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[NSFW] This Week in Sexy Games: The Sagara Family

After bringing up my favourite hentai visual novel in Princess Waltz, I thought I’d have my next 18+ game to be featured on our weekly Sexy Games article be the visual novel that really got me into playing these games. And that without a shadow of a doubt was The Sagara Family. There is nothing […]

[NSFW] This Week in Sexy Games: Princess Waltz

Come on now, you didn’t think I’d have a weekly article devoted to sex in games without having a few 18+ visual novels in there, did you? Especially after yesterday’s article on visual novels. So what better way to kick off the first visual novel in these weekly editions, than with my personal favourite, Princess […]

[NSFW] 18+ Visual Novels

Now because of the rules WordPress sets for pornographic material, there will be no pictures either in the article or linked to from the article that contain any sexual acts in them. I’m also going to avoid any pictures that show any genitalia or bare breasts (that include nipples), but you might get a bare […]