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Saturday Morning Rant: The Term “Mark” (Wrestling)

If you’re a wrestling fan who keeps up with the behind-the-scenes stuff on the internet, you’ve surely heard the term “mark”. For those outside of wrestling here’s the definition of a mark:

“A wrestling fan who enthusiastically believes that professional wrestling is not staged, or loses sight of the staged nature of the business while supporting their favorite wrestlers. Also sometimes used by industry insiders to describe a participant in the wrestling industry who believes that any aspect of the industry is more important than the money they can earn; for example, being preoccupied with holding a title belt rather than being paid more. Although this term has lost most of its original meaning over time; the term has been also known to be related to people have little or no knowledge in about the backstage, the industry as a whole or overzealously defends a major company or product while ignoring all others. This sub term is called a “product mark”.”

The reality of the term within the internet subculture of wrestling is that a mark is basically someone who knows it isn’t real, but gets upset at everything, as if they thought it was real. It’s usually used now as an insult, a way to knock a person down a peg. As anything else in society, I cannot stand it when a term is used as a way to shut a person’s argument down. For a wrestling fan to be called a mark, it’s about the same as someone is basic society being called sexist or racist, you basically lose all credibility upon being bestowed the term. And that’s way wrong.

I’ve never liked the idea of using terms and insults to settle an argument or to dispel thoughts and opinions that one doesn’t agree with. This really became a thing after what in my opinion was one of the worst endings to a WrestleMania event ever, supposedly the biggest wrestling event of the year. For those who don’t know, a legendary figure in the industry in the Undertaker lost to a man hated exponentially by fans keen on the behind-the-scenes of pro wrestling, Roman Reigns. There’s a feeling from many that Roman is unfairly pushed to the top when other guys deserve some of the spotlight and he basically ended the career of one of the most legendary and well-respected men in the history of wrestling in the Undertaker. Not only did his end the career, but the match was reminiscent of taking Old Yeller behind the barn and shooting him in the back of the head, it was not fun to watch. Now if Roman was shown to us as a bad guy or a “heel” in wrestling terms, we’d be mad, but okay with it. But in the context of WWE right now, he’s a good guy or a “face” and is pretty much shoved down our throats as such.

After the event, naturally a lot of people took to social media with their displeasure and the rounds of name-calling and issuing of the “mark” term was given out in droves to anyone slightly annoyed by what they had just watched. Anyone who got upset, they were a mark, therefore their opinions were not important and not worth anyone’s time. It comes down to that culture once again where anyone who doesn’t agree with someone usually just resorts to name-calling and character assassination, rather than having an actual debate about the topic at hand. I never saw people posting why they thought the match was actually good, why it made sense to have it end the way it did, instead there was just a flood of “Grow up, mark.” or “Fine speech.”, a reference to a John Cena line that’s basically used to tell someone that they just wasted everyone’s time.

I’m not going to use this post to make my own case for why the match was bad, I think enough people have put their opinions out there on the matter, I just have a problem with the lack of dialogue between those with differing opinions. For fuck’s sakes, folks, how hard is it for you to have a civil conversation with people? Would it kill you to at least take another person’s perspective into mind before you go around slinging insults like a monkey with its own shit? Yes yes, I’m aware I’m asking the average internet user to be civil, hardy-har-har, but seriously, how did we get to such a point that not liking a fucking wrestling match and outcome became a criminal offence to people?!

It’s funny isn’t it? They tell these “marks” that wrestling’s fake, yet they’re the ones getting involved in a person’s reaction to a fake wrestling match. Isn’t that worse?

Quickie: Y’know We Can Both Have Opinions… (WM 32)


This morning I do what I usually do, today especially though: Check the r/SquaredCircle reddit page and see what’s going on. And this morning I discovered a very annoying thing:

People don’t like it when people have an opposite opinion of something. Like they really don’t. I know, shocking but this one hits hard because I downright hated WrestleMania 32 except for a single moment. There were some excellent matches, don’t get me wrong, but the booking could not have been worse this year.

