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The Curious Case of My Bisexuality

I’ve casually mentioned it a couple of times in various articles I’ve posted on the site that pertain to sexuality. Whether it’s my fight to not get sexual content censored, rather have all forms of media include “fanservice” of both men and women in their content, whether it’s my comments about people “announcing” their sexuality to the world and how it’s not newsworthy, nor does it define you as a person, whether it’s any other post that I’ve talked about that carries a sexual overtone to it, I’ve mentioned a “deep, dark secret” about myself that my mind is completely insignificant, but in the current society, it’s actually a big deal apparently.

So I’ll say it again and I’ll try to explain it as best I can, because the subject of this article is about the nature of my sexuality and how I’ve handled it in the past couple years.

The best way to explain my sexuality is that I am bisexual, but when it comes to men, I’ve had a lot of trouble converting that curiosity and desire into real life. It may sound strange to some reading this, but when it comes to males, I have not found a single male in my life that I’ve been sexually attracted to. The only males I’ve taken a sexual interest in are fictional and mostly within anime/manga. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a single male in real life I’m attracted to, I have found pictures and videos of some were there is an attraction, but they’re not people I’ve seen and met in person, so to me, it’s under the same banner as a fictional character. They’re a person I’m seeing through the looking glass, they’re not real people to me, they’re characters in a way.

The transition started very slowly. I’m constantly looking for more anime art, so I’m always going through galleries full of pictures of anything and everything you can find. So it’s no surprise that I would eventually come across more feminine and androgynous looking males through these many anime galleries. At the beginning, I just ignored it, a lot of the time it wasn’t very good art either, which immediately turns me off of even the hottest anime girl ever. If the art isn’t great, I’m not interested. So over time, I started to come across a lot better quality of art drawn with more feminine-looking boys, to the point that I had to take notice. I never really considered the idea of sex with a male, so my brain was pretty much wired to only react to the female body, now all of a sudden I’m coming across these anime images of guys that pretty much look like flat-chested girls through and through.

It was initially a weird time in my head. 20+ years of the idea that since I had a mother and a father in the house, it must be normal and correct to only pursue the opposite sex, so for me as a boy, I should only be interested in girls. I certainly went that route all the way through puberty, not once did I ever consider the idea of gay sex, hell it’s even possible that during my entire time in high school I never even heard of the term, as my high school years were just before the explosion of LGBT culture. Now I knew of lesbians because as a teenager, of course you’re watching porn even though you’re not 18 yet, but my brain never put together the idea that if two women could have sex together, so could two guys. In my skewed views at that point, I was just watching lesbian porn cause it was more girls and I wasn’t having to stare at some guy’s junk!

So when I started finding these pictures of feminine male anime characters, at 27 years old it really messes with you, trying to change years of opinions, thoughts, perceptions, all that shit. But it helped that I started off with characters that I could have just as easily perceived as being girls. So long as the pants were still on, or they had their backs facing the camera, I didn’t know any different, right? They looked like girls, but they were guys, it was still a little confusing in my brain, but I was finding a way to accept the sudden influx of new thoughts, opinions and perceptions that were flooding through my head.

Hitting puberty at 12 years old and 15 years later I was having new sexual thoughts. Granted, it was held in a very specific light, keeping the characters I was daydreaming about still looking quite feminine, perhaps my brain trying to convince myself that I was still more interested in females and to stick down that path. When you’re first having these kinds of thoughts, you instinctively try to fight it. It’s like anything in life when a major change takes place, you try to avoid it, ignore it, it’s something new and different, you initially try to push it away because you’re so used to the status quo, the things you know and know well.

