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Top 10 EXTRA – Trails of Cold Steel Girls

This week has been a heavy Trails of Cold Steel week with both the Game and Character Spotlights being given to this great JRPG. So I really wanted to do a Top 10 with the game as well, but I already have the anime hair Top 10s in full swing. Then my dumb ass realized…I […]

Character Spotlight: Rean Schwarzer

Generally speaking the lead character of JRPGs, especially when they’re male, they’re not exactly the brightest or the most interesting. They’re usually made to either be very bland so every player can associate themselves with him, or they’re designed to be way over-the-top, whether they’re super broody, super happy, or just super strong and tough. […]

Game Spotlight: Trails of Cold Steel

I’ve been in desperate need of a good JRPG for a while now. Final Fantasy hasn’t been that great the past 5 years and XV isn’t ’till September, Persona 5 is still six months or so away and let’s be honest, unless the series is a big franchise, most JRPGs nowadays are basically shitty anime […]