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[PODCAST] Saturday Morning Soapbox – Episode #1

Thanks for checking out the pilot episode of this new podcast. The Soapbox is a platform I’ll be using to talk about anything and everything that garnered my interest throughout the week, but didn’t get me to rush home to make a video right away.

Keijo Could Be A Real Thing Soon

There’s not going to be any Vacuum Butt Cannons anytime soon, but it’s a start.

Saturday Morning Rant: Rec. Sports Leagues – Why So Serious?

I play a couple sports in various recreational leagues where I live, particularly softball, soccer and floor hockey. And for the most part, I love it! It gives me a chance to have fun while maintaining a somewhat healthy lifestyle, I’ve made a number of friends through these leagues and I’ve gotten better at sports […]

Saturday Morning Rant: Canada vs American Sports

Look at this picture. Where’s the foul here? This is one of the many things that have happened in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavaliers that have made a lot of people, even sportscasters who are usually the last people to start talking about conspiracies. It’s raised a […]