What ultimately changed me over completely to the side was a specific artist. He goes by Mazjojo and is the founder of BlackMonkey Pro which does a ton of yaoi art. It was his specific stuff that really made me take an interest in “100% male” characters, guys that are undeniably male, there’s no gray area with them being feminine or anything, they’re without a shadow of a doubt a boy. For reference, here (WARNING: NSFW!) is a picture of Gray from Fairy Tail, a character I had zero interest in, but upon finding this image, my attention is suddenly directed towards the guy. I had no interest in guys, especially bigger, more muscular men, but Mazjojo’s stuff was so damn good that my mind completed changed. It took a little while, but there came a point where I couldn’t deny it anymore, I was sexually attracted to a lot of the characters Mazjojo drew. It was really weird suddenly becoming attracted to Soma from Food Wars and Sin from Guilty Gear, that’s a real interesting exchange going on in your brain when you’re suddenly attracted to characters you’ve known long before coming across art of them in very precarious positions.

So now I’ve gone in the span of a year or so from not even thinking about the idea of another guy in a sexual manner, all the way to wishing the entire cast of Free! would suddenly appear before me and line up for a long round of fun. This all took place just before I started writing on this blog, I had these thoughts at the time the page started and it took another six months thereafter to finally get to the point of being comfortable with my new sexual preferences.

I was already more than okay with talking about sex and protecting it from being censored in media, but it wasn’t until that six month mark that I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t just be fighting the content that SJWs, feminists, parents and politicians alike are trying to censor. Instead of just focusing on the censorship of female-based ecchi content, I should also be fighting for the addition of more male-based ecchi content. Now this isn’t necessarily due to me suddenly now being attracted to men and wanting to see more boy butts, but I do believe that it plays a part in me wanting both genders to be used equally in these kinds of situations. Now being attracted to both sides really hammers it home that I should be going after equal opportunity, not because I want to see it, but because it’s the only real way to make anything exist. Both sides need to have their due, the second anything is skewed in one direction, it will be criticized and it will be slammed by those who don’t like it or agree with it.

Becoming aware of the attractiveness of both the opposite and now my own gender has really changed my stance on a lot of things. Not specifically the opinion, but I’ve more broadened a lot of the opinions I already hold. What’s helped the most is that I’ve started opening my mind to stuff I normally wouldn’t have given a shot. Now male-dominant anime get the opportunity to suck just like all the female-dominated shows do. I’m giving male characters a chance in games that offer the same-sex option, though in the case of Mass Effect: Andromeda, sorry boys, but there are too many great female choices here.

At the current moment I’m writing this, I still stay in the same weird area I’m in when it comes to my bisexuality. I still don’t know any men in real life I’d have any interest in sexually, my focus still stays particularly in anime-drawn males, those get my attention. This is large in part to anime being an art of perfection, as I’ve stated before. As it stands, I’m 29 years old, I consider myself to be bisexual, but I fully believe that when I die, I will have never experienced sex with another male. Having no attractive men around me to instill that desire does play a part in it, but the obvious major reason I suspect I’ll never cross off that line on my bucket list is that I’m in a relationship and have been for over 9 years now, which the girl I still love just as much as I did when our relationship started.

So to all the hot gay and bisexual guys out there, I’m sorry that you had a +1 on the list for you to go after and then it was immediately taken by a girl!

Anime Spotlight: Shimoneta – A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist


Now as you’ve all probably figured out by now from the articles I’ve been posting on here, sexual content is nothing I’m shy about. I’ve got no problem seeing panties, naked men and women, lots of moaning, all that jazz.

Shimoneta for the entire series was walking right along the line and then in one specific scene that I will happily point out, they managed to make me go “H-Holy shit! The fuck did I just watch?!”.

The series employs a concept that is essentially a massive exaggeration of the current world we live in. In this Japan, dirty material of any sort are outlawed and everyone wears a bracelet that will call the “Decency Squad” if you so much as say the word “penis”. Almost all pornographic material has been burned (imagine that in Japan, that’s a lot of shit to burn!) and they’ve even reworded the whole reproduction talk to the point that you thought everyone was is fucking kindergarten. Think about it though, this is the Spinal Tap 11 level of our current SJW society. We’re already trying to outlaw some indecent material like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and material like that. We’re really at the first steps to this level of horrible societal change.


