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Street Fighter Lingerie? That’s A Start!

It may not be sold here in the West, but the Japanese are at least keeping my dream alive!

Summer Is A Great Excuse To Not Wear Pants

Not that I needed a reason to do so, but hey, why the hell not?!

Why Wear Pants? An Age Old Question

I’m currently living in a house with two roommates. We’re all friends from high school and it’s been a blast and a real learning experience for me, as it was my first time living away from my parents. Now the plan for me is that by the spring, I’ll be in my own apartment with […]

Once Again, The Internet Proves How Childish They Are (Calvin Klein)

So as the Internet collective tends to do, something that shouldn’t have been a big deal has become a headline story, proving for the umpteenth time that when you put on your anonymity hat, you check your logic and common fucking sense at the door. This Calvin Klein advertisement features 22 year-old model Klara Kristin with the […]

The Tighty-Whities Stigma

I mentioned this memory in my article about Swimwear vs Underwear, but that memory brought another issue to mind. For those who didn’t read the article, while talking about our society’s different comfort zones, particular with underwear, I talked about how especially during high school, the changeroom became an awkward place for some and certain […]

Swimwear vs Underwear

So I came across this image while surfing the Web and it got me thinking. This has been a thought that’s crossed my mind plenty of times over the course of my life, so what better opportunity than to look deeper into this and see what we can pull out of the question being asked […]