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Anime Spotlight: Monster Musume


If you’d told me one of the most entertaining anime shows I’d watch this year was centered solely around monster girls, I’d be calling a mental institute that I may or may not have on speed dial specifically for a situation like this.

But who knew, the show was awesome and a ton of fun to watch! The show manages to create a number of interesting and compelling characters. And since I’m FAR more tolerant that a lot of people when it comes to race, the show makes a number of characters that I would certainly have no problem standing in the vicinity of and some I’d even hang out with on a regular basis.

Don’t know how I’d feel about Rachnera though. I don’t do spiders. No no no. Hell no!

The premise of the show is very simple. The world is now slowly starting to accept humans and monsters living together (wish they’d explain a little more in the show what it was like before all this) and the story is centered around Kimihito, who is the host family of the lamia, Miia. By the end of the series, he’s hosting far more than just the one girl he started with. And of course because it’s a harem anime (don’t act so surprised), all of them want a piece of him.

The characters throughout the series are all varied and have a bit to offer. I will admit that many of them are way too lovestruck and offer little character for most of the show. Miia saying “Darling! Darling!” over and over again eventually starts to grind your ears. Centorea also can be a little much with the extreme shifts in emotions that she has. It’s characters like Papi, Meroune and Rachnera that really solidify the main cast, they don’t change from their usual demeanor much and it really means something when they do.

And then there’s just Suu. Enough said. (NOTE: That’s the craziest image I can find of her that isn’t NSFW.)

Speaking of being not safe for work, while there’s no genitalia or nipples shown in the anime, it’s pretty much borderline hentai. The amount of innuendos, especially by camera angles (see Papi and the ice cream scene) is just ridiculous, most of it being hilariously ridiculous, others being…”whoa!”. Suu is usually behind the “whoa!” innuendos. It’s not the kind of show you’ll want to watch around judgmental people. I’ve been lucky enough that my girlfriend enjoys watching this show with me, so it’s not awkward at all. But I can definitely see how it’s off-putting for some people, I just tolerate sex far more than violence in media.

Is there a lot of story to this show? Not really. There’s points by the second half of the first season where it kind of tries to have a story, but it doesn’t really have much meaning, the show is really just a monster girl ecchi fest. The first half is introducing the majority of the cast, the second half features a little more than that, but it’s mostly character development, not a whole lot of story. It almost feels like at times this show would have been better suited as 10-15 minute shorts where they can forego a lot of the extra dialogue and feature the sexualized content that the show is clearly geared towards.

The art and animation of this show is spectacular as it would have to be in order to even grab my attention when it features half-human characters. About two-thirds of the main girls do not have a human bottom half, the exceptions being Papi (minus her feet really) and Suu, who while she’s shaped like a human, but well…she’s all slime. I believe everyone except Centorea and maybe Meroune have like half a human ass, which is weird, like they wanted to make sure the illusion of them being human, you just have to pull them out of the costume. It is kind of weird seeing human butt-crack and then giant spider carapace and legs.

The one thing that really impressed me however is M.O.N. or Monster Ops: Neutralization, the group formed to deal with monster-related crimes, as the law prevents humans from using force against monsters. All four members featured make perfect sense for their roles. Tionishia is an ogre and because of that is essentially the tank of the team. Doppel is a doppelganger so she’s perfect for stealth and spy operations. Manako is a monoeye (I still call her a Cyclops) and with her one eye, she can see long distances away, so of course she’s their sniper. Finally and my favourite, there’s Zombina-chan. Yes, she’s a zombie, so naturally she’s a great fit as the one on the front lines, as she cannot die. Though we don’t know if the bullet to the head theory applies.

Speaking of M.O.N., that’s something also the show does that not many do. They have a bunch of side characters that I’m also interested in, not just the primary cast. Zombina is easily one of them, her personality is fantastic. Of course if you read my Top 10 anime girls I’d sleep with list, you know I’m way into Smith, she’s gorgeous. Another side girl that I really enjoyed in the series is Draco, as with characters like Persona 4’s Naoto, Infinite Stratos’ Charlotte and Gundam Seed’s Cagalli, I really enjoy female characters in anime that for a time or consistently dress like a male to hide their real gender.

So if you’re interested in a series like this, which seems like very few, after all it’s an ecchi harem anime about monster girls, but if you are, it’s definitely worth checking out. Getting past the sexuality of the show, there’s a lot of entertainment to be had and a number of very interesting characters that a show of this ilk likely would not have had.