So we come into Tanukichi and Ayame, two students at the most prestigious high school for its “purity”. Tanukichi is trying to escape his dirty life, his father being a well-known “terrorist” in this boring society, while Ayame is a part of the student council, but it also the major terrorist known as Blue Snow, known for her panties mask, wearing nothing but a robe and shouting expletives like “Big Dingleberries” while throwing small pictures of sexual material into crowds. Yep, this is your main duo, a girl who makes endless sexual innuendos throughout the show and a guy who just wants to escape that life but it dragged back in. Naturally, he ends up getting a case of Stockholm Syndrome (though we’re left to assume he wanted this life all along) and becomes just as important to Ayame’s SOX group…while dressing in women’s underwear as well.


The entirety is one long sexual innuendo. They’re constantly committing indecent acts that don’t go beyond really verbal and photographic terrorism, the real dirty stuff is done by those outside of SOX. At the same time, there’s plenty of idiocy going on around them, like Anna Nishikinomiya, the student council president, who after accidentally receiving her first kiss from Tanukichi pretty much becomes a sex addict who hasn’t gotten laid yet, she turns into a monster, constantly chasing him down, trying to get her fix. Her mother also in the meantime is trying to crack down even further on society and turn it into the ultimate SJW paradise, which the anime title doesn’t lie, it’s boring as fuck. There’s other notable characters like Fuwa who’s curiously studying the real reasons and methods for reproduction and often comes out of nowhere, literally once with her face buried in Tanukichi’s crotch to ask him about the real way they all reproduce. It’s a fucking riot at all times and those who can’t handle any bit of dirty jokes and sexual innuendo will probably faint. Imagine a show like this in the 50s and 60s, there’d be an epidemic of people have seizures from the utter shock of it.

This is completely normal in the show
This is completely normal in the show

When the show really turns up the volume and heightens the stakes as Anna’s mother increases her foothold on Japan and a new terrorist group that is lead by a guy who looks like a mummy except he’s wrapped in used underwear (gross!) and is a complete maniac, if that would surprise anyone, the show really steps up and becomes pure insanity. It also mixes with the various social stances we have in the world, some want purity in the world, others want the right to do everything, while SOX even though they’re looked at as a terrorist group as well, really just want things to go back to the status quo before all this PC and SJW bullshit started. Ayame while as Blue Snow is a maniac sexual innuendo spewing girl, she still gets embarrassed initially when everyone’s forced to strip to their underwear and Tanukichi’s seeing her like that. They’re still normal boys and girls, they’re just forced to go as over-the-top as they do because it’s the only way they can think of to fight this battle they’re in.


Another thing I enjoy about this show, something I’ve mentioned before is its refusal to be a show that could be an absolute festival of naked women and undressing girls and such. Instead, it’s fair on both sides, Tanukichi is constantly in various states of undress, is naked several times throughout the show and they even go as far as having Raiki, the big fellow pictured above wearing women’s underwear of all things, not knowing he’s wearing the wrong type. The show is an equal rights upholder when it comes to sexual content in the show. While there are indeed more girls, generally only two girls really participate in any real sexual content, that being Tanukichi and Anna, even Ayame for the most part stays out of anything too sexual aside her from costume and innuendo-ing.

Which brings us to the moment that made me pause the show after it was over to collect myself…


In Episode 4, the goal of SOX is to try and draw new pornographic material, but the artist they find for it doesn’t know how to draw what she’s never seen before. Like I said earlier, after Episode 3, Tanukichi accidentally kisses Anna which sends her into a pure sexual rage, wanting to pretty much fuck his brains out. At that time, Tanukichi also has a stalker, which anyone could figure out who it is, but the main cast hasn’t got a clue. So Ayame and Otome (the artist) hatch a plan to get their drawings, they have Tanukichi lure the stalker in, while Otome hides in the closet, hoping to get the two of them to at least start something that can get her an idea of what to draw. They get far more than what they could’ve hoped for, underestimating how far down the rabbit hole Anna has fallen.

