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Three Wishes And I Want To Use All Of Them Right Now!!!

Because I’d use all three so I’d never get sick again…

Saturday Morning Rant: It’s 6am, I’m Sick, I’m Fucked

I think this is one of those times where the title really does explain the article more than any description ever could…

Saturday Morning Rant: Being Sick Sucks!

Normally I reserve the Saturday Morning Rants for more news-related stuff. But you know what? Fuck that! I’m taking issue with the stupid cold I got this week!

No Content This Week

Hey guys, this week has already turned out to be a massive void of time for me, work has intensified because we have inventory coming up (and I’m the centerpiece of the entire team for that) and now with me being sick off my ass, any time I’ve had left at home to post anything […]