But seriously…fucking Suu, man! Geez…


Top 10 Female Anime Characters I’d Sleep With

So I’ve gone through my Top 10 lists for female video game characters that I’d sleep with or marry. Now it’s time for the hardest version of these lists, anime girls. Why? Because there’s just so much to choose from!

So let’s get a few rules out of the way. First off, anime’s weird when it comes to ages, so if any girl on this list happens to fall under the “not of age” range, assume that they are now old enough to be of age, I’m not trying to being a pedophile here. Secondly, these girls fall onto this list for a multitude of reasons, whether it’s that I can’t see myself spending more than a one-night stand with them, or their dangerous personalities would put me in way too much danger to actually want to put a ring on their fingers.

And lastly, but most importantly, don’t bother me with the sexist comments about how over-sexualized and objectifying this list is. None of these girls are real and if any of you SJWs could actually say to me with a straight face that you haven’t fantasized about having sex with ANYONE, that would be a miracle. This is not a list about girls who look slutty, this is a cut and dry list of the Top 10 girls I’d just straight up like to have sex with, nothing more, nothing less.

And remember, my list will be different than yours. I may like certain characters from the same anime that you don’t and of course there’s a ton of anime I haven’t watched, so just because they’re not on the list, it doesn’t mean I don’t like them. It just means I don’t know who they are.

So anyways, let’s hop to it!


With there being so many in anime, I had to list at least one pair of gorgeous twin sisters and Perserte and Princesca Yugiri are my favourites out of all of them. Oddly enough though, I haven’t seen much of the Polyphonica anime (I don’t read manga) to really get an idea of how they are personality-wise. What I do know however is that the artwork of them is absolutely stunning, they look like a million bucks and then some in the official artwork of the series. Not to mention they aren’t mirrored copies of each other, they have their own colour schemes that really separate themselves to the point that they’re incredible on their own as well.

It also helps they’re one of the only twin sisters I know of that aren’t like 14 or younger.


One of my favourite shows that I’ve watched, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions features a ton of underage girls that while they’re adorable, they’re still far too childish to be considered, even when they age past their teens. Toka on the other hand is the polar opposite of essentially every character on the show. She’s super-serious and will do whatever it takes to accomplish what she wants. She’s also super hot. Through that scary demeanor the show gives her, she comes off very strong and tough, but also shows a soft side as she clearly cares about her younger sister. She definitely feels like the kind of girl that once you get close enough to her, she’s a real softie and a sweetheart when she wants to be. Pair that together with her figure (especially that butt in those jeans) and you have a pretty fun friend with benefits.

Just don’t piss her off, that ladle looks like it hurts.


Before you say anything, yes I know she’s a robot. Let’s just dream that she’s built for such situations, all right?! Meika’s my favourite girl from the recent Punch Line anime, which features a ton of panties (since the main character essentially goes Super Saiyan when they’re seen). If my video game Top 10s weren’t enough indication, I’m more a fan of smaller-chested females compared to the overtly large. I imagine most would pick Rabura out of the four, but for me Meika’s the easy choice, the hair, glasses, body type and the color selection of her undergarments just blends together so perfectly.


Yes I’m aware after just mentioning the small-chested preference that the next girl on this list, Saya from Highschool of the Dead does not fall into that category. But given how she, along with the other girls in this game are portrayed, can you blame me for picking one of them? Saya’s my personal favourite of the four main girls from the series, mainly cause Rei is too bitchy, Shizuka is just too much and I just prefer Saya slightly above Saeko, who is also a great choice for this list if the one per rule didn’t apply. I think the glasses just always work for me cause of the whole intelligence is also sexy to me thing, but in this anime, it’s not like she isn’t shown much. Her in those super short shorts, man! Though the hairstyle she has in the swimsuit OVA was a little weird and didn’t work for me. But when the bikini came off, I hardly noticed.


Yep, another robot/android on the list! It’s hard for me not to pick Korone, the weirdo demeanor and especially the Hatsune Miku style striped panties are just so hard to resist. The anime makes full use of her perfectly built (literally) body with many panty shots and the parts of the series where she’s trying everything in her power to get Akuto to have sex with her (so we’re assuming she can) just shoots her further up the list than robot counterpart Meika. Not to mention she has no problem just undressing other girls around so isn’t that a bit of a bonus. Ah who am I kidding, you’re still the one who gets beaten within an inch of your life, not her.