The problem I’m really having with from reading Reddit comments are the sheer insults being hurled at people for not liking the show. “You are taking wrestling too seriously!”, “Awww, you didn’t like the winner of the fake fight?”, or “Why does anyone think this was a bad show?!”.

Now let me sit all you kiddies down for a second and reveal to you a massive fact that will blow your minds: SOME PEOPLE THINK DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU!!!

Some people watched WrestleMania last night and saw only the positives, some only saw the negatives, some saw both, being unbiased. But none of them are wrong! I didn’t reply to these morons who made some of those stupid comments saying “Oh good for you for sucking WWE’s cock all night long!” or “Congratulations, you’re just another brainwashed WWE fan!”, I have zero reason to say that sort of thing, it’s not my opinion, it’s theirs, why do I have any justification in telling them that their own opinion is wrong?

At the very least it should’ve just been a matter of “I actually liked the show, here’s why.” instead of a bunch of trolls and the like further pissing off those who genuinely did not enjoy the show. But it’s the internet, we all know how people operate there.

Personally, I’m mixed on the show. There was some great stuff in there, but it’s also overshadowed by some really bad booking decisions, at least in my opinion. WrestleMania is supposed to be the show that has people going home happy and instead we had a heel-dominated show and a main event that was so terribly booked it rivals WrestleMania IX with the Hogan fiasco.

So yeah, you’re all welcome to have a different opinion on this guys. Some of you loved the show, some (like me) did not.

Fucking deal with it and quit being a troll. You’re a loser, it’s no wonder no one likes you. 😉

REVIEW: WrestleMania 32


NOTE: Didn’t watch the pre-show, cause who gives a fuck?!

ZACK FUCKING RYDER!!! def. Kevin Owens, Stardust, Sami Zayn, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship

  • How weird is it to see Zack Ryder at a WrestleMania?
  • Immediate face off between Owens and Zayn, awesome crowd reaction
  • Holy crap! Zayn topes through the ladder out to the crowd and then does the corner rope DDT in the same spot!
  • No one catches Sin Cara the one time he doesn’t botch something
  • Superkick party from Dolph with a Shawn Micheals tribute with Sweet Chin Music
  • Stardust getting his own ladder with the Dusty polka dots
  • Frog Splash by Owens onto Zayn onto the ladder, looked painful
  • Ryder with an elbow drop from the top of the ladder
  • Hard to tell if Dolph is actually hurt or not after that fall
  • Oh no…Stardust is lying on the ladder between the ring and barricade…Sin Cara thrown off the ladder ends up splashing on Stardust to break the ladder in half
  • Owens and Zayn fighting just under the belt on the ladder and Zayn suplexs Owens onto another ladder after they get to the bottom, looks like Owens hit his head
  • Oh don’t fucking tell me Miz is going to win…WHAT, RYDER?! OH MY GOD!!!
  • Gets to hug his dad on the biggest stage of all, wow what a moment

Score: 4.5/5

Chris Jericho def. AJ Styles

  • Nice to see a different colour scheme from Styles, it’s been a while
  • For a moment I thought they were going to do a Styles Clash from the top rope a la Kota Ibushi, but no
  • Can’t say much about this first half of the match other than it’s a great wrestling match, nothing so far in terms of spots
  • Pele kick transitioned into the Walls of Jericho, very smooth
  • Looks like Styles is positioned for the Calf Crusher and is, gets it on but Jericho elbows out of it
  • Codebreaker reversed into the Clash but reversed too
  • Flying forearm and…misses into a Codebreaker, but Styles kicks out
  • Jericho tries to do his own Styles Clash, but Styles reverses it into a reverse facebuster for a two count
  • Finally, Styles gets a Clash in and Jericho barely gets out of it before the three count
  • Styles goes for springboard 450 but another near fall, great move there
  • Styles goes for the forearm again but it’s taking too long, I fear Styles is about to lose here…falls into a Codebreaker and Jericho wins

