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Top 10 Anime OP Songs

Any avid anime watcher has a list of their favourite themes from their favourite shows. For me, an anime’s OP can really enhance your excitement for each episode and can even make or break a show’s first episode. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and an anime OP can do just that.

This Top 10 is devoted to my personal favourite anime OPs. This isn’t just based on the quality of the music however, there’s a few things I’m considering on this list:

  1. Overall music quality
  2. The animation during the OP
  3. Replayability

So without further to do, let’s kick this Top 10 off, shall we?


While the song is still catchy, what really sells this OP to me is the perfect animation that went with it. If you’re a consumer of anime and video games, you certainly got your money’s worth with this anime about one of the laziest high school girls you’ll ever see. The mixture of cheesy, over-the-top animation and a handful of video game references really make you pay attention to this OP. The music itself is really fun and silly. While not the kind of music I’d listen to on a regular basis, it’s nice to go to once in a while, just to put a smile on my face.


Originally this wasn’t going to be a song I would’ve put on the list. Then I got a copy of Rocksmith 2014 on my PC and there just happened to be a few anime songs I knew that people had created for the game and this one was included. And wow, as a veteran guitarist, this song is so much fun to play, so I found a new appreciation for the tune. It’s funky beat, especially the badass bass guitar really makes the song such a joy to listen to and the vocals in this track (done by MICHI) are fantastic, she really takes over the song when she starts singing. It’s a great song to get you set for a pretty light-hearted anime about candy and snacks.


I mean, this song is pretty fucking badass as a heavy metal song with a bunch of Japanese girls singing over the music. That’s already enough to grab my attention. But then it has to kick in my bias by having Marty fucking Friedman as the guitarist in the song! That’s almost cheating! In all seriousness, this song is pretty badass, even without Marty Friedman being involved. The opening guitar solo is so fucking good, that alone gets you set for the show, but the sillyness afterwards with Momoiro Clover Z singing the lyrics of this epic metal tune just adds the icing on the space cake.


This was my favourite OP from last season and remains to be a song I love to listen to over and over again. As I said when I gave this song the award, that opening guitar riff is just so goddamn good, there’s very few songs that I’ve ever listened to and immediately pulled up Google to search if someone had tabbed out the song so I could learn how to play it. The vocals in this track are pretty sweet to, the animation alongside of it really gets the show’s colourful and cheesy nature out there and you’re more than ready to sit down and laugh along with the show.


♫ Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay yourrrrrrrrrrrrr haaaaaaaaaaaaaaands onnnnnnn meeeeeeeeee!!! ♫

The vocals alone in this electronic OP sell it for me. The first time I heard this song, I was hooked. This was an immediate find and download so I could play this in the car and sing away. It still is today and likely will be for a long time thereafter. The animations is also fantastic, one of the most beautiful OP animations I’ve ever seen. Congrats to the Boom Boom Satellites for such a badass song (and a badass name)!


I never would’ve thought a mixture of dubstep and hard rock would’ve sounded so fucking cool! The first time I heard this track, I was sold and then some on this show. I was already in love with it from the very start, reminding me so much of Cowboy Bebop with it’s style, but the Stereo Dive Foundation song on top of it just made it that much better. One of the best action-packed OP animations I’ve ever seen along with this badass track really got my blood pumping for each action-packed episode of this incredible anime.


This is a case of the animation itself truly enhancing the song and then some. I said it when I gave this show the Best OP award over Kiznaiver, Anne Happy didn’t have the better song, but it certainly had the better overall package. I can still watch the OP animation to this anime and have the same uncontrollable smile on my face as I did the first time I saw it. The song and the animation combined makes for one of the silliest, cheesiest, most over-the-top and adorable OP I may ever see through all my years of anime watching, past, present and future. You have to watch this for yourself if you haven’t already, just to understand how infectious this song and animation truly is.


It’s interesting looking back on last season’s awards. Nanbaka won Best OP and is #7, yet here’s the runner-up in Drifters at #3? Honestly, this isn’t a massive change of heart kind of situation at all. Remember how I mentioned that one of the things I was judging on when it came to placing these songs was replayability? Well when you’re a musician like myself and you used to sing in a band and continue to do so when alone in the car, having a song that is completely in English makes it really easy to play the song over and over again. This badass track is the only anime song I play that I can sing all the way through, since it’s the only one on my playlist fully in English. It continues to be a great listen and the added bonus of being in my vocal range just makes this a song I’m biased towards and ended up putting higher on this list than I first thought I would’ve put it.


When I first started watching Nisekoi and heard this OP for the first time, it was a good song, but I never anticipated it becoming such an infinitely replayable song on my playlist. Over time, the ClariS track kept growing on me and it kept doing so with each passing episode until the first season was over and I was listening to this song in my car on repeat. It’s such a catchy song despite the Japanese lyrics, the beat is so perfect and lively, it’s hard not to nod your head and just relax as the song flows through your ears. It’s even crazier to me that this song has done so well with me when this is such a 2000s sounding pop song and I’m as anti-mainstream music as it gets here when it comes to Western music. But the song’s just that damn good!


But in the end, there was no doubt in my mind which track I was putting at #1. The first time I heard this Man with a Mission track during Episode 1 of this fantastic MMORPG anime (that beats the shit out of Sword Art Online, suck it!), there was no song in an anime I’ve ever been more enthusiastic about after hearing it for the first time. In fact, it’s the only anime OP I’ve ever stopped the episode I was watching to rewind the episode and listen to the song again. I couldn’t believe after all the meh anime themes I’d heard over the years that a song this good, this badass was possible of being put in an anime. It’s really the first badass metal track I heard in an anime, which may give me a little bias towards the song, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the song I love the most and listen to the most when I’m the car. It’ll take a really good song to dethrone this king!

So thank you very much for checking out this week’s Top 10 guys, hope you enjoyed it as always!

Don’t forget to leave your own favourite anime OPs in the comments below!