From a series that has no problem apparently showing girls topless, it was hard to pick a character from Strike Witches to put on this list. The only one that will be making a push for the Top 10 Marry list will be Lynette, so that leaves far too many options to count for this one. However it was the Major that gets the nod for this one, Mio Sakamoto. She was the easy choice in the end though as she’s not crazy and/or overly hyper like someone of the younger characters are. Though as a clearly heavy military girl, a relationship would be nigh-impossible as she’d be constantly away, something that regardless of the person in question, it’s not an easy pill to swallow. But with her very under-appreciated beauty and her “one of the boys” kind of attitude, she’s a great choice for a little bit of fun when she’s on shore leave.


Now here’s a chick that you do not want to fuck with…metaphorically speaking. I personally cannot stand the pink-haired super sweet, super lovey-dovey Moka from Rosario + Vampire, she’s absolutely insufferable and honestly, her voice is just too damn annoying. However, her full-vampire form once the rosary around her neck is removed is another thing. She’s a badass, a cool fox of a woman and just absolutely stunning, the silver hair does a lot for her (not that her body doesn’t help at all…). The episode where she tries her best to seduce Tsukune is hilarious and shows just how protective she probably was her entire life leading up to that point. She pretty much tries to be Kurumu and fails miserably at doing so. Honestly, other than the potential draining of blood, she seems like a cool person to be around once you get past that kick first, ask questions later demeanor of hers.

And considering the source material, it’s an easy choice. I hate Outer Moka, I’d lose myself to the succubus Kurumu, Yukari’s kind of annoying as well, Kokoa’s an absolute pain in the ass and as much as I love Mizore, I like my body temperature where it is. So Inner Moka it is!


I know what you’re thinking. THE ONE GIRL FROM MONSTER MUSUME WHO’S HUMAN?!!! You got ‘er! For me, there’s only two choices from that show I’d really be into and Zombina is well…dead. So no necrophilia (no matter how you look at it), which leaves Smith as the only option. And why not Smith, she’s absolutely fucking gorgeous and her attitude clearly comes off like she’d be super into the idea of casual sex. Her chill, laid back attitude and her lack of responsibility would clearly open the doors for such a case.

And I mean…I just can’t fathom any of the monster girls, I just can’t. I guess the more human bodies (no monster bottom halves) might be an option, but none of the others even come close to Smith. Like I said, Zombina’s the only one (and she’s awesome) but…no. Just no.


Just to put it out there, I made it past one full episode of Queen’s Blade and that was all I could take, the show is just too much. But in that one episode, I got introduced to perhaps my favourite red-haired fictional character of all time, Risty. This absolutely sexy thief, oh sorry, the Benevolent Bandit of the Wild checks off a ton of boxes for me. Red hair, tomboyish, very fit (I like slim builds, but athletic builds are just as good) and her outfit obviously leaves little to the imagination. I could do without the giant breasts, but that’s Queen’s Blade in a nutshell, so I can’t really argue it. I could’ve picked someone like Cattleya or Tomoe.

And as someone who hasn’t watched the entire series, just the first episode, it’s an easy pick when she doesn’t have a sister trying to…stay close to her *shudder* or she doesn’t shoot acid from her tits. Seriously, that’s a pretty big plus.

So with the first 9 on the list, let’s congratulate our winner, or well…winners at the #1 spot. A lot of winners…


This probably a cop out to some, picking an entire cast instead of one person from it. But for my favourite anime of all-time, I have to break a rule here and put them all at the #1 spot.

When I first started the series and went through it, it was just Charlotte, Laura and Chifuyu for me. After learning of the English dub, I watched again and I added Cecilia to the list. Season 2, Houki got added after Episode 1 (seriously, her in that red bikini, holy shit! I used to hate her for a while!). Over time, I’ve slowly added everyone else, Rin (to an extent, she can be insufferable at times), Maya, Tabane (her English voice is fantastic for her character) Tatenashi and Kanzashi. The bad girls like Madoka and Squall are beautiful as well. And even some of the side characters like Honne (I imagine she’s absolutely stunning without the mascot costume), Kiyoka, Kaoruko and most importantly to me, the seriously under-appreciated Ran (I cannot believe they didn’t flesh her out more in the anime!). They’re all absolutely stunning girls, each unique in their own way. I tried my best to pick one out of them all, but quite frankly, it’s just impossible, I can’t just decide on one, so they all get put #1 on this list.

I mean, I’d have somewhat of an order on who goes first (if I had the choice), but there’s no way I can select ONLY ONE.

This list was far harder than the video game list, easily. I wrote out a list for the video game version of this list and had under 20 names to decide from. This one, almost 50. So slowly but surely, I whittled the list down and this is what I ended up with.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Don’t forget to leave your favourites in the comments below!