Score: 3.75/5

The League of Nations def. The New Day

  • Giant Booty O’s box, oh my god that’s hilarious
  • Super Saiyan New Day, holy fuck that’s awesome
  • Has Rusev gotten thinner?
  • Big E does the spear to the outside, looks like he landed head first to the floor
  • After a distraction, Barrett hits Woods, Brogue Kick and game over. Ugh
  • So for some reason, HBK comes out to interrupt (WITH HIS GEAR ON) with Mick Foley and…no way…OH MY GOD!!! STONE COLD! STONE COLD!
  • With the New Day’s help, they go nuts on the League of Nations
  • I’m turning 12 again
  • Cole’s JR impression sucked ass though
  • DTA, don’t trust anybody, Xavier Woods!

Score: 2.75/5…then a 10/5 for nostalgia

Brock Lesnar def. Dean Ambrose

  • Domination until Ambrose gets a low blow on Lesnar and starts the Kendo stick hits
  • Of course you can’t use a chainsaw, Dean! It’s a PG show, man!
  • Fire extinguisher added to the mix, love how Paul’s complaining about it even though it’s no DQ
  • DDT on a pile of chairs but still can’t keep Lesnar down
  • Grabs the barbed wire bat, “Batter up, bitch!”
  • Misses and Lesnar hits the F5 on the chairs and wins
  • Ambrose should’ve at least kicked out of one F5 to cement his never say die attitude, this match ended too quickly

Score: 3/5

Charlotte def. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks to become the new WWE WOMEN’S Champion

  • All the entrances are cool, Becky’s on a grander scale, Sasha with Snoop (the other bitch sucked) and Charlotte with her Dad’s robe remade for her
  • Great exchange with Charlotte having the figure four and Sasha literally out of nowhere with the Frog Splash
  • Sasha messing up the suicide dive ends up somersaulting onto Charlotte
  • Stream died for a minute but got it back to catch the moonsault to the two girls
  • Great exchange of submissions but no winner yet
  • Top rope suplex from Becky to Charlotte
  • Charlotte wins though with the Figure Eight
  • Is this the price we’re all paying for Zack Ryder winning a match?
  • Great match though

Score: 4/5

Undertaker def. Shane McMahon

  • Going to be very interesting to see how they write this match to make Shane look credible here
  • His kicks look better than his punches
  • Shane takes a beating for a while until somehow getting a triangle hold on Taker, his first real offence of the match
  • Chokeslam on the steps, but Shane kicks out
  • Shane leading in Taker for a DDT on the stairs, nice spot
  • Taker gets Hell’s Gate on Shane, logic would dictate this is it, how do they write Shane out of this? He somehow reverses it into a sharpshooter
  • Coast to Coast time!!!
  • Shane cuts the wall of the cage, so you know a spot’s getting set up
  • Taker grabs Shane and puts him through the cage, so now we wait for the climb
  • Taker starts taking stuff off the table, only makes the spot more possible, perhaps an elbow drop from the top of the cage?
  • Looks like Taker’s gonna tombstone him but Shane turns it into a sleeper hold but then Taker with Shane on his back jumps through a table, sending Shane to to floor
  • Shane grabs a toolbox and hits Taker with it, probably setting him up to the get onto the table
  • Sure enough, hits him and Taker’s on the table, you know what’s coming next, the fans can tell too
  • Shane starts climbing the cage, oh boy, here we go
  • He dives and Taker moves, my god…
  • Taker grabs Shane and brings him in for a Tombstone. Sigh…and it’s over
  • It’s clear this match got put together last minute, because otherwise the result would’ve been different, you don’t make stipulations this integral without meaning something, this whole storyline means nothing now
  • Because by storyline…Shane is no longer a McMahon, y’know, Vince disowned him

