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If You’re Upset About Nintendo Cancelling The NES Classic, Don’t Buy The SNES Classic

Nintendo cancelled the NES Classic. But that’s okay now, because they might put out a SNES Classic? Give me a break!

Game Spotlight: Final Fantasy IV

We got the best Final Fantasy out of the way a few weeks ago, so now that it’s safe for the other children to come out, let’s talk about one of the games in the series that’s still Top 5 for me, but nowhere near as amazing as VI or X. Final Fantasy IV holds […]

Game Spotlight: Super Mario World

Out of all the Super Mario games that are memorable to me, it’s pretty much all the Mario games before the Gamecube era with Super Mario Sunshine. Everything from Super Mario 64 and before it have made a much longer lasting impact than any of the more recent games have made, not to say the […]

Video Game Spotlight: Final Fantasy VI

NOTE: Fuck the newest version of the game released, it looks like a shitty RPG Maker game, we’re talking the SNES and GBA release! Note #2: Also, there are massive spoilers for a 22 year-old video game, so heads up! I’ve been doing this weekly article for over two months now (6 months if you […]

The Nintendo NX Should Be A Current-Gen SNES

With the revealing of the Nintendo NX’s March 2017 worldwide release (pending any more delays), we are now fully aware of a new console generation beginning, Nintendo once again starting it off. However this generation will be starting so early, it almost feels correct to actually consider the Nintendo NX the company’s second console entry […]