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Link To The Past Swordless?! *Brain Explodes*

So every time a Games Done Quick event happens, I see one run in particular that completely breaks my childhood…oh and the game they’re playing. Whether it’s a Small Mario only run of Super Mario World or Relm’s Sketch ability glitching the hell out of Final Fantasy VI, there’s something that completely blows my mind.

This year at Summer Games Done Quick, it’s Link to the Past. A swordless run of Link to the Past. Sure, I’ve seen glitched runs of the game before, but to this extent?! My mind continued to blow as the run keeps going, but what really sold this entire 1.5 hour run was the commentary and the banter between the runner, his friends and even the donation guy in the background. Everything about this run was pure entertainment and if there’s any run thus far that you should be checking out from this year’s SGDQ, it’s this one:

SGDQ: The Second Time Every Year That I Watch Speedrunning

I’m not a speedrunner. I don’t really watch speedrunners. Hell, I rarely even watch anything on Twitch.

But when January and this time specifically, July rolls around: I’m jumping head-first into the world of speedrunning for Summer Games Done Quick.

From July 2nd to July 9th, speedrunners and fans within the speedrunning community will come from around the world to a single place where all day and all night, players will be showcasing their amazing skills at getting through some of your favourite games in record time. Whether it’s newer games like Nier: Automata, to classics like Super Metroid, there is a ton of awesome material for you to watch and with the players and their friends sitting nearby, it’s also a great tool to learn how the mind-blowing feats you’re watching came to be.

I got first introduced to this event with last year’s SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick), where I saw a few really cool clips after the event had already ended. So I ventured this year when AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) swung on by in January, to actually watch the stream and check out a ton of content there. I wasn’t disappointed, I saw some incredible stuff, like Mario Bros. races and a guy doing Super Mario World as fast as possible WITHOUT EVER USING A MUSHROOM!!!

EDIT: I am an idiot, that Mario run was from SGDQ last year, seen here.

Those are just a couple examples, but there are over 100 games played every event, there is guaranteed to be something for to watch with great interest.

It also goes to a great cause in Doctors Without Borders which (via the GDQ website) is an international medical humanitarian organization providing aid in nearly 70 countries to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, exclusion from health care, natural disasters, or malnutrition. MSF provides independent, impartial assistance to those most in need. MSF reserves the right to speak out to bring attention to neglected crises, to challenge inadequacies or abuse of the aid system, and to advocate for improved medical treatments and protocol. In 1999, MSF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work.

The last event being AGDQ in January did an unbelievable amount in donations, totalling $2,222,790.52! This event hopes to do the same and hopefully it picks up, as at the time I’m typing this, it’s just before 2pm EST on Monday and they’re only at $158,000.

So if you’re not checking out this event, do so! And also please donate to the cause as well, support these awesome charity event that has quickly (pun intended) become my favourite event to watch.


Saturday Morning Rant: Blindfolded Speedruns


I watched a ton of this year’s SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick), a week-long marathon of speedruns for charity. It’s the first time I ever watched a lot of speedruns and I gotta say, I was absolutely impressed with what I saw. The 20-minute Super Mario World run where the player was small Mario the entire way through, the Sketch glitch run of Final Fantasy VI, the 4-way 70 Star race in Super Mario 64 and the insane Super Jump-ridden run of Super Mario RPG.

However, there was one speedrun at SGDQ that really made no sense to me. And that was the blindfolded speedrun of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Now I’m not going to go into some highly-fueled rant about how these runs are the bane of our existence or anything of the sort, but I’m going to spend this post talking about how honestly, I just don’t get it. I don’t get why these runs are A, cool and B, interesting to watch. I watched at most the first ten minutes of the run. And I gotta level with ya, I was bored watching it, I thought it looked really weird with a blindfolded guy on one side and a character moving improperly in the game on the other. Most of all, I just felt that what I was watching on the screen just didn’t look right to me.

Now on the flip side, when I saw that video of a blind person actually beating Ocarina of Time, that’s amazing. But to me, the idea of “upping the ante” by putting a blindfold on and having to listen to audio cues and/or memorizing level designs, enemy locations and all that jazz, it just comes off as pointless to me. I don’t think a gamer is proving themselves any further by saying “Look at me! I’m so good at this game, I’m gonna beat it not only really fast, but without seeing any of it!”.

To me, that’s probably the worst sin you can make to a game when you claim your love for it. This may sound stupid to some, but I think if you decide to play a game without seeing it, you’re actually insulting the game and the people who made it. You have eyes, the developers put work in the visual aspect of the game, why are you not using them? I would never dream of playing Final Fantasy VI, Super Mario World, or any other game I will forever love and not look at the beauty of those games. It doesn’t make sense to me. I want to fully enjoy the game, taking away one of my senses now makes the game I love a chore and if that’s the case, I want nothing to do with that.

Regardless, congratulations to Romscout for accomplishing what for 99.9999999% of gamers is impossible. But for me, it just wasn’t interesting to me and I don’t know why so many people think it is. Sorry.