Score: 3.75/5

BARON CORBIN?!!! wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

  • Baron Corbin sneaking in there
  • DDP?!!
  • Ugh, you know Mark Henry’s winning this, because he’s from Texas and this match is a throwaway anyways
  • Uh…Shaq? What the fuck?
  • Whoa! Tatanka’s in there!
  • Sandow’s still over, WWE
  • Everyone else eliminate Big Show and Shaq
  • Where’s Mark Henry? Did he get eliminated and I missed it?
  • Nah, he’s still in, shows up after the Social Outcast victory lap fail
  • What the fuck is going on with the results?! Ryder wins IC title and an NXT debut wins the battle royal?! This is fucking weird…
  • Battle royal was boring though, lol

Score: 2/5

SIDE NOTE: Dear WWE, stop going to warm states just to have outdoor WrestleManias. You know London’s Wembley is waiting, right? Also, the Rogers Center Skydome hasn’t had one in 15 years. Fuck off, Florida.

2nd SIDE NOTE: No one fucking cares about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Fuck you, WWE.

3rd SIDE NOTE: Why does Black Adam have a flamethrower? And how is this supposed to get Roman Reigns over, pal? This is so fucking weird…why is this a thing after having HBK, Foley and Austin for a real moment? Oh, to put over WWE for having 101,763 in attendance to break their record. Really? That’s it? The Rock showed up just to say a bunch of people showed up. Jesus fucking Christ, WWE…

Huh? Wyatts? Also it’s ten minutes to 11pm, uh…shouldn’t you be wrapping this up? Cause Bray’s gonna ramble for like…15 minutes. And then Rock’ll have to make jokes for a half hour. And…impromptu match.

Rock def. Erick Rowan (shocking, right?)

  • Rock Bottom in six seconds
  • Breaks the record held by Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Score: Huh?/5


Roman Reigns def. Triple H to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

  • Well that was a entrance, don’t want to see Steph like that again
  • To be fair though, her speech pretty much is how Vince feels about his relationship with the fans
  • WWE tried and failed miserably to quiet down those boos
  • Really? The fireworks outside the arena BEFORE he wins? Really?!
  • I swear to god, the only saving of this match is a Finger Poke of Doom
  • It’s so funny having the shot of the one guy clapping for Roman and he’s wearing a Cena shirt
  • Well Finger Poke is now out, so here we go…
  • My housemate Dan and I spend more time talking about who’d win in a fight between Batman and Superman than me watching this match, honestly. The crowd noise is all I needed to know what was going on
  • I’d call spots, but the only things I can call right now are the boos or the fact it’s weird seeing Stephanie McMahon looking sexy
  • We’ve had conversations about comic books, feminism and people protesting yoga while watching this match. Hoo-ray!
  • Somewhere Roman speared Triple H through the barricade and I missed it…yeah I’m not paying much attention
  • Loving the piece of pink confetti from Sasha’s entrance on Trips’ forehead
  • A Fujiwara armbar from Triple H? Interesting
  • Spear but Steph pulls the ref out
  • Light cheer for Roman only because he speared Stephanie
  • Pedigree for a near fall
  • Trips gets the sledge, but gets two punches and a Spear and it’s over…oh my god they couldn’t have done it worse
  • One of the worst main events ever and the most disappointing WM for me personally watching it live

Score: 2.25/5

Overall Score: 2.75/5

This Week in Wrestling – 2/29/16

Shane O’Mac is back!

If you were paying attention to guys like Dave Meltzer and keeping up with the behind-the-scenes of WWE through r/SquaredCircle, you heard two things that ended up coinciding. The first was that Undertaker’s opponent was going to be someone not on the main roster, including those who are injured. That made things interesting because no one had a concrete idea at that point, people tossed around Rock, Austin, Michaels, Goldberg, just so many different names. Before we found out who that opponent would be, the night after Fastlane we were told to expect something big to the point it was called “a late Christmas present”.

That ladies and gentlemen, was the return of Shane McMahon.