The lights go out and before Tanukichi has a chance to confront his stalker, he hears that familiar crazy voice and finds himself taken down on the floor, his hands tied behind his back and a pair of rather soaked panties put over his head as a blindfold. Then she starts to undress and tears off his clothes, making out with him, frantically licking about his body and soon finding that certain something she’s been looking for and is about to proceed and do the deed when Ayame returns, turns the lights on and discovers her best friend naked on top of her newest male friend.

…There’s no way around this. You basically watched a man get raped by the girl he thought he loved. The music clearly tells you the dark act going on, while there’s a mixed emotion going on. Anna’s clearly lost, but Tanukichi’s in a state of shock and unsureness, after all Anna’s the reason he cleaned up his act, yet now the supposedly purest girl in the country is now tearing off his clothes and trying to fuck his brains out. He also looks to Otome for help when the panties covering his face lift a bit, yet she’s in such a sexual rage herself, seeing such an act for the first time that she’s egging him on as well. It’s such a strange scene that for me was a mixture of emotions, ranging from confusion, hilarity and even being a little turned on, I will admit.


Shimoneta is one of those rare shows that does something so extreme that you have to notice it. The thing is though, if you can get past the shock values the show has, it’s actually an extremely entertaining and hilarious show, one of my favourites from that season. There’s so much to love, the comedy is all over the place, there’s actually a very interesting and realistic story going on in the background about censorship and the extremes it could lead to.

But I’ll be honest, it’s for the extremely ridiculous sexual innuendo like this:


Another Top 10 Anime Girls I’d Sleep With

Very early on when I started this page, I had a couple Top 10 lists having to do with fictional girls I’d easily take the opportunity to share a bed with and enjoy the perfection that is their beauty. Nearly six months later from the last anime girl specific Top 10 of these lists, it’s time for round two!

So to review the rules for this kind of list, first off, anime’s weird when it comes to ages, so if any girl on this list happens to fall under the “not of age” range, assume that they are now old enough to be of age, I’m not trying to being a pedophile here. Secondly, these girls fall onto this list for a multitude of reasons whether it’s their personalities, the danger of being around them, anything that would make me think “Y’know…I think I’m good if I just get one round in!”.

Anyways, let’s get started!


To start off this list, we go to a girl that I have to admit is attractive as all hell, but holy crap is her personality difficult, to the point that I even wonder if I’d be able to last long enough around her to get to that sexual encounter. In the beginning Aqua (Konosuba) did catch my eye and yes, a lot of it had to do with the realization that this goddess looks like she doesn’t wear underwear at all…like at any point in the series. But then she kicks in her “useless goddess” attitude and slowly but surely becomes one of the most unlikable girls I’ve ever watched in anime. If not for her beauty, there’s literally nothing positive I could say about her. She’s the kind of girl that I’m pretty sure that if I was talking with for more than five minutes, I’d have an aneurysm from sheer stupidity (TeamFourStar joke, ha!). She’s absolutely insufferable, talks like she’s the most powerful goddess in the universe and simultaneously begs constantly for assistance because she’s so lazy, I’m amazed she walks on her own two feet. But she’s drop dead gorgeous, so maybe I could put up with her long enough for one night…


From one side of the spectrum to the other, Myucel from Outbreak Company falls into the so perfect and proper that it’s annoying section of girls I could never see myself hanging around with for very long. Like Aqua, Myucel is drop dead gorgeous and carries the added effect of being an elf girl, which pretty much makes my eyes lock on her and never leave. And while she is a real sweetheart throughout the show, she just comes off as extremely boring to me, which is a real shame because she seems like she should be the kind of girl you would lovingly hold hands with and hold closely for long periods of time. But anything beyond that doesn’t sound interesting to me, I can’t imagine having a ton of interesting and funny conversations with her.


