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Is Suikoden Coming Back?

So apparently Konami has relaunched their Suikoden website for the first time in over 5 years. There’s no reason as to why as of this point, but there’s many ideas floating around:

  • Suikoden or Suikoden II being featured on the PlayStation Classic
  • A digital re-release of the original two PS classics on PS4
  • A remaster of either or both of the original two
  • A new Suikoden game altogether?!!!

I did notice on the website that it mentions every game in the series, so I wonder if that could possibly mean that a potential compilation disc could be released, featuring all five of the main games in the series.

Personally, that would be fantastic for me. I’ve played through Suikoden IV and V, got a little bit into III, but never finished it, but most importantly, I’ve never played the original two, which most fans of the series call the two best. I would love to be able to check out these games, as I’d have a physical copy of the original games already, but have you seen the price of Suikoden II?! It’s like 200 bucks, minimum!

I own all three of the PS2 games and am glad I got my hands on them, but man if there was a re-release of all five games and I didn’t have to dust off the ol’ PS2 to play them? Well, I mean…my PS4 is dusty too, but that’s not the point! Being able to replay the two I’ve beaten, attempt to finish the one I never finished and then play the two originals that I never got a chance to play, as I missed the original PlayStation as a long-time owner of a Nintendo 64 before moving onto the PlayStation 2…

…Yeah. I’m 100% behind that!