Shane has been gone I believe for six years now. If I remember correctly the last time he was on television it was during Triple H’s rivalry with Randy Orton and Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr.), so it’s been a long time. Unsurprisingly Shane got a massive pop from the crowd, almost tearing up during the segment he was featured in. And then we got the big news, Shane would be Undertaker’s WrestleMania opponent and in Hell in a Cell no less! The storyline is simple, Shane has dirt on Vince and has essentially been blackmailing him for money for a while now, only this time Shane wants control of RAW. If he wins, he gets just that, but if he loses Vince gets whatever it is that Shane’s blackmailing him with. Only in WWE can a blackmailer get the pop and not the victim. Awesome.

I have to admit, I expect Taker to win this match, no matter how badly I want to see Shane as the new authority figure on RAW. It’s become clear that the Authority gimmick has lost all its heat, it’s no longer a bad guy heat, it’s a go away heat. Hell, they’re cheering the leader of the Authority because he’s facing a man they don’t like in Roman Reigns. The Authority needs to go away, but I feel that’s not going to happen for one very simple reason.

Shane still has a ton of business ventures he’s running, it’d be very hard to believe that he’ll be around for a significant amount of time. He might be around after WrestleMania but I’d expect that amount of time to be very short, like gone by SummerSlam amount of time. It’s been commented on that he lives in New York so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that he could be around, perhaps filming a bunch of “backstage segments” at WWE headquarters as the GM of RAW or something to that extent. But to assume he’ll be at the arena every week for RAW is preposterous.

Regardless, it’s fan-fucking-tastic to see Shane back and seeing his training videos he’s been posted on Twitter, he looks to be in great shape. Count me excited!

The Elite/New Day Saga

A fun little rivalry going on here between arguably the two biggest wrestling promotions in the world, WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Ever since Kenny Omega took the reins of the Bullet Club, casting AJ Styles out and now Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows leaving New Japan for presumably WWE, he’s been kicking ass, taking names and with the Young Bucks at his side, challenging the hottest trio in wrestling right now, The New Day.

Omega has already been having arcade battles with Austin Creed (aka Xavier Woods) and the videos have been posted online, though I’m unsure if they’ve all been released. So there’s already a history there, however Omega’s taking it one step further. At the recent Honor Rising shows with New Japan and Ring of Honor teaming together, Omega and the Young Bucks defeated Toru Yano and The Briscoes to win the NEVER Openweight 6-man Tag Team Titles. So to celebrate that, they’ve been posting videos online challenging the next best trio in wrestling, again The New Day.

Now obviously this will never happen, there’s no way WWE would let any of their guys wrestle (even if it was on their program) someone from another promotion, even though WWE honestly has zero competition and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference. But that’s just how Vince and WWE operate.

Oh well, we can dream, can’t we?

WrestleMania 20,000 Seats Short?

With WrestleMania just over a month away, we’re starting to hear reports on the potential numbers in terms of tickets sold for the event. Dave Meltzer has mentioned how he’s been told they still have about 20,000 tickets left to sell and they may not sell much more now. This is because given all you’d have to set up for the entire weekend whether it’s travel, hotels and whatever else, it’s too much work on short notice for anyone who’d need to do more than drive a couple hours to the event in Dallas. So the likelihood of WWE selling all 20,000 of these tickets becomes very unlikely.

This comes as little surprise to me honestly, the pay-per-view itself is not shaping up to be that spectacular. The main event has the potential to get booed out of the building, since we’re all assuming Roman Reigns will win. We also don’t know a ton of matches still, we can assume but we’re not in the open yet on at least half the matches. That’s not good for a show that’s supposed to be the biggest show of the year.

Ah well, we’re all looking forward to NXT: Takeover Dallas more anyways. And it’ll be better too.

Stardom Wrestling Available via YouTube

We all look at NXT as the home of the best women’s wrestling on the planet right now. But now, a large part of the world will now have the ability to watch another company who offers some of the best women’s wrestling around.