Holy crap Sylvia’s hot as hell! But this woman from Schwarzesmarken is a war-experienced soldier, I’m not so sure I’d want to fuck with her…for too long that I’d overstay my welcome. I mean of course I have no idea what she would be like if the war never happened, but at the same time what I do see from her personality gives me the idea that being around her for an extended period of time may not be something I’d be up for. She comes off very distant and quiet and when she does speak to you, she comes off very tough and dangerous. She’s the kind of girl that you don’t want to piss off. But I will admit I’d absolutely love to have the opportunity to see beyond that beautiful cleavage she displays throughout the show.


In a show where I can’t find anything damaging to say about any of the female characters like Gargantia, Bellows still ends up as one of those girls that I’m convinced an extended relationship would not be in my best interests. She’s easily the sexiest girl on the show, her superior Ridget a close second. And she checks off a number of boxes that I constantly use with female fictional characters, she’s got red hair, she’s got a bit of a tan, she’s great with her hands, in this case being a mechanic/engineer, there’s a lot about her that I enjoy. But she also carries that risky business kind of attitude about her, being a salvager on the show, constantly diving deep underwater for stuff. I’m not a big fan of anything overly risky and in the case of a relationship, the knowledge that during any one of these dives, she could be seriously injured or killed does not go over well in my mind. But after watching her in the swimsuit episode of the show, I’m more than willing to at least say hello to her and maybe become friends…with benefits.


All right, all right, all right. Let’s all get the joke out of the way right off the bat, shall we? At least you won’t have to worry about buying her sweets on those special occasions. Huh? What’d you think I was going to say? A dirty joke? Something about oral sex? Come on, get your heads out of the gutter, what do you take me for?! Anyways, Hotaru from Dagashi Kashi is a great selection for this list. She’s absolutely stunning (albeit maybe a bit too much in the breasts department), has a super wacky personality and come on, she’s the heir to a major sweets manufacturer, that’s a huge bonus, man! The downside with Hotaru is her super wacky personality, I don’t think I’d be able to listen to constant history lessons about various snacks, followed by a ton of sexual innuendo with said snacks.

…And god damn she must be good with her mouth given how she handles various snacks in the show! I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it the whole way without blurting it out. I tried!!!


Holy shit was Episode 8 of Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai a massive catalyst on getting Ikaruga on a list like this. Originally if anyone was going to be on this list from the show, it’d have been Usagi. But when Episode 8 showed us the absolutely stunning beauty Ikaruga hides underneath that lab coat she always wears, the decision wasn’t difficult at all. In the personality category, Ikaruga makes the list because she straight up doesn’t have a personality, she’s essentially a lab creation and not a fully fleshed out human being. Her voice doesn’t exactly have much in the way of excitement and her sense of humour is extremely dry and sometimes harsh. But holy shit is she gorgeous, I certainly would’ve accepted her offer that of course Takeru didn’t, cause the MC isn’t allowed to get laid logic of anime.


This is a simple case of Shimei could whip my ass and break every bone in my body in an instant if she wanted to, so taking this blue-haired girl from Ikkitousen out for anything more than a one time only encounter would be severely dangerous for my health, as if the one time wouldn’t be dangerous enough. Shimei even though she’s from an anime that was made in 2003 (the original anime that I’ve watched) is still one of the prettiest female badasses I’ve come across in anime. I’m a sucker for smaller girls and on top of that she’s got a vibrant hair colour, she’s the first eyepatch wearing girl I ever saw (didn’t realize how many of these girls I’d be attracted to years later) and for her to be as athletic and fit as she is, that’s a major plus. But again, the idea of me making one false move and resulting in having my arm broken in an instant kind of makes this girl not the easiest to approach.


Holy shit, the amount of risks I’d be taking by even giving this Shimoneta character even a taste of sex! But anyone who watched that memorable encounter in Episode 4 has to admit that they were A, turned on and B, suddenly far more attracted to Anna if they weren’t already. The girl’s got an incredible body, there’s no denying that, but there is so much baggage with this girl that the risks are extremely high with allowing her a first sexual encounter. Just for those who haven’t watched the series, Shimoneta is an anime about a Japan that has banned all pornographic material, dirty language and even changed the story they tell kids and teenagers about where babies comes from. So when Anna, who’s the daughter of the family really behind this insane cultural change and is as pure and pure can be, when she has her first kiss (accidentally) with Tanukichi, she’s sent into such a sexual rage with all those pent-up hormones that she constantly stalks Tanukichi and eventually gets to the point where it’s implied if she ever got a second chance alone with Tanukichi, he’s leaving with a broken hip and a broken…something else…*shudders*! Who knows, maybe giving her that first time might calm her down, but at the same time, it could also make her chase me to the ends of the Earth and back.


