would be a must, so another notch in her belt. But most of all, the unpredictability of her personality in terms of what she’ll do and what she’ll say is the biggest draw. I don’t mind unpredictability as in she might say something really rude or whatever, it’s just the randomness of her behaviour that would end in laughs for everyone. There would never be a dull moment hanging around with her.


And the thing with Rikka as well, is that while she’s smaller-framed, it doesn’t necessarily mean she under no circumstances can be sexy. Being into smaller-framed girls myself, as my girlfriend can attest to, Rikka makes up for the lack of breasts with a cute face, a cute and slender body, and of course, a really cute butt. Both times we see her in a swimsuit, she’s absolutely gorgeous. I say it all the time, but the best female characters in terms of their looks, for me they’re the ones we see the least sexy-oriented moments of them in their normal attire, so when we do get to see them showing a lot more skin than usual, it means something more. And in Rikka’s case, that’s exactly how it is, the majority of the show, she’s in her school uniform, which really hides the small set of breasts she actually has and since the series doesn’t go the panty shot route, we don’t get to see much of her cute butt that she has. To add onto her looks, some artwork of her (here and here) is absolutely gorgeous and just adds onto the secret sexiness she holds. And to finish, given how her sister Toka has shaped out, there’s still a chance that Rikka may shape out just a little more in her late teens.


Rikka is a prime example of a character that doesn’t need to be overly sexualized, prettied up, or simply displayed as someone who you’re going to fall in love with, she does all the talking herself. She’s easy on the eyes, but when the uniform’s off and the bikini is on, she becomes far sexier than you would’ve first thought. And of course, her personality is just the best thing about her. She’s a 24/7 all the time ball of energy and joy, it’s nearly impossible to not smile around her. But most of all, when you’re close to her, she can be the cutest shy girl you ever saw. And once you make that final step with her, she’s your best friend for life, one that I’d certainly be happy to spend the rest of my life with if such a person existed. Oh wait, my girlfriend’s pretty damn close to Rikka, so I think I may have accidentally succeeded. Who wouldn’t love to have a girl like her to wake up to every morning?


Top 10 Anime Girls I’d Marry

A couple weeks ago I had the difficult decision to pick the Top 10 girls in all of anime that I’d list for a one-night stand. That was all fun and games, but now it’s time to get serious! These ten have to be more than a pretty face and body, they have to also have the personality that would work with me and the feeling that I’d want more than to just hang out with them. Also it helps that they aren’t likely to kill me or hurt me pretty badly…

As usual this is my own list taking into account my own preferences, so my list will be way different than yours. And there’s always characters I’ve never heard of or haven’t watched so I don’t know them inside and out. And because some characters may have difficulty applying to real life (cause, y’know…it’s anime), there’ll be a couple characters I adjust slightly to work with this situation.

Anyways, let’s get to it!



My first anime crush, Cagalli has been etched into my psyche for a long time now. The downside to that is there’s been plenty of time to take her further and further down the totem pole. However she’s still leaps and bounds more interesting than the majority of anime girls out there, she’s a tough girl with a tiny bit of a laid back personality when she’s not fighting for her life. She of course gets extra points being a tomboy, something that always works well with me. Man…I still can remember that sequence in Gundam Seed with her and Athrun on that deserted island as if I watched it yesterday.


Lynette’s an absolute freaking sweetheart, she’s awesome. She’s also got that shy side of her as well that’s really cute. A huge plus for me is she’s a pretty good cook (I’m god awful in the kitchen right now), so it would certainly be nice to have someone directing me rather than leaving me to burn the house down. I suppose her being in an alternate WWII-era anime requires some change to bring her into the present day, but given her look and attitude, I don’t see that being an issue.


Right off the bat, yes I know she’s a tiny alien inside an AI unit designed exactly like her in human size. So let’s just assume the AI unit is the actual human body for this. Nagisa is a crazy mixture all over, she can be that adorable girl, but she’s also so unpredictable and a little crazy, which can be fun (when she’s not holding a Memory Erasure Apparatus, I mean…hammer…) as well. Not to mention the blue hair/green eyes combination looks fantastic on her. One of my favourite girls from this year’s worth of anime.


