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I Am Way Too Addicted to Yakuza’s Hostess Club Minigame

I love the Yakuza games since starting with the newer Yakuza Zero. However, there’s a mingame within the Yakuza series I’m far more addicted to.

REVIEW: Yakuza 0

I have never played a Yakuza game before, so how does the prequel to the original series fare as my first exposure to the series?

Saturday Morning Rant: Less Games Need To Be Censored

Yakuza 0 has come out and unlike pretty much 99.9% of all Japanese games when released in the West, it hasn’t actually been censored. At all. Like nothing has been taken away. Not the phone sex minigame, not the catfight minigame, none of it. It’s all still there in its glory. Hell I got the “Business […]