Stardom announced over the weekend the rollout of Stardom World, a YouTube subscription channel that will be posting the majority of their events for $4.99US a month. For me here in Canada that would come to about $6.99, but it’s still a great deal if you are into women’s wrestling.

I’ve been watching Stardom here and there whenever I could find a VOD of an event they ran. Some of my favourite female wrestlers right now are featured on Stardom, girls like Kairi Hojo and Io Shirai. If you’re looking for another outlet for good women’s wrestling, Stardom World may just be up your alley.

The Ballad of Roman Reigns


Let’s just get this out of the way right now. I am not attempting to be a “smark” here, I’m not intending to downright destroy Roman Reigns and I’m not trying to act like the always negative wrestling fan, particularly the negative WWE fan.

But if you think that there’s nothing negative going on with Roman Reigns and how he’s being booked, you really need to step away from the WWE-branded Kool Aid you’re drinking.

Roman Reigns & Triple H - WWE Fastlane 2016
Roman Reigns & Triple H – WWE Fastlane 2016

It’s been blatantly obvious since the breakup of the Shield almost two full years ago now that the rocket has been firmly attached to Roman Reigns and come hell or high water, WWE is going to get him over, damn it! Even wrestling fans who don’t keep up with the behind-the-scenes of wrestling are getting sick of one guy being shoved down our throats constantly with the expectation that we will give him full praise.

He’s become John Cena 2.0, as in he’s marketed as the guy and the only guy that matters in the company. He rarely loses and when he does it’s certainly not often a clean loss. And in terms of the crowd reaction, it’s almost the exact same: The little kiddies and the girls cheer for him cause he’s a pretty boy tough guy (which is funny cause he’s married and has a daughter), while every male fan over the age of 14 loudly boos him. The only thing missing is for Roman to start painting his Kevlar bright orange.


The most damning part about Roman Reigns right now is his character. Does he have a great look? Abso-fucking-lutely, who is disagreeing with that positive WWE fans?! Roman Reigns looks fucking badass, he’s a big guy, the tattoos make him tough, he’s got a Kevlar vest on so he looks like a badass mercenary and he’s got the long hair and facial hair to match that persona. The only problem is he doesn’t act like a badass mercenary! He doesn’t act as he looks so to a crowd that wants gimmicks to match the personality, it’s absolute garbage. Of course kids won’t care, they just want to like winners, that much is obvious, but to a crowd who actually loves professional wrestling and not just John Cena, they’ll take it more seriously.

And that’s something that really sucks right now with the younger wrestling fans. I am more than willing to bet they could give a flying fuck about professional wrestling as a whole, they just want to see their hero and be done with it. On several podcasts and blog posts, I’ve heard plenty of stories of people sitting in the crowd near of next to kids in the audience and they sit on their hands until John Cena comes out. Then they want to go home. They’ve seen their hero, now they’re bored cause the anticipation is over. Roman Reigns given his character should not be turning into that kind of person to the crowd, he should be someone making everyone interested in the rest of the product if he’s supposed to be the main guy. If you’re the flag bearer people should want to watch the entire product because of you, not just wanting to watch you and nothing else. It’s no wonder the ratings are dropping when John Cena’s been gone, the casual fans only wanted to watch him so with him not on TV for a while, more kids are giving up. Roman Reigns should not be a part of this trend.


So what should WWE be doing to fix Roman Reigns? Certainly not sending him out to talk for 15 minutes while spouting random nursery rhymes and Looney Tunes references. Take a long look at Roman Reigns. Go on. I know it’s not going to be hard for the female fans at least. What do you see when you look at Roman? Do you see a funny man? Do you see a guy that should be solely admired by kids and girls looking for something to picture when they touch themselves? Or do you see a guy that should be kicking ass, taking names and speaking few and far between these ass-kicking appointments?

