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Best of Q2 – Fall Anime 2016

So we’re halfway through the fall anime season. So here’s the Top 5 lists for various things that I look for in all the shows I watch, ranging from music, design and characters. Remember, this is only based on the shows I’ve watched and while I try to include all shows, including those I drop, for some categories […]

Top 10 Sexiest Girls – Winter Anime 2016

It’s no secret that I have zero issue putting over girls for being cute, beautiful, sexy, all that jazz. So I figured it’d be a great idea now that the winter anime season for this year has ended, to do a Top 10 list for the sexiest girls that were in all the shows I […]

Winter Anime 2016 Awards

So the winter anime season has ended (or at least every show has had their 12 episodes), so an awards show is in order! These awards will be for both the good and the bad of this season’s anime, nothing I watched this season gets a free pass! And just to remind you all, along […]

Best of Q3 – Winter Anime 2016

So we’re now at the 75% mark of the winter anime season, at least for most shows. A lot of the list will likely not be too different, if anything it’s really the order changing up. Though this time around there are a few new additions to some of these lists. A heads up though for […]

Week #4 – Winter Anime 2016

Week number four is upon us with the Winter anime season. What’s in store this week?! It seems like we’re at the point where shows will not be getting put On Notice or even Dropped, so it’s safe to assume this list of 14 will be staying with us for the remainder of the season. Which is […]

Quickie: Best of Q1 – Winter Anime 2016

So we’ve passed week 3 of the winter anime season. So I figured I’d do a quick top 5 kind of post for the best at the time of post. So here are my best of the winter season at the quarter-way point! Best Opening Theme Here’s my top 5 so far for opening themes, […]