Why I Enjoy Watching Harem Anime


The vast majority of anime fans who don’t watch harem anime pretty much look at it like a series of shows that are nothing but scenes of girls of all shapes and sizes naked, in their underwear, swimwear, undressing, or wearing any kind of sexually suggestive clothing to please a single male protagonist.

To that I say “Hey! …There’s shows where it’s guys for one girl too!”.

In all seriousness though (technically that last comment is half-serious), there’s far more to harem anime than just ecchi scenes. Granted most harem anime feature them, but that’s not really a problem to me, unlike a lot of your typical SJW feminist folk out there who cringe at the sight of a fictional girl having a gust of wind blow up her skirt. While some harem anime are legitimately shit, a lot of them feature really good stories with fleshed out characters and a really cool setting and premise.

But why do I personally watch harem anime? There’s a ton of reasons why I watch a ton of different shows that fall into that category.

#1: The tons and tons of humor – When it comes to anime, there’s very few out there that are super-serious and can grab my attention. I imagine it has a lot to do with the anime I started watching when I was younger. I watched shows that were cheesy and funny, I recall every morning in grade school waking up and catching the last 5-10 minutes of Sailor Moon, followed by the first 15 minutes of Pokémon before the bus arrived. But the one show that really started my anime craze, was FLCL and anyone who knows that series knows how batshit crazy that show is.

Harem anime 9 times out of 10 will be a lot of things, but a comedy will be one of them. Some are very sharp with their jokes, a lot of the times breaking the fourth wall (which I adore in any piece of media), others are just insane, all over the place and I love every second of it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some serious shows out there that I love like hell (like Hellsing, pun absolutely intended), but if you sit me down and have me watch two shows and one is serious, the other comical, I’d say there’s a 80-90% chance I’m liking the funny show over the serious one.

Speaking of humor…

#2: The sheer absurdity of how often the MC walks in on girls at the most embarrassing times – Most will look at this as a perverted point of harem anime and in some cases, I absolutely understand. Sometimes the main character intentionally (whether he admits it or not) gets himself into these situations. But the ones I like is when they are purely accidental, you know he never meant to do such a thing. Some are even beyond his control, take Ichika discovering that ‘Charles‘ is actually a ‘Charlotte‘ (not that it was hard to tell that in an all-girls school with only one boy the new super-feminine looking French boy was actually a girl).

Regardless of how people feel about the girls being seen in various states of undress, I really enjoy the scenes, from a comical value and admittedly a sexual value. The facial expressions are always glorious, and you can feel how tense a lot of these situations are. It’s just a matter of whether it just makes things even more awkward, or if you’re about to watch the MC get beaten within an inch of his life.

#3: It’s not depressing! (most of the time) – Like I said earlier, I prefer comedy anime far more than super serious. There are a few shows that I’ll get into that are extremely depressing. The two big ones for me have been Anohana and Your Lie in April, great picks too, on a Ranker list of the saddest anime, Anohana is #1 and Your Lie in April is #4. And yes, I balled my fucking eyes out when these shows reached their super depressing and sad endings.

Harem anime on the other hand, doesn’t make me cry! Well, at least not out of sadness. You know how far down I had to scroll to get to a harem anime I’ve watched that was on that Ranker list? #71 with Love Hina! And there were only 75 shows listed! Generally speaking, harem anime are not meant to be depressing, they’re meant to be mindless, cheesy anime that doesn’t require to get too emotional with it. And that’s how I’d prefer it most of the time.

Though admittedly, Anohana and Your Lie in April are absolutely phenomenally good shows. But if I knew how depressing they were, I wouldn’t have started watching them.

#4: The wide variety of characters – The thing about harem anime is that in order to have the sheer number of girls vying for the MC’s attention is that you have to make them all individually unique so there’s arguably a girl for everyone to root for.

This forces those who write the characters and stories of these series to actually put some thought into the girls’ development. They can’t all just be Sexy Girl #1, Sexy Girl #2, Sexy Girl #3, etc., there has to be something unique about them. Let’s use one of the more extreme harem anime out there to show this off, take Monster Musume for example:

Miia is the super wife-like girl of the series, she wants to take care of Kimihito. She’s very innocent, but isn’t afraid to show herself off when she feels threatened by the other girls also trying to gain his affection.

Papi is very child-like and can be rather dense at times (a birdbrain if you will). Though she is absolutely adorable and looks at Kimihito like he’s family.