Roman Reigns is physically designed to be a badass mercenary. So why is it that he’s speaking like a child? Nursery rhymes, Looney Tunes, testicle jokes, this is the kind of dumb shit an elementary school kid would do. I already said it before, kids will gravitate to winners. They would cheer for Heath Slater if he won 90% of his matches, I guarantee it. So why turn this potential badass into a character who speaks to kids when you can have him still be that badass and so long as he wins enough matches, the kids will like him anyway. When Roman comes out, he should be a man of few words. For example after winning at Fastlane on Sunday, the following night on RAW, this is the kind of thing I’d have Roman say (and this is a full promo):

“Six weeks. Six weeks Triple H is how much time you have left. At Wrestlemania, I can…and I will beat you in the middle of this ring and I will become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. So start counting the days and start planning. You put me against 29 other men and yes, I lost. But in six weeks, Triple H…it’s just you and me. And one-on-one…you can’t and you won’t beat me. Tick-tock.” *drops mic and leaves through the crowd*

No jokes, no shots at the size of anyone’s balls and most importantly, no stupid smile on his face that he sometimes has, looking like he’s Tyler Breeze taking a selfie. Straight-forward, to the point, looking like a stone cold killer as he says it. He’ll come off cool to the kids, mysteriously sexy to the girls and a badass motherfucker to the guys.


The other key is his booking, something WWE has messed up terribly with him. It’s not even that he wins all the time, it’s how he wins all the time. Now even in his Royal Rumble loss, they fucked up badly with him. They had him leave for almost half of the Rumble and come back looking brand new. They’re marketing him with the never give up attitude John Cena has, so why is he walking out (on his own power no less!) of the match? Shouldn’t this badass babyface be wanting to stay in the match and fight it out? Then at Fastlane, he powers out of a submission hold from a real UFC Heavyweight Champion. If some of the best athletes can’t escape that hold, neither should he. And then after that he takes three HARD chair shots to the back and two seconds later gets up and spears Dean Ambrose for the win like nothing happened. But Brock Lesnar, the badass motherfucker that was destroying them all match and got up from two table powerbombs stayed down after the same level of chair shots. Okay, WWE.

When Roman wins, you’re more than welcome to book a hard-fought comeback, no one has a problem with those. But be intelligent about it. Remember when Cena beat the Nexus after being DDT’d on the concrete? No more shit like that. If you’re going to have him get brutally destroyed like that, he shouldn’t be winning the match unless he manages to do the same to his opponent later on. No massive beatings and then all of a sudden he hits one spear and it’s over. Here’s an idea, have him win with a rollup once in a blue moon, make it seem like he barely managed to walk away with a win. It puts the heel in the situation over to, cause he lost to a fluke surprise pin. And then against the right opponents (get some smaller jobbers, WWE!) have him annihilate opponents leading up to PPV main event matches. Make him look strong so when he has to claw his way to victory against other main event talent that they look strong too. Did anyone ever believe Rollins could match up against Reigns? Not with that booking. Who can conceivably challenge Reigns? Only Lesnar as far as I see it and that’s something WWE has to rectify.


I don’t hate Roman Reigns, I’ve always like him and the idea of his character. But WWE has clearly dropped the ball tenfold when it comes to his booking since the breakup of the Shield. I truly believe he can be a main event talent, but the guy? I’m not 100% convinced of that. But he’s definitely near the top, which is crazy given the amount of time he’s been in the business.

So take it easy, WWE, he’ll become the star you want if you let him get over organically. Did you put the rocket to Austin, Rock, Hart, Michaels and all those stars? No, they got over with the crowd first and then you pushed them up. Roman did not ever get over organically, you rocket-shipped him. That’ll work for a portion of the audience, but not your hardcore fanbase which will pay for the Network, merchandise, pay-per-view and television shows.

The casual fanbase? They’ll buy a couple things here and there. But they aren’t paying thousands for Wrestlemania, they’ll pay $50 a ticket for a live event. Why do you think he gets more cheers at live events than TV/PPV?

It’s not that hard, WWE. Use your brain.