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Japan Weirding Me Out #1 – Girls Drinking Gas and Car Upskirts

This seems like the kind of thing that would make a great series of posts, so here it is, welcome to the first edition of “Japan Weirding Me Out”!

This will not be a weekly series, this will simply be a post when it happens kind of series. As the title says, this series will be devoted to the things I see, hear and watch that Japan comes out with that even in my state of being okay with over-the-top anime in both insanity and sexuality, it still makes me raise an eyebrow and go “…THE FUCK?!”. Because when it comes to weirding me out, Japan will forever be the reigning and defending champion.

So on the first edition of Japan weirding me the fuck out, enjoy a one-minute anime short from DLE’s series called Henshin Girls, which is basically a series of anime shorts where cute anime girls shock the public with their “transformations”.