Like Ikaruga, Aika from the Phantasy Star Online 2 anime is a personality-less character and also a creation, this time from inside a video game, an NPC if you will. However, there is no character in any anime I’ve ever watched that isn’t a fully-fledged human being that is hotter than Aika, holy shit she’s gorgeous! Which is even crazier to me cause of her blonde hair, a colour I find much lower on the totem pole of hair colours in anime. But it works perfectly with her and with that perfect fit body of hers, it’s just too much. But like Ikaruga, that expressionless voice and that dry sense of humour just doesn’t flesh well with me. But unlike Ikaruga, Aika at least seems to have a bit more emotion in the end and perhaps could over time change and become someone I might be able to hang around for an extended period of time. Until then, I’ll stand in a hot spring and wait for her to just randomly show up without a towel on, like nothing’s wrong. Which for me, since I’m not the typical anime MC, wouldn’t be wrong to me either.


The shining example of someone for this list, I’m actually mad at myself for forgetting about Rico. Then again she was in an easily forgettable anime in Sky Wizards Academy. I had her as the sexiest anime girl of all of last year’s anime, but also as a nominee for the worst female character. She’s just so unlikable to the point that the only character that could be more unlikable than her that year was a lamia girl who shouted “DARLIIIIIIIING!” over and over to the point my ears hurt. She calls herself a goddess, which in looks she absolutely is, she looks like she was sculpted to perfection, even down to her brain which made the decision to wear the perfect lingerie set to show off that perfectly sculpted body. But her personality makes her so easy to hate, she is the poster girl for narcissism, going as far as thinking she’s so beautiful she doesn’t have to train with her fellow teammates for battle, something that has nothing to do with her looks. But taking all that in, if you think I’m going to turn this girl down if she existed in real life and asked if I’d be down for a quickie, you’d be so far off your rocker, you’ve not only fallen right off it, but you’re halfway to China.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Don’t forget to leave your favourites from the list as well as your own in the comments below!

Is “Sexy” DLC Bad?

Serah from Final Fantasy XIII-2
Serah from Final Fantasy XIII-2

Downloadable Content, or DLC as we’ve come to know it has been a huge part of the video game industry really since the previous generation of games with the PS3 and Xbox 360. Granted there have been many games before them with “DLC” that were more like expansion packs (take The Sims for example), but it was really this generation that kickstarted the trend of almost every game coming with a ton of extra (possibly locked) content for consumers to throw more money at if they so choose.

One of the more controversial ones though, aside from DLC that’s either overpriced or should have been an integral part of the game, are costume-based DLC. The majority of the time, these cosmetic upgrades are things like re-colourings, retro outfits and silly additions, like the many cheesy Dead Rising outfits.

But some fall into a category that seems to trigger a lot of people out there, particularly feminists and SJWs: Sexy-themed costume DLC.

Trip from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Trip from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Generally speaking this DLC is purely cosmetic and offers nothing more to the story or the mechanics of the game. This content is meant only for the purposes of being used as a method for players to make the already gorgeous (primarily female) characters look even hotter. This could range from a variety of outfits such as swimwear, sleepwear, or outfits that are cut up a bit to reveal a little more skin.