I seem to like a lot of girls in sci-fi kind of anime, the third character of the first four so far that has something to do with outer space. I’m not even convinced I’d need to take away Marika’s space pirate work, she doesn’t seem to let it change her to the point of the stereotypical rum-drinking, cursing, violent pirate. Instead she’s an absolute sweetheart, very fun loving and let’s be honest here, she’s gorgeous. I don’t think even in full pirate getup and holding a gun right to my head, I still wouldn’t think in the back of my head “Damn she’s pretty…”.


Granted, this character is inside a video game, so we can safely assume the role of the character’s self in the real world, Shizuka Hanekura. Specifically in Log Horizon, Akatsuki is easily the cutest assassin I’ve ever seen in any form of media. She has to be when one of the side characters tries to dress her up in pretty clothes and hugs the shit out of her every time she comes across her. Personality-wise, I really don’t pay much attention to her “my lord” portion, other than the fact you know she’s loyal to you once you’ve earned her respect. Otherwise, she is clearly very shy and reserved, looking even more adorable when doing so. I just hope Akatsuki is the only part of Shizuka that’s swung a sharp object.


Looking at the rest of this list, I can safely say we’re away from all the outer space ladies, but something will remain consistent for almost the entire Top 5: tomboys. Makoto is the tomboyish character in Idolmaster that wants to be a girly pop idol like everyone else, but her tomboyish figure for the most part prevents that, everyone prefers to dress her more like a guy. Honestly, I could go either way, she looks really good in her more masculine clothes such as the tanktop and shorts she’s wearing in the picture above. But I’d have zero issues with her in a cute top, skirt and thigh high socks if that’s what she wants to do. She’s pretty enough that she can pull off both sides.


It’s crazy that in an anime/visual novel where there’s so many to choose from, especially ones designed to be perfect (Nerine, Lisianthus, Kareha, etc.), Asa’s the one I’d pick by not just a small margin, but by a landslide. This green-haired sporty tomboy is fucking awesome, she really gives off that best friend in the entire world attitude. But she also backs up her awesome personality with pure beauty, past the joking and stuff she is an absolutely beautiful girl and is very adorable when you get close enough to her to unlock that part of her personality. Though the denim shorts cut into bikini bottoms still baffles me. Tomboy, I guess.


Rikka’s probably the closest character in terms of her overall looks and personality to my actual real-life girlfriend and before you even think it, no, my girlfriend is 27 like me. Minus the acting like she’s still an anime heroine, Rikka is easily the cutest of all the girls on this list in terms of personality. She’s very over-exaggerating with her emotions, whether she shows that by her facial expressions, or waving her hands about (my girlfriend does this a lot when she speaks). She’s totally adorable, you just want to give her the biggest hug ever. I imagine once she’s grown up a little more, probably after high school, she’s the perfect mixture of a young adult who still has a little bit of their inner child out there.


I said so many good things about Charlotte in my Top 10 Infinite Stratos Girls list, but she just misses the #1 spot. But it’s no easy feat to get #2 and Charlotte works hard to do that. She’s one of very few blonde-haired characters that’s really gotten my attention, it helps that she dressed like a guy for half the first season and has a curious mixture of a tomboy, but seems to lean to a more girly side once her real gender is discovered. And then there’s that French accent of her, which is sexy as fuck. She really gives off that sweet girl feeling, the kind of girl you’d want to take out to a nice dinner to, not just a movie or something trivial like that. You think she’s worth the effort, as certainly do I.


But if Charlotte, the girl I’ve been talking endlessly about these past couple weeks isn’t #1, who is? Well…


I don’t even want to remove her cat ears and tail, fuck it, have nekojin exist in our world for this, it only adds to how beautiful this woman is. The first time I saw Kuon in Episode 1 of Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen, I thought she was really cute, but wasn’t sure how I’d feel about her personality. Generally speaking, characters that look like how she does can often be a little hyper, or too overly cute. But by the end of Episode 1 after watching how this woman acts, the only thought coming to my head was “Holy shit, if this girl was real…”, though of course I am in a great 8-year relationship, I’m not the kind of terrible guy who’d drop a girl just because he came across a prettier one who’s into him. Putting all that aside though, there’s no denying the perfection that is Kuon. She’s one of the prettiest girls in any fictional media I’ve ever come across and may just have the best personality out of all of them. She’s sweet, she’s loving, she’s caring, she’s funny, she’s adorable and she has no problem getting serious when she has to. She’s the total package and easily the #1 candidate for an anime marriage if one could ever exist.


Hope you enjoyed the list, once again I had a blast/hard time making this one up. If you’ve got your own opinions, especially involving characters I didn’t even mention, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below!