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Mortal Kombat: Dismemberment? Okay. Skin? Bad.

With the redesigns of several female characters over the past two Mortal Kombat games, I’m starting to wonder if there’s a very dumb double standard going on here…

The Evolution Of My Bisexuality

I happened to be looking through my old posts and found a specific article I wrote almost exactly a year ago. I felt it’d be interesting to talk about things further…

[NSFW] Fantasies Changing With The Times

For many as we get older, a lot of things expand in our minds. But we’re going to have fun and talk about the sexy side of our minds expanding and opening up to more options.

The Curious Case of My Bisexuality

For someone at any age, a sudden influx of new thoughts is never easy to take in. So I thought I’d offer a helping hand by talking about my own personal struggles accepting a new part of myself, which compared to most is probably even more unique…

Hey Anime! Guys Undress and Shower Too!

In anime, we all know there’s no shortage of half-naked girls parading around in their underwear and constantly showering for everyone to see. But why is it that the same doesn’t happen for boys in anime? Because as far as we know, guys walk around in their underwear and take showers too…

Gone Home Is My Favourite Story In A Video Game

I love a good story. It’s what drives me to keep playing most of the games I get into. Since I was a kid, RPGs were always a big part of my gaming and what sells most RPG games? Story. However while there are a lot of great games I could point out for having […]

Saturday Morning Rant: Who Cares About Your Sexuality?!

First off, let me say that I have absolutely no problem with anyone’s sexual preference. Whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, whatever sexual preference you may have, I am more than okay with it. It is your own personal preference, it is none of my business to tell you otherwise, make a fuss about it […]