Of course, because we’re making a female character show more skin, we’re objectifying her, we’re dehumanizing her. Yes, by making a fictional character dress in something sexier than their normal outfit, we’re dehumanizing them. A NOT-REAL human female is being dehumanized. She doesn’t exist, people! If you want to get triggered at this stuff, do it for real-life pieces of media. Go all-in on swimsuit issues of magazines, episodes of TV shows where women are in various states of undress or fully nude. I certainly don’t hear a lot of feminist talk having to do with Game of Thrones, but I’ll sure as hell hear about something far less known like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

Kasumi from Dead or Alive 5
Kasumi from Dead or Alive 5

The most famous game to contain such content is of course the legendary Dead or Alive series. Well known for a ton of swimsuits, schoolgirl outfits and a ton of other sexy outfits, the series is at the top of the metaphorical totem pole when it comes to downloadable content of a sexual nature. While there are a couple outfits that might be looked at as sexy for some of the male characters, generally speaking the focus is on the women.

In this specific case, it makes a little bit of sense for these characters to have such outfits and I’ll go further into why in a moment. But when it comes to the characters themselves, it’s no surprise that within a game where one selling point of the entire series has been the “jiggle physics” that the female characters are given, of course there would be costumes, whether the default ones or DLC that would reflect that particular design choice.

Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw
Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw

So when should these types of costumes be acceptable? It’s actually quite simple. As long as it fits within the universe the content is being used for, who cares what they wear? Take all the pictures I’ve put up for example. Serah from Final Fantasy XIII-2, a fantasy world. Trip from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, a fantasy world. Kasumi from Dead or Alive, an exaggerated modern day world. Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw, an exaggerated modern day world. Notice the keywords I gave to these four examples, “fantasy” and using the word “exaggerated” when describing a modern day universe. None of these games I’ve listed are meant to be realistic representations of our own world.

It’s one thing to have sexy costumes in games that take place in a fantasy world or a modern day world that is greatly exaggerated or turned upside down. It would be completely understandable however if in a game like say Call of Duty if there were costume packs that you could buy that would make your female soldier look more like Quiet from Metal Gear Solid. But generally speaking that doesn’t happen, if there are extra outfits as DLC in games that are of a sexual nature, they’re usually given to games that do not fall under the realism banner.

from Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

One case I can think of that you can make an argument for this kind of content being used in a game it should be, is Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. In this game there are outfits that are pretty much skimpy underwear that are worn by teenage girls in a horror game. And that’s the key thing here, this is in a horror game. You may be thinking “Hey Adam, but this game falls a bit into the exaggerated modern day world, doesn’t it?” and you’d be right to think that. The difference however is while the world should be able to adapt to the costumes, the gameplay however does not, which supersedes everything else at all times.

The idea of a horror game is to immerse you in the world, keep you constantly on the edge of losing your mind. It’s not exactly easy to commit to that when you’re busy staring at an ass in a tight pair of panties. Now the intent I imagine for these outfits is to be used after completing the game, which is totally understandable if that’s the case. But honestly, when it comes down to it, unless you’re a game like Until Dawn which is a homage to the cheesy 80s and 90s slasher movies where it was common place for girls to be running around in their underwear, it doesn’t work in horror. For Fatal Frame in particular, it’s a homage to the very dark and fucked up Japanese horror movies. I don’t recall a lot of teenage girls running around in thongs. Not that I researched heavily into Japanese horror films, they scare the shit out of me.

from Samurai Warriors 4 II
from Samurai Warriors 4 II

So in closing, I don’t think there’s a problem with the vast majority of sexual DLC, or sexual costumes in games at all for that matter. Generally speaking, I’d say over 90% of the games that do it, are using them in worlds that can accommodate them. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to have fantasy girls in sexy outfits, the worlds are non-existent, they’re not real, so they can wear whatever they want. The only times where sexy outfits shouldn’t exist is when you’re making a game that is hellbent on a realistic design. Armed forces soldiers do not wear bikinis into battle and regular girls in our own world don’t wear nothing but their underwear on when in public. So if it wouldn’t happen in real life, don’t apply it into a game where it’s meant to be an accurate representation of real life.

Once again, I think people are just getting a little too triggered about all this stuff. They’re fictional characters in fictional worlds, relax a little bit!

I’d go into more detail, but how many times do I gotta sound like a broken record when it comes to this issue, eh?