Centorea is a very noble and elegant woman, she views Kimihito as her master that she constantly tries to fight her feelings for him on. She’s a warrior, willing to protect him from anyone or anything, yet has that very feminine side she tries so hard to supress.

Suu is a slime girl. I could explain more, but you really have to watch the show to understand what she is to the series (be warned though).

Meroune is an absolute fucking flirt, let’s be honest. While she’s very polite and a warm personality, she’s secretly a tragedy addict, she wants to be part of an affair, that sort of thing.

Rachnera is extremely, well…extreme. She’s a bondage lover and at times will randomly tie people up just for her own pleasure/enjoyment. However at times she seems the most calm and level-headed of the entire group.

Lala is a very interesting case. With her head being detachable it appears that her head and body have two different personalities. Full-body, she’s very stoic and expressionless, while with the head detached, her body seems far more emotional and loving. It’s really weird, I know.

The M.O.N. crew are unique as well. Zombina‘s a badass tomboy with a real crazy sense of humor. Manako is super shy and not very good around people in general. Tionishia is a sweet (gigantic) girl who is a bit of a klutz. Doppel is a real trickster loving to mess with people (and an implied nudist as you rarely ever see her with clothes on). And Smith is a woman who switches between lazy and irresponsible to super-serious and very responsible when she wants to be.

And even the side characters are unique as well, but I’ll stop where I am. Notice also with the pictures that they’re also unique looks-wise and that isn’t just applying to their race in the show. They all have a different style to them so not only do they act differently than every other girl, they look very different.

#5: The action can be just as good/intense – Shows like Infinite Stratos, Highschool of the Dead and Date A Live aren’t just romantic comedies either, some harem anime house some fantastic action sequences and have plenty of battles going on.

It’s a great balance for me, not only do I get the comedy, not only do I get some attractive girls, but I get some badass action scenes as well. While some are just slice of life high school romantic comedies, other shows can be just as badass and just as intense as your average serious-ish action anime.

Look, guns in harem anime don’t always just refer to boobs…

#6: The stories can be just as compelling – While some harem admittedly has very little premise and story (which is why I stay away from most of them), some offer great storytelling with arcs, curveballs, whatever you can throw at a viewer. I’m not saying these shows are fictional storytelling masterpieces, but they definitely offer engaging stories that are more than just clothes falling off.

Take Highschool of the Dead for example. Lots of blatant sexual content in that show, I will fully admit that. However, the story and premise of the show does zombies extremely well to me. The reality of being in the middle of a developing zombie apocalypse is very prevalent in this show and they don’t sugarcoat it either. There is fear, there’s a lot of breaking down. It’s no School-Live! but holy shit it’s not just a tits n’ ass kind of show either (though people could argue that).

#7: The sexual content – I can’t ignore the fact that a percentage of the reason I watch harem anime is for the sexual content, I’d be an absolute hypocrite and outright liar if I said otherwise. But unlike a lot of people out there it seems, I’m not bothered by the content at all, on either side. I would happily watch the same shows if they had guys naked all the time too, the nudity doesn’t ever bother me in anime because apparently I’m far more comfortable with sex than others. I’d far prefer watching a scene in anime where a girl undresses than watching someone get torn apart and it’s not because I’m perverted, it has to do with the fact I don’t handle violence very well at all. I’m not a huge fan of horror movies and very few shows are violent and have gore and I can put up with it, shows like Hannibal (which rarely shows the act of violence, just the result, which I’m more okay with) and in terms of anime, shows like Hellsing, HOTD/School-Live and Is This A Zombie? (which adds comedy to its violence) apply. Shows like Attack on Titan, Elfen Lied, stuff like that? Not a chance.

Back to the ecchi content though, people seem to associate those who watch these shows as perverted. I equate it to being a straight male. I’m attracted to girls, why would I not enjoy seeing pretty girls (whether they’re real or not) in various states of undress? I can’t imagine straight women who wouldn’t enjoy seeing sexy men with their shirts off or even naked. We’re attracted to what we’re attracted to, I don’t see why that’s a problem to some people.

Can it be excessive in some shows? Absolutely. Some harem anime is literally just scene after scene of half-naked women. The majority of those I turn away from, because they offer little to no plot and at the very least I’d like some substantial story along with the panty shots.

So that’s my thoughts on harem anime, I have zero problems saying that I truly do adore watching that type of content. Some of my favourites include Infinite Stratos, Monster Musume, Date A Live, Highschool of the Dead and many more.

But what are your favourite harem anime and that includes reverse harem anime where it’s all boys